Emily Rowe


Demonic Persuasion
by Mahalia Levey
"A demon love story where being bad never felt so sinfully good, and one wrong move could be fatal"
Posted December 29, 2010

For more than twenty years half demon-half Navajo, Fatal has lived among her grandfather's people as an outsider. Now outcast the demons have come a-calling, wanting to bring her back to the family who once abandoned her; but Fatal isn't going without a fight. Orobus is Read more...

Gypsy Moon
by Brianna Roarke
"A Howl-ing good read!"
Posted December 13, 2009

Ana Brannon is a veterinarian who happens to be a gypsy with an extra magical kick. Howl Raven is a werewolf who is cursed to not only turn into a wolf beast when the moon is full, but has a hunter stalking him. Though slow to start off, this story Read more...

by D. M. Atkins, Chris Taylor
"Great paranormal book with some serious bite."
Posted October 24, 2009

Brian, is a faewolf named Saoi, and he is on a lone mission to try to save his people. Kiya White Cloud is a part of the young teaching assistant's class, but wants to be more. Only Brian doesn't want a relationship with a human let alone one Read more...

One Night at the Office
by Raven Starr
"Perfection to the last bloody drop"
Posted December 25, 2009

Mika Light Feather was an ordinary retailer until one night working inventory with Caleb King and everything changed. Caleb King is not your average supervisor. He plans on giving Mika an entirely different type of bonus after working one night in the office with him. I loved this story! Caleb Read more...

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