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Siren Song
by Stephanie Draven
"Fantastic introduction to a new-to-me author!"
Posted March 31, 2011

Up-and-coming singer, Chloe Karras can mesmerize every man in the room while she sings. She thinks it's just a positive side effect of her singing—she doesn't think she has actual power over the men. But she does. Though she doesn't know it yet, Chloe Read more...

Sympathy for the Devil
by Christine Pope
"The Devil falls in love"
Posted March 31, 2011

The Devil is tired of living in Hell. Literally. So he strikes a deal with God: God will let him "go free"—that is, be redeemed—but he must first fall in love. No problem. The Devil doesn't think it will be that hard to get a woman to Read more...

Cape Seduction
by Anne Carter
"A great introduction to a new-to-me author!"
Posted November 7, 2010

In 1948, young up-and-coming actress Darla Foster lands a role in a major studio picture, to be filmed at a remote Northern California lighthouse. Shortly after the film's release, Darla disappears, never to be seen again. In 2008, along a remote stretch of a California highway, photographer Read more...

All I Ever Wanted
by Kristan Higgins
"Great contemporary romance"
Posted March 31, 2011

Callie Grey rings in her thirtieth birthday by having an emotional breakdown at the DMV while explaining to her man- hating older sister that the love of her life—and her boss— has suddenly announced that he's dating the office's newest employee. It goes from bad to worse Read more...

Crazy for Love
by Victoria Dahl
"Great introduction to a new-to-me author"
Posted December 26, 2010

Chloe Turner became known as the world's biggest Bridezilla when she (and the rest of the world) learned that her fiancé faked his death in order to get out of marrying her. Desperate to escape the media storm, Chloe and her best friend Jenn escape to a secluded Virginia Read more...

Almost Perfect
by Susan Mallery
"Book 2 of the Fool's Gold series"
Posted December 26, 2010

Liz Sutton left Fool's Gold, California, just after high school, devastated and pregnant. She started a new life for herself in San Francisco and vowed never to come back. But twelve years later, she receives an email from a niece she never knew she had. Surprising even herself, she Read more...

Knight's Woman
by Mina Carter, Kurt Drake
"a good science fiction romance"
Posted March 31, 2011

In the thick of war against the Satagosians, the United Terran Colonies need all the pilots they can get. Pilot and ex-con Radha Kaden ignores the Fleet's call—until a bar brawl gives her the choice of going back to Acheron prison, or pilot a fighter. Radha chooses Read more...

Forever, My Love
by Barbara Johannsen
"Touching and Sweet"
Posted March 31, 2011

Julie and Michael, childhood sweethearts, had their future mapped out until the day Michael decided to serve his country in the current war. Julie waits for his return, looking forward to the start of their lives together. Eighteen months later, Michael comes home, but instead of proposing marriage like Julie Read more...

The Spell
by Regan Taylor
"A different take on past lives..."
Posted March 31, 2011

Kelly McKenna has lived in fear for the better part of fifteen years, thanks to an unknown person who has stalked her since high school. While Kelly has tried to live a normal life, she has learned to live while looking over her shoulder and trying to stay one step Read more...

by S.j. Edward
"A new time-travel adventure"
Posted April 25, 2010

In the far future, humankind faces a cataclysmic disaster. In response, the people of the future create Lighthouse, Inc., a corporation designed to avert this disaster by making sure it can never come to pass. Lighthouse Droppers have traveled back and forth through time for nearly two thousand years, going Read more...

That Special Someone
by Jane Bierce
"Heartwarming sweet contemporary"
Posted April 6, 2010

Edward McCloud is the sales rep for his family's successful business, McCloud Tool and Gauge. He job requires him to be constantly on the road, meeting with developers and suppliers, and attending trade shows and seminars. After many years of living out of suitcases, Edward wants to settle down Read more...

The Rock Star's Retreat
by Belle McClain
"A great introduction to this author"
Posted February 20, 2010

Cassandra Geoffrey owns In the Pines Campground in Potterville, West Virginia. The mountain campground is busy for six months of the year but is empty for the remaining six months, leaving Cassandra alone in her mountain cabin during her off-season. While not ideal, it does allow her time to Read more...

by Bliss Addison
"Angels, demons and a lost soul"
Posted November 19, 2010

Keegan Black is dead, but finds himself still with the living. To make matters worse, he discovers that demons are after him, and they want to eat his heart and escort him to Hell. He is saved from the first demon attack by Echo, one of Heaven's heralds—essentially Read more...

Second Time Around
by Cynthia Breeding, Karen Michelle Nutt, Gerri Bowen, Kristen Scott, Kimberly Ivey Wuttke
"Fantastic collection of stories of love, the second time around"
Posted June 20, 2010

This is a collection of stories of love, the second time around. There are six stories included in the anthology. I will comment briefly on all of them. WINDS OF DESTINY: Katherine Armand's marriage is over, which wasn't something she planned. But with her divorce comes Read more...

Blade's Edge
by Val Roberts
"A well-written science fiction romance"
Posted February 20, 2010

Silvergard Commander Taryn Penthes of Zona is on a routine assignment, escorting a Barian diplomatic team to the Zonan Lady Palace. But the Bariani team is ambushed, killing people on both sides. Unfortunately, one of those killed is the Zonan Crown Prince's lover, putting Taryn even further into the Read more...

Killing Silk
by Nathalie Gray
"Fast-paced with lots of action!"
Posted October 16, 2009

Azalea is an artist, following ancient traditions and techniques learned from previous Shibari masters. Instead of brushes, she uses silk scarves; instead of a canvas, she uses the human body. The one thing she hasn't yet done is choose an apprentice. Shibari is an art that is learned at Read more...

Wynd Temptress
by Kathryn Anne Dubois
"Sexy and entertaining!"
Posted October 15, 2009

Powerful psychic, Jezermiah is hiding from the government. A descendent of a despotic—and psychic—ruler, she wants nothing to do with her ancestry and will do what she can to hide her abilities. Unfortunately, the government has found her. The government sends investigator Adam, a powerful psychic himself, to Read more...

Taste of Temptation
by Moira McTark
"Lighthearted and sexy"
Posted October 18, 2009

Wedding planner Laine Malone is a professional, letting nothing ruffle her feathers during even the most taxing of weddings. But lately her control is slipping, and bridezillas, touchy-feely grooms and cancelled weddings are all taking a toll on her composure and her job. Her latest problem wedding has become Read more...

Rayne Dance
by Mlyn Hurn
"Endearing and romantic"
Posted October 16, 2009

Rayne, the descendant of a despotic psychic ruler, is in hiding from the government. She must keep her psychic abilities hidden, due to the backlash against psychics stemming from her great-grandfather's days in power. She lives a quiet life in a small rural community, working as a farmer Read more...

Sons of God
by Rebecca Ellen Kurtz
"Well researched and intriguing"
Posted March 9, 2010

Raechev is one of the most powerful Nephelim on Earth, and is the only female Nephelim still alive. Believing that she was following Elohim's orders, she instead incurred His wrath close to 2500 years ago. She has been suffering and dealing with her anger ever since, though she still Read more...

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