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Katie has always been passionate (aka: addicted) to books, especially vampire novels. Luckily, the paranormal subgenre has exploded, giving her more books to read than time in her busy schedule. Her to-be-read pile of books is well over 100 books deep and growing. She is a real life mad scientist who lives in Arkansas with her computer genius husband and their two cardigan welsh corgis. Check out her blog:


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Cinderella Unmasked
by Bonnie Dee, Marie Treanor
"A wickedly erotic, grown-up fairy tale"
Posted September 28, 2009

Years after the fabled ball when she met Prince Charming, Cinderella is now Queen Ella and without her husband. He left Ella and the throne several years prior to run off with a lover, leaving Ella to run the country by herself. Currently, she is lonely and frustrated, having had Read more...

Mortal Compass
by Ann Cory
"This sexy vampire finds more than he expected"
Posted September 28, 2009

Rook is desperate to find the stolen moonstone that belongs to his vampire leader and friend. This important moonstone is necessary for his friend's health and to maintain the balance within the vampire world. As he tracks the thief into the rainforest, he discovers the human female, Ember, currently Read more...

Frozen Satisfaction
by Gayle Hadley
"A passionate romance that bridges lifetimes"
Posted October 15, 2009

Shalie is an immortal faerie with a knack for making ice cream. She and her faerie friend Aurora own an ice cream shop where Shalie dreams up a new flavor everyday. Except when she has a dream about a man, instead of ice cream. Disconcerted about the dream, she remembers Read more...

Chosen One
by Kim Knox
"Highly recommended sexy, sci-fi romance"
Posted October 15, 2009

At twenty-one, Ceta was picked to be an honored Schedir candidate, that is, possibly chosen by the Sovereign. Each year one woman is chosen by the Sovereign, taken to his ship, and never seen again. No one knows what happens to these women, but the honor of being chosen Read more...

Gideon Redoak
by Anne Fraser
"An epic vampire tale, part gothic horror and sweet romance"
Posted October 17, 2009

Born to a family of Puritans in the early seventeenth century, Gideon grew up in a very strict household where his father ruled every aspect of his life, including what he read (The Bible), whom he spoke to (definitely no women), and who he was to marry. When Gideon was Read more...

Demonic Attraction
by Kim Knox
"Be seduced by these mysterious aliens"
Posted July 21, 2009

Anya has been studying a distant moon for two months while working alone on a space station. With only two more weeks until her rotation is complete, she is craving human contact. In bed one night, she felt the caresses of strange energy-based beings. She enjoyed their company, but Read more...

Stone's Embrace
by Delilah Devlin
"Lusty curses and sexy demons"
Posted July 28, 2009

Petra is cursed. Her touch causes others to become overcome with lust; therefore Petra lived a very lonely life. One day, Petra received a letter stating her unknown father died and left her a home that she shared with two sisters she never met. When she arrived at her new Read more...

Branded by Fire
by Nalini Singh
"All consuming! A definite must read!"
Posted July 24, 2009

Mercy is a leopard changeling and a high-ranking enforcer for her pack. She is the liaison to the nearby wolf changeling pack, and works closely with Riley, an enforcer for the wolves. They drive each other crazy, in a flirtatious, adolescent way. One afternoon, they act on their mutual Read more...

Punishing Tabitha
by Evangeline Anderson
"A highly sensual intergalactic romp"
Posted July 25, 2009

Tabitha is a new recruit on an intergalactic police cruiser ship. Unfortunately, her first encounter with Captain Keer, the commander of the ship, is less than flattering. Since her first impression was not favorable with Captain Keer, Tabitha is ignored and disregarded. When an important mission to gather data about Read more...

Egyptian Nights
by Jennifer Mueller
"A sweet romance about learning to love again"
Posted July 26, 2009

After being hit in the head by her abusive husband, Victoria is knocked unconscious and awakens to find herself in another body and living in ancient Egypt. The body she inhabits belonged to Mayati, a married woman who died during childbirth. Mayati's husband, Khaemhat, knows immediately that Victoria is Read more...

Dragon Weir
by Stephanie Burke
"Dragons and dragons and dragons... oh my!"
Posted August 5, 2009

Dragon culture reveres women. When Star, a dragon female, is found living among humans, Zen brings her back to live with the dragons. Star and Zen mate and live in his household, or Quad, consisting of three male dragons and a female. Prior to meeting Zen, Star did not know Read more...

The Chancellor's Bride
by Kirsten Saell
"A scorching hot love triangle!"
Posted August 14, 2009

Collin has recently been re-elected as Chancellor, but he holds a secret that could be the end of his political career: he loves Harral, his manservant. One evening, Collin is returning home on a stormy night and finds a woman lying in the middle of the road, left for Read more...

Dark Host
by Kim Knox
"A superbly entertaining mysterious sci-fi romance that does not disappoint"
Posted August 14, 2009

Charis is a feline mosaic, that is, she contains both cat and human genes. Her genetic makeup is perfect for certain jobs within the Company. Her latest assignment is simple: to watch and make sure her target stays alive during his time aboard a pleasure space cruise to watch a Read more...

Seducing His Lordship
by Brenda Williamson
"An erotic historical tale of seduction"
Posted June 14, 2009

Lord Gabriel Laramore is in a marriage of convenience with his beautiful wife Carmody. In the two years they had been wed, they have not shared a residence, let alone a bed. He had not expected to fall in love with his wife, but he keeps her at a distance Read more...

The Topaz Embrace
by Antonia Pearce
"Scorching hot! A must read for any paranormal romance lover."
Posted June 21, 2009

Set on a futuristic Earth, Ankhet is a topaz Oracle, a visionary who utilizes gemstones to foresee the future. The Oracle Standard, or the leadership and lifestyle of these oracles, is in jeopardy by the Federation, a larger group attempting to take away the power of the Oracles. The Oracles Read more...

Branded by Love
by Destiny Blaine
"A steamy Western of love lost"
Posted July 7, 2009

Since her husband left her without any source of income, Carly decided to make a living doing what she likes to do: have sex. After a year, she had many repeat clients, usually cowboys who would ride out to her house in the prairie. Unfortunately, she learns from a friend Read more...

Cat's Curse
by Kelley Heckart
"Curses, ancient vampires, and steamy romance"
Posted July 25, 2009

The first of the Dark Goddess series is set in the time in Scottish history after the fall of the Roman Empire, but before Christianity had swept the region. Cat Anna, a follower of the old religion, curses the Prince Aedan by that if he touches a woman, he will Read more...

Phantom Lover
by Kelly Wallace
"A passionate love that transcends death"
Posted July 7, 2009

Recently divorced from an abusive husband, Paige moves into a new house on the coast. Soon she realizes that she is not the only occupant of the house. The former owner, Ian, was killed in his bed and trapped as a ghost in the house until his unknown destiny is Read more...

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