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Katie has always been passionate (aka: addicted) to books, especially vampire novels. Luckily, the paranormal subgenre has exploded, giving her more books to read than time in her busy schedule. Her to-be-read pile of books is well over 100 books deep and growing. She is a real life mad scientist who lives in Arkansas with her computer genius husband and their two cardigan welsh corgis. Check out her blog:


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by Elizabeth Amber
"Intriguing, emotional, and erotic"
Posted May 10, 2010

The continuation of the Lords of Satyr series begins years after and in a different environment of all of the others stories. Dane has just returned from ElseWorld to join his brothers in nineteenth century Rome. Having been given the task from the ElseWorld Council of finding a wife and Read more...

The One for Me
by Belladonna Bordeaux
"Short and hot! The perfect length for your lunch break."
Posted May 3, 2010

Having had a relationship in the past, Victoria still lusts for her boss, Cameron. Unfortunately, she also fantasizes about Cameron's friend Duncan. When Cameron invites Victoria to a party as his date, she accepts uneasily. But, Cameron uses the date as a way to seduce Victoria into being his Read more...

United Passion
by Aubrey Ross
"Book Two of the Alpha Colony series is much too short"
Posted March 23, 2010

In a world of genetically manipulated humans that shape-shift into animals, Dyuana is the leader of a rebel sect of wereleopards. They live in close proximity to a pride of werelions, headed by the incredibly attractive Maddox. Dy and Maddox have a past. Maddox still wants to be in Read more...

Dragon Shift
by Alice Gaines
"Flaming hot dragon love"
Posted March 23, 2010

Unknowingly kidnapped as a child, Ilona is a dragon-shifter and future bride to the heir to the dragon throne, Drake. She lives with her adopted, hippie mother and sister in an average home. Things start to get odd when Ilona's mother starts throwing men at her, trying to Read more...

Moon Craving
by Lucy Monroe
"Highland werewolf romance of love and deception. Highly recommended!"
Posted January 8, 2010

Unbeknownst to Abigail, she has been betrothed to Talorc, the werewolf leader of the Sinclair Clan. Abigail must take the place of her sister, who did not marry Talorc, but chose the leader of another clan instead. Although she wants to get away from her abusive mother, she is afraid Read more...

Deadly Fetishes
by Kayden McLeod
"Smokin' hot!"
Posted March 11, 2010

Kelly's best friend and fellow vampire, Sara, drags her to a fetish club because Sara believes that Kelly needs to loosen up. Plus, they both needed dinner. Although nervous about being in the club, Kelly soon meets the incredibly sexy Marcus. Since Kelly and Sara believed they were the Read more...

by Kaitlin Maitland
"Red hot must read sci-fi!"
Posted December 25, 2009

As a slave and working girl, Tavish didn't know what to expect when a sexy bondsman came into the club to arrest one of the high profile clients, Mendez. Soon enough, she finds herself in the middle of the brawl and is taken from the club by the bondsman Read more...

by Yolanda Sfetsos
"Sexy space cowboys, yee haw!"
Posted April 6, 2010

Colt, a space cowboy, found himself in a tough situation. He had taken a new assignment wrangling people, but when one escapes from his spaceship, he knew was in trouble. Then, when he discovered the planet the person escape to was home to an ex-girlfriend, Brynn, he knew he Read more...

Tristan's Woman
by Beverly Havlir
"Knock-your-socks-off hot!"
Posted April 6, 2010

Ava has been living on Pleasure Planet and works as an exotic dancer. Unfortunately, she has few freedoms since she is a half-breed and considered damaged goods. She wishes to leave, but the planet's leaders have her brother imprisoned as a way to manipulate her. Tristan and his Read more...

Blaze of Memory
by Nalini Singh
"The most emotional and the best book in the Psy-Changeling series yet. Read this book!"
Posted December 25, 2009

Set in the future, the Psy-Changeling series is part science fiction, part paranormal romance, and part urban fantasy. Katya is a Psy, a population that has psychic abilities. After having her mind raped and developing a severe case of amnesia, she is delivered to Dev's doorstep. Dev is Read more...

Lycan Lover
by S. K. Yule
"Quick and intensely erotic werewolf short story"
Posted November 19, 2010

Having been coerced into going to a Halloween party, Karen was not happy. Although she lived a boring life and worked entire too much, she was burnt out and craved something new. Not to mention she had been losing sleep because she had been having vivid dreams about a mysterious Read more...

Hotter Than Hell
by L. Shannon
"Endearing characters shine in this short story that is hotter than... uh, Hell."
Posted February 18, 2010

Lani is a librarian in the small town of Demon, Arizona. In her mind, the quirky town needed more information about demons and witchcraft in their library. So, she headed to a paranormal convention to gather books for the Demon library. During the convention, she accidentally falls through a portal Read more...

Hunting Season
by Shelly Laurenston
"Scorching hot beginning to the Gathering series"
Posted October 18, 2009

Neecy is the second in command of the Crows, a group of female warriors serving a Norse goddess. She's strong, snarky, intelligent, and has a thing for the incredibly sexy Will Yager. Will, the leader of the Ravens who are loyal Viking warriors for Odin, is attracted to Neecy Read more...

Possess Me at Midnight
by Shayla Black
"Intense drama, sexy magical warriors, and heartbreakingly sweet romance"
Posted October 21, 2009

The third installment of the Doomsday Brethren series features Ice, a warrior of the brethren. He is involved in a battle against the scariest wizard in recent history, Mathias. When Ice first saw Sabelle, the sister of one of his fellow brethren, he is immediately smitten. When the brethren's Read more...

The Demon is an Angel
by Lissa Matthews
"Hot with a capital H"
Posted December 13, 2009

Delan had been captured by a sex demon, Riko, and was kept as a sex slave for several months. During that time, Riko observed Delan and realized that Delan may be a perfect match for his sister, Angel. Riko releases Delan with the mission to make Angel fall in love Read more...

Bound By Deception
by Christa Paige
"Immensely enjoyable scorching hot vampire short story"
Posted February 20, 2010

In the Blood-Vine series, only the men become vampires. On the other hand, the women of the same race chose their life long mates during an ancient ritual. Bound by Deception begins with Anna who is undergoing the ritual. She must choose between one of three goblets of blood Read more...

The Tiger Within
by Viki Lyn
"A forbidden attraction"
Posted October 15, 2009

Jack Hunter had been captured and experimented on during World War II, transforming him into a super solider. Therefore, he joined the Sentinels, an international group that polices paranormal activity. He is sent on assignment to a small village in France to investigate the reappearance of a dead, mythological creature Read more...

Seduce Me in Shadow
by Shayla Black
"Sizzling magical sexual tension"
Posted August 11, 2009

This second installment of the Doomsday Brethren begins soon after the events of the first book. Caden hates magic. Unfortunately, he was born into a family of magic users. For years, he has ignored his family, moved away, and lived a normal life. But, when his elder brother becomes sick Read more...

Primal Hunger
by Sydney Somers
"Modern paranormal twist on Avalon complete with sexy gargoyles"
Posted October 18, 2009

Kennedy has a very adult-like crush on Tristan. Under normal circumstances this crush would be harmless, but Kennedy is a bartender at the bar in which Tristan owns. She has been attempting to keep her distance from him until fate forces them together. When Tristan offers to give Kennedy Read more...

Hunting Ground
by Patricia Briggs
"Superb storytelling!"
Posted October 4, 2009

The second Alpha and Omega book starts just a few weeks after the events of Cry Wolf. Anna is still coming to terms with her relationship with Charles, and learning how to be an omega wolf, whereas Charles is learning to readjust his life, and animalistic side, to Read more...

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