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More than Blood
by Amanda Vyne
"Can't wait for More"
Posted February 27, 2010

Gabrial Ferrar is the enforcer of his people, the Sanguen. Tracking down his partner who he suspects is involved in the disappearances of young girls, he runs into the one woman who will be his bloodmate. Kel Sheridan works for an agency called Incog, an agency that polices the dark Read more...

Primal Hunger
by Sydney Somers
"A new look at Avalon"
Posted February 20, 2010

Kennedy Beaumont, a bartender, is strangely drawn to one of her bosses. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem drawn to her, in fact he goes out of his way to avoid her. Then one fateful night her car breaks down on the way home from work and Tristan has no choice Read more...

Whispering Lake
by Jessica Coulter Smith
"Revisit Whispering Lake. You won't regret it."
Posted September 28, 2009

Cassie, a wiccan, has been in love with a man for most of her life. Problem is, he's a ghost. Vacationing at Whispering Lake and finding herself sharing a cabin with three gorgeous men, one of whom seems to return the attraction, she decides to explore her options with Read more...

Hael's Fury
by Viola Grace
"A change of pace"
Posted October 15, 2009

Livin Hael is convinced that because her Draikyn blood is diluted by a distant Terran relative that she'll never find the mate that every Draikyn female dreams of. Not to mention that she has power over the elements. She's content, though, to know that she'll always have Read more...

by Isabel L. Martens
"Close encounter of the flying kind"
Posted October 4, 2009

Tess, a doctor in Portland, Oregon, is herded aboard a spaceship that lands at the local mall. Her fate, along with the other men and women that were captured, is to be a specimen at a zoo on another planet. When the aliens learn of her medical skills they turn Read more...

The Fire King
by Marjorie M. Liu
"Liu is a masterful storyteller"
Posted July 23, 2009

Having lost an arm in a horrible series of events, Soria has isolated herself for the past year. Attempting to get back into life, she's on her way to an interview in New York when she's intercepted by two individuals hired out to bring her back to Dirk Read more...

To Hunt a Wolf
by Elizabeth L'Inconnu
"Great series. If you love werewolves, you'll love this story."
Posted October 16, 2009

Adrian Gentry, werewolf captive to a vampire for the past 20 years, finally has a chance to escape. Permanently stuck in wolf form until he can get a silver bullet removed from his hip, he has to leave his sisters, and fellow captives, in the hopes that he can find Read more...

by Viola Grace
"Delightfully Humorous"
Posted December 22, 2010

All that Evah Mattlin wanted was a place to call home and love. Abandoned on a distant planet because of the scars she bears from the healing she does, Evah makes her way as the village healer. When a guardsman is brought to her for healing she doesn't know Read more...

Sanctuary Lost
by Moira Rogers
"A sequel you don't want to miss."
Posted July 6, 2009

Brynn Adler, having been the victim of a kidnapping by werewolves so that their Alpha could get to her sister, knows that she has to do something drastic to stay safe. She's a weak link in sactuary, because if they can get to her they can get to her Read more...

by Wendy Stone
"Wendy Stone just keeps getting better."
Posted July 25, 2009

Charisma, a siren and the last of her kind, is also an orphan that's been living on the streets. Her child-like figure hides a 23 year-old woman's heart that is awakened with a kiss. Running from Hood, a man who wants to use her for her Read more...

Unfinished Business
by Etienne D'Artagnan
"A ghostly story with a twist"
Posted August 14, 2009

John Carson, finding himself dead after being run through with a Union soldier's bayonette, has only one desire.... to be reunited with the man and woman he loves. So, refusing to move on, he makes his way back to the ranch. Michael loves Amber and is willing to give Read more...

Spyder’s Web
by Suzanne Rock
"Full of suspense"
Posted October 15, 2009

Anyone Spyder has sex with ends up dead. It's her curse. Unless she can find her one true mate, the only one who can satisfy her, she'll kill until she dies or until she's killed. The police are onto her, especially one green-eye'd cop who Read more...

by Ember Case
"a delicious, erotic fairytale"
Posted September 24, 2009

Emilia, Bright Elf princess, is faced with banishment when her stone of power doesn't ignite. Her step-mother has slowly edged Emilia out of the council, gotten her banned from the chamberlaine, and restricted her access to her father. Now she threatens to pawn her off on the barbarians Read more...

A Strange New Breed
by Wendy Stone
"Pick up where Pick of the Litter left off..."
Posted June 6, 2009

Terry Taylor says she can't stand Nashe Wolfe, but why does she feel drawn to him? Why does she crave his touch? When Terry decides to visit Nashe after having a disturbing dream involving wolves and panthers, she breaks a heel from her shoe causing a severely sprained ankle Read more...

Moonlight Hero
by Jessica Coulter Smith
"Jessica Coulter Smith just keeps getting better."
Posted June 17, 2009

Kiera, a werefox, finds herself in deep trouble when she catches the eye of a vampire who wants nothing more than to drain her dry. Running from him in the night she takes shelter in an auto repair shop and in the arms of the owner, Gabriel Andrews, local alpha Read more...

Freak Factor
by Viola Grace
"A must read for Viola Grace fans"
Posted April 29, 2009

Mala works on a remote space station that is famous for the repairs done there. Its no secret that Mala is the one that has made them famous. No one knows how she does it, and Mala would prefer to keep it that way. Unfortunately, she's not given a Read more...

by Mia Cherish, Jacqueline Quaid
"a vampire romance with a new twist"
Posted April 25, 2009

Former detective Malcolm Blackmon awakens as a newly made vampire to find that his first meal isn't who she's supposed to be. Instead of the donor his vampire parents were bringing, his first bite is a ballerina in the wrong place at the right time. Now that he Read more...

Stilettos, Inc.
by Lexi Ryan
"Humor, action and suspense. What more could you ask for?"
Posted May 5, 2009

A member of Stilettos, Inc. Paige Sykes, an empath, and her partners solve mysteries, protect heads of state and head off terrorist plots. When she discovers a plan to kill the president she learns that her ex, Collin Raines, might be involved. Putting her past behind her could be harder Read more...

Night Warriors
by Brenna Lyons
"A definite must read"
Posted May 27, 2009

In a long ago time Night Warriors were born. Born to fight the beasts. Vampires, some called them. Viriel, a warrior turned Elder, is in search of his first love, killed so many years ago. He believes that she will be reincarnated and has fixated on Anna Jameson, calling her Read more...

The Wolfen Lover
by Tessa Lane
"An old fashioned fairy tale with modern day monsters."
Posted June 11, 2009

Michael, wolf by night man by day, survived a vampire slaughter of his tribe when he was young and is haunted by what happened. Even though too young to help at the time, he now hunts for vengeance. Fighting the irresistable urge to mate, he grieves and rages against his Read more...

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