Annette Stone

I live in Michigan with my husband Daune. I also have two grown children Alicia is 25 and Paul is 20. Alicia is also mommy to our beautiful 3 year old ganddaughter Rivyn, she has become our lives. I enjoy reading a great deal and last year discovered paranormal romances thanks to Kerrelyn Sparks and her book All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire.


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Spanking the Psychic
by Nicole L. Pierce
"Story of life and love after loss."
Posted October 16, 2009

Miracle Swanson is a well known psychic who has been having some of the best erotic dreams of a man she has never met. Until her next appointment walks into her office and it is him. Blake Benton does not believe in reaching your loved ones after they have passed Read more...

Eden's Hell
by Dawné Dominique
"Powerful love between vampire and mortal"
Posted October 16, 2009

Eva has always been attracted to bad boys, so when she goes on a date with one and wakes up with a woman's fangs in her neck she does what any normal person would do, runs screaming for help. Addison has lived next to his ex-wife Satrina for Read more...

Just a Taste of Me
by Stormy Glenn
"Another hit for the Wolf Creek Pack Series"
Posted September 26, 2010

Reece is the alpha of his pack and has been looking for his mate for a long time; finally he has found the one. To his surprise it is not a woman, it is another man. He has never been attracted to men, why now and how will his pack Read more...

Lynx to the Pharaoh
by Shelley Munro
"If you enjoy shifters and historicals this is a good combination, bringing the two together"
Posted February 20, 2010

Sethmet and his family have had the honor of protecting the Pharaoh's tomb for generations, as a gift from the Pharaoh to help them keep his treasures safe he gave Sethmet and his ancestors the ability to shift into a Lynx. It is his job to keep the treasure Read more...

Hands on Research
by Pam Champagne
"Scorching hot sex"
Posted February 19, 2010

Olivia Spencer is just a small town librarian who also happens to write erotica romance, her problem is that she has no real experience with sex. Stuck at work during a snow storm Olivia decides to get some writing done when in walks one of the sexist men she has Read more...

by Madelaine Montague
"Be prepared to laugh and not be able to stop reading"
Posted October 15, 2009

Bronwyn is supposed to be the next prophecy to create a next being that will control the supernatural and bring them together. Of course, all of this is news to her, she was just doing what her grandmother told her would be her future. To move to the city and Read more...

Midnight Revelations
by D. McEntire
"Wonderfully written story of two enemies coming together"
Posted July 21, 2009

Suma is doing what she must to protect her people from vampires; she is called a skinwalker and takes on the form of a wolf. Alone and cast out of her tribe she still holds to a promise she made to protect them from any harm. When she discovers that Read more...

Night Games
by Jude Mason
"a steamy, short vampire story"
Posted July 26, 2009

Johan is in love with Petre but one night he picked up a scent that he had to know who it was, and had to have them. As he followed the scent he finds himself watching a hooker working the street, a beautiful woman. It is not often that Johan Read more...

In Blood and Worth Loving
by Marilyn Lee
"Well written, emotional, sweet and erotic"
Posted August 1, 2009

Brandi has always been a good girl and dated the perfect guys, but something was missing. She is at a point in her life where she wants to see what it is like to be with her fantasy guy, the bad boy who also happens to be a vampire. When Read more...

Tasty Treats, Volume 3
by Jenny Penn, Tymber Dalton, Stormy Glenn, Blaze Ballentine
"Full of paranormal variety"
Posted August 14, 2009

Man to Man (Wolf Pack Series) by Stormy Glenn Donovan and his brother have been sent to Wolf Creek Pack to help them with protecting the mate of one of their pack. What Donovan did not expect to find was his own mate, and even more Read more...

Turning Paige
by Melissa Schroeder
"Enjoyable time travel, warror meets librarian"
Posted October 15, 2009

Paige Turner has had the same sensual dream for days now that seems so real, but every time she wakes up she cannot remember the man's face, just his eyes. Until one morning after eating a batch of Irish Whiskey Truffles she wakes up to find a naked man Read more...

The Twilight Deception
by Alina Morgan
"Two worlds and two people collide"
Posted August 14, 2009

Arielle works for a special department of the FBI tracking down vampires. With her special powers as a witch she is sent in first to see what she can pick up. When she is sent on a case to locate a vampire that is killing humans she does not expect Read more...

Kit and Mouse
by Dakota Rebel
"Short and sassy"
Posted August 14, 2009

Kit is a vampire who finds herself sitting in a bar just minding her own business when she is confronted by a young man. There is something about him that she finds charming, and she knows that he will be the one going home with her. His name may be Read more...

Feral Passion
by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
"Suspense filled, could not stop reading"
Posted August 14, 2009

Xandra is working undercover to locate who is behind turning humans into feral vampires. The only way for her to get information is to act like she is into dating vampires and hope that she finds one connected in some way. Most of her dates so far have all been Read more...

Mad World
by Pepper Espinoza
"Wow, not your typical romance"
Posted August 14, 2009

Detective Jason Squires will do whatever he has to in order to track down the person killing women in his town. He will even go as far as using a prostitute as bait, but what he isn't prepared for is the relationship he has himself with the woman. Daisy Read more...

Hard Case
by J. Hali Steele
"Witty and sexual as the cats come out to play"
Posted August 14, 2009

Case can not believe that the new manager of his club may be his mate. He is a lion and vampyre, while she is a leopard and has green hair. He is also not ready to give up his single life, he enjoys the life as a voyeur and performer Read more...

Full Moon Mating
by Stormy Glenn
"Beginning of a great series"
Posted October 15, 2009

Sheriff Joe Nash was not prepared to find his mate while arriving on the scene of a robbery gone bad. Something about the handsome young man caught his attention and he knew that he was his mate. Nate is on the run from the man who has raised him and Read more...

Pleasure Bound
by Authors Various, Jude Mason, Christy Lockhart, Tuesday Morrigan, Jenna Byrnes
"Wonderful variety of short stories"
Posted February 20, 2010

Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach by Tuesday Morrigan Dr. Michaela Jameson has had threats against her before and nothing ever happened, so why does her boss think she needs a bodyguard now. All she wants to do is enjoy some time in Australia, see the sights Read more...

by Wendy Stone
"Another great tale with a wonderful cast of characters"
Posted October 15, 2009

Charisma Snow is on the run from a ruthless man who wants to use her talent as a siren for his own benefit. Now she is also wanted for murder. When a stranger helps her escape she finds herself drawn to him and feeling things she has never felt before Read more...

by J. Hali Steele
"One vampyre, two humans: let the fun begin"
Posted February 27, 2010

Purple P. Rose and her partner Richard E. Rection are working on a new case that has Purple learning new things not just about herself but also about Dick. When she finds him in the back room of a strip club enjoying himself with another man, no way is she Read more...

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