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I live in Michigan with my husband Daune. I also have two grown children Alicia is 25 and Paul is 20. Alicia is also mommy to our beautiful 3 year old ganddaughter Rivyn, she has become our lives. I enjoy reading a great deal and last year discovered paranormal romances thanks to Kerrelyn Sparks and her book All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire.


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Love Reincarnate
by Cooper McKenzie
"Touching story of lost love finding each other again"
Posted February 20, 2010

Jayne Peters is not only herself but also her great- grandmother Charlotte reincarnated, so when vampire Donovan Richards walks into the restaurant she remembers him through her grandmother's memories. The man she loved and lost. Donovan cannot believe he has an opportunity he thought he would never have again Read more...

Lorelei and Darin
by T. S. Walker
"Next chapter in the Dark Guardian Series"
Posted April 6, 2010

Lorelei is engaged to Vincent a werewolf and the man she thought was her mate, but she begins to have doubts. Is it right for him to be with other women, to abuse her and to tell her what she can and cannot do? When she decides it is time Read more...

Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle
by Sally Painter
"Watch out for those gargoyles"
Posted November 13, 2010

Tessa was happy to take a much needed vacation with her friend Amy to see the property Amy inherited; both women got a shock to discover it was a castle. A crumbling castle that needed huge renovations but it was theirs. When they decided to stay and turn it into Read more...

Beyond the Looking Glass
by A. P. Miller
"Paranormal twist to our favorite fairytales"
Posted October 11, 2009

When Evil Rises
Snow White is not just a vampire but thanks to Lord Hayden is now also lycan. She thrives on torturing her servants and making sure they are afraid of her. Until war with the Vampire King will decide their fate. Rhed Riding Wolf Read more...

Summer's Wolf
by Rebecca Royce
"Book Two Westervelt Wolves Series"
Posted September 26, 2010

Cullen Murphy made a deal to wait five years for his mate, he waited centuries so what was five more years. But, three years later when he has to save her life all bets are off. Summer Morrison was never happy about discovering that she was a wolf and than Read more...

Torrid Hunger
by Tawny Taylor
"Book 4 Twilight's Possession series"
Posted February 20, 2010

Kaden is the King of the Sons of Twilight and feels that he is unable to show any emotion towards another, it may result in his enemies having a way to break him. But, with The Hunger coming up he must find another male vampire to bond with and a Read more...

Ride the Wild Wind
by Kimberly Ivey
"Time travel at its best"
Posted November 13, 2010

Antonio Whitehorse will do what he needs to, to care for his people who are starving, and the government wants to punish them. He has had visions of a red haired woman coming to him and is surprised when he stumbles across her laying unconscious, and may not survive the Read more...

Maxwell's Fall
by Tielle St. Clare
"Lies, thrills and forgiveness and an ususpecting triangle of love"
Posted December 20, 2010

Max is concerned about his twin brother, so in order to find out what is going on he takes off for Alaska to confront him. When he arrives his brother is no where to be found. He decides to arrive at a meeting his brother was scheduled for and finds Read more...

Jesse's Girl
by Karen Erickson
"Second chances do happen"
Posted December 17, 2009

Rick has been in love with Blair since the first time he met her, but because he was too slow to make his move she became his best-friend's girl. When Rick finds out that Blair and Jesse are no longer a couple he decides to not hide his Read more...

Her Wolf
by Rebecca Royce
"The beginning of an exciting new series"
Posted October 17, 2009

Ashlee Morrison was beginning to think maybe her family was right and she is crazy. Working as a volunteer at the zoo she enjoys watching the wolves, especially the loner, there is something about him that she seems to connect with. But, when he starts talking to her she knows Read more...

Scent of A Vampire
by Jude Stephens
"a definite keeper"
Posted October 20, 2009

Olivia had no idea that her vacation to Atlantic City was going to find her not one man but two. Along with finding out that she is a powerful sensay and that a group called the Guardians want her for themselves, and if they can't have her, then they Read more...

Vampire Kisses (Collection)
by Michele Bardsley
"Trilogy all in one book"
Posted December 25, 2009

Christmas for Eve
Eve Moore and Steven Jones have been together for some time now. But what Eve does not know is that Steven is in fact a vampire. When Eve wakes from a dream straight from one of Steven's books she realizes that the scene Read more...

An Author's Nightmare
by Jennifer Robins
"Full of suspense, could not stop reading until I reached the end"
Posted February 20, 2010

Kate Landen has everything any woman could want, a best selling book and a wonderful man she meets, falls in love with and marries. But, when her best friend is murdered Curt starts acting strange and disappearing in the middle of the night. Then the murders she writes in her Read more...

by D. B. Reynolds
"Book Two Vampires in America, another hit for Ms. Reynolds"
Posted March 13, 2010

Private investigator Cynthia Leighton has been offered a case that will get her out of California and most importantly away from Raphael her vampire lover for awhile. What she is not aware of is the vampire that has hired her has an ulterior motive to his plans, to wreck havoc Read more...

Spying the Alcove
by Laura Tolomei
"Fate playing at matchmaker"
Posted February 20, 2010

Valerio is enjoying the archeological dig he is heading up when his assistant comes across a medallion with an erotic scene of a woman and a man making love, something about the artifact holds his attention that he cannot seem to part with the piece. When Valerio ends the day Read more...

Red Heat
by Lynne Connolly
"Twists and turns that will keep you guessing"
Posted October 16, 2009

Caroline Cross arrives at the plush New York hotel, the Timothy using the name of the owner's dead girlfriend Jillian Miller. It is her job to convince the man who happens to be a Sorcerer to turn himself over to the IRDC to be studied to help humans possibly Read more...

Obsession Everlasting
by Lisa Phillips
"You will lose yourself in the characters"
Posted June 29, 2009

Fallyn Mitchell is looking for that one big story that will land her the job of a lifetime as a reporter. When her boss tells her that the local, rich recluse has requested Fallyn to do an exposť on him and set the stories straight, she feels her big break Read more...

Forbidden & Once Bitten
by Hope Welsh
"Well written...Two vampire stories in one book"
Posted July 7, 2009

Sarah, who was injured in a fire, is having vivid dreams of her and Devlin. What Sarah does not know is that Devlin is real and a vampire. After one of her intense dreams, Devlin comes to Sarah and shows her what life could be like Read more...

Phantom Affair
by Katherine Kingston
"Proof that you cannot always help who you love"
Posted October 15, 2009

Kelly has the almost perfect lover, he may not be able to do most physical things for her but he listens when she talks and he can bring her pleasure. The biggest problem with him is that he is a ghost. Robert was executed for a crime he did not Read more...

Illicit Hunger
by Dee Carney
"Wonderful story of love and sacrafice"
Posted September 28, 2009

Lia is the next leader of her vampire community so she must do what her father has planned for her, a marriage to a man she has no feelings for. When attempts on her life have been made she is placed under the care of one of her father's Read more...

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