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Dragon's Heir (Collection)
by Sierra Dafoe
"Dragon's Heir Series is a Hot and Steamy Must Read"
Posted June 5, 2009

For decades, on the Dragon Planet Djarera, two of the most powerful dragon clans have been battling over who would win the right to marry the Dragon Queen's daughter. Sending the two dragon suiters to Earth, where her daughter has grown up ignorant of who and what she is Read more...

The Third Wish
by K. F. Zuzulo
"A sexy wish giving read!"
Posted July 25, 2009

Bridget Devine is an archaeologist. On a dig in the Jordan desert she comes across the find of her career, some kind of metal object that resembles an oil lamp. After trying to find a way to open it, she unwittingly unleashes a Jinni named Ashura-Goreem. From the second Read more...

Evolving Ecstasy
by Melanie Nowak
"Shocking Volume 3 of the Almost Human Series"
Posted October 12, 2009

After recovering from their recent battle with vampires, Felicity was tired of being in danger. Cain made her feel safe, but she couldn't keep running to him every time danger threatened. All she knows is she can't walk away from him, for fear that she will never see Read more...

Vision Revealed
by Lorie O'Clare
"Ms. O'Clare is a true storyteller"
Posted September 24, 2009

As a white leopard, Kane Masters was used to not being trusted, thus why he kept to his own kind. But all hell broke loose when leopards with visions were being tracked down and locked in cages; it was important for him to use his abilities to protect his kind Read more...

Silk Bonds
by Kate Hill
"Another Hot read from Kate Hill"
Posted May 27, 2009

Recovering from an accident that almost killed her, Lourdes takes a job bookkeeping for a very scretive man named Alexi Marius. Dark and brooding he holds many secrets, but Lourdes can't help but be attracted physically. As things get more heated between the two, she uncovers his secret. A Read more...

Ride the Tiger: the Six of Swords
by Misa Izanaki
"Book Four in the Body Shop Series"
Posted May 27, 2009

After having enough of an abusive relationship, Evan decides to leave after a bad fight one night. Striking out on his own, wandering the alleys with no place to go, he comes across The Body Shop. Meeting up with someone he hasn't seen in 10 years, Evan now has Read more...

Pack Alpha
by Crissy Smith
"exciting new Were series"
Posted June 4, 2009

Marissa Boyd, is a rarity in the wolf shifter world. Unable to shift to her wolf, she is outcast and prefers to be alone. Visiting her sister Elizabeth for her mating ceremony, Marissa meets her sister's new pack alpha. Gage Wolf, pack alpha, will do whatever it takes to Read more...

The Protector's Keeper
by Bonnie Rose Leigh
"Will have you enthralled from start to finish!"
Posted June 17, 2009

Returning home from a trip to the USA, Catalina Gasalla discovers her adopted older sister has disappeared, her house searched, and her horse mutilated. The last thing she expects to find is the one male she's spent years searching the world over for--her one True Mate. Sebastian Malone Read more...

Black Donald's Coin
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!"
Posted July 7, 2009

Dr. Eddie Kantor, is awaiting the arrival of his next patient when a disheveled man barges into his office. Looking worn out and in need of something to eat, the man introduces himself as George Fraser. George is completely scared and muttering about a coin and evil. Telling a tale Read more...

Her Hungers
by Mary Winter
"A Sexually Charged Read!"
Posted July 10, 2009

Lilah grew up in the Northwoods Pack territory, around werewolves. Ever since laying eyes on Roarke Connelly, Lilah has had a crush on the were. But humans are not good enough to ever mate with a were, so heartbroken, Lilah left her home. Not long after she leaves she meets Read more...

by Viola Grace
"Very entertaining and very sexy book 2 in the Terran Times series"
Posted July 21, 2009

Sarah Anders is a Scorcher, who burn plague victims to make worlds habitable again. Captured and sold to slavers, she gets bought to be a breeder to a prized Dhemon fighter, also a slave. Athon Kellan is a creature of mixed blood. His Dhemon appearance is at odds Read more...

Lost Reflections
by Melanie Nowak
"our beloved characters, with new villians to hate!"
Posted October 12, 2009

After helping her friends to escape Sinday and her coven, Felicity can still see the "scars" the experience has left on her friends. It also brought her closer to Cain. After needing his "mark" to survive, Felicity does not know if what she feels for Cain is her own feelings Read more...

The Mountain Man
by Ellen Ashe
"A Inspiring Story of Promised Love"
Posted July 25, 2009

On the run from an abusive husband, Stella needs time in the mountains to collect herself. With the help of photography and the clean mountain air, she is hoping this time to herself will help her to decide her future. After calling her sister to let her know she is Read more...

Fatal Infatuation
by Melanie Nowak
"Exciting New Paranormal Trilogy"
Posted October 12, 2009

Going to college was supposed to be a new adventure for Felicity. A chance to get out of her childhood town and meet new people. A new place, a new job, and new friends. Walking home from work late one night, with a coworker, Felicity is attacked by vampires. Right Read more...

Moonlight Protector
by Jessica Coulter Smith
"Great story, timeless plot"
Posted June 10, 2009

Marin Thomas is fleeing from the monster who has held her captive and hurt her. On the run, she has a car accident on the outside of a small town named Ashton Grove. Badly injured, she calls out for help. It answers in the form of a wolf. Cole Andrews Read more...

The Wolf Queen
by Sierra Dafoe
"Book Two in the Call of the Wild Series is a keeper"
Posted June 21, 2009

We join Sarah and Larak and Kam again as they embark on their new life together with Sarah as their Wolf Queen. As tradition with Shumani, there can only be one female to a pack. It is the responsibility of the Queen to share her body with all of her Read more...

Vision Lust
by Lorie O'Clare
"Non-stop action in this installment of the Leopard Visions Series"
Posted September 24, 2009

Maurie Sheridan needed to be tough, ruthless to keep her littermates alive and provided for. With her middle littermate mated to Race, she was left with one; the youngest who still needed her. She may be small, but she is brutal when it comes to her litter. Everytime she is Read more...

Blood of the Dark Moon
by Adrianne Brennan
"Vampires, Sex and Magic, Can't go wrong!"
Posted June 18, 2009

Amanda is an expert in Ancient Greece, whose beliefs are based on Ancient Greek religion. She has always been facinated by all things classic and the accult. When she meets Jesse, who shares her beliefs and interests, sparks fly between the two. Jesse has a secret that leads Amanda down Read more...

Feral Moon
by Regina Carlysle
"A non-stop erotic paranormal ride"
Posted July 18, 2009

Titas Declan, Alpha of the Southwestern Patner Tribe, knows from the moment Mahara Jones was born, she was destined to be his mate and queen of the Tribe. He has stood by while she grew into a beautiful young woman, now he will stand by no more. She is ripe Read more...

A Rose to the Fallen
by April Bostic
"A heartfelt read with twists and turns!! Loved It!!"
Posted July 25, 2009

Bridget Monahan, is about to learn that soul mates really do exist. As an elementary school teacher who has had many failed relationships, she is very much a skeptic. When a friend tells her she has found Bridget's soul mate she laughs, but gives in. Upon meeting Tristan Hathaway Read more...

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