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Savage Possession
by Moira Rogers
"an exciting new series"
Posted August 8, 2009

Avani first laid eyes on Rais, a handsome soldier her uncle had brought home for the first time just after her twelfth birthday. In her uncle's home Rais hadn't been royalty. He'd been one of her uncle's men, the latest in a line of rugged soldiers Read more...

Feather Down
by Lorie O'Clare
"An Exciting New SpinOff Series by the Talented Ms. O'Clare"
Posted October 15, 2009

When Dover Down arrives in Banff he is sent to fix the fighting between the Owl, Cariboo Lunewulfs and Leopards. With the tensions running high between the shifters, Dover does his job to find out what is causing the turmoil and fix it. After all that is what he does Read more...

Hallie's Cats
by Fran Lee
"A fast-paced, steamy erotic read"
Posted September 6, 2009

Walking home from a grocery store, Hallie James has a scary encounter with a pit bull. Not a dog person, she has no idea how to handle the situation. Luckily the owner comes to her rescue, but now she has a new problem. She can't speak for how utterly Read more...

Demon Lover
by Riley Ashford
"One smoking hot read!!!"
Posted July 18, 2009

After a demon kills Maggie Mortis' mother, her father enlists the help of The Otherworld. They train Maggie; demons cannot be killed only imprisoned and they can feel pain. Something Maggie specializes in! Her father helped to teach her all that she knows, and one day she vowed to find Read more...

Witch of Air and Fire
by Eliza March
"One Hot, Hot Read"
Posted June 18, 2009

Candace is a young, inexperienced witch, that is fated to help her chosen mate acheive his part in the Prophecy. As she is a mortal she is sheltered, for safety and to ensure that she remains a virgin until her mate comes for her. As the chosen, Cain is the Read more...

Night Moves
by Desiree Holt
"Great characters, wonderful storytelling"
Posted June 18, 2009

Regan Matthews, is scared! She is used to fear in her job as a prosecuting attorney, but something that started out small with phone hang-ups is turning more personal. When a nasty note ends up on her car after work one night, she finally admits to herself that she Read more...

by Terri Pray
"Sexy and Entertaining Till the End!"
Posted August 14, 2009

Not one to be tied down, werewolf Megan left her home and pack when the pack alpha wanted to declare her his mate. After years of being gone, fate has broght her back . The very independant she-wolf fights for her freedom. She doesn't want Shaun as her mate Read more...

Silent Blade
by Ilona Andrews
"Another great read from Ilona Andrews. You don't want to miss this!!!"
Posted June 14, 2009

Meli Galdes is a loner, exiled from her family, she is a deadly assasin for her family. An assasin with a gift very rare and deadly. For years doing their killing, she is finally at the point she has had enough and wishes to retire. Contacted by her brother for Read more...

Sanctuary Lost
by Moira Rogers
"smoldering Book 2 in the Red Rock Pass series"
Posted July 7, 2009

Tired of being the weak link, Brynn Adler never knew about werewolves until her sister became one. After being held hostage and taken to Red Rock Pass for sanctuary, Brynn is tired of being the weakest, always having to be looked after because she is human. With three attempted kidnappings Read more...

Storm Howl
by Vonna Harper
"Everyone needs a little help now and then"
Posted July 6, 2009

After a winter accident leaves Jake Schneider and Sarah Hazelton stranded in a small mountain lodge, they are instantly attracted to one another. Feeling a strange pull neither one can deny, they succumb to their desires. Little do they know they are not alone on the mountain. A wolf pack Read more...

Make That Man Mine
by Shelley Munro
"Erotica at it's Best!!"
Posted July 9, 2009

Emma Montrose just turned 25, and is tired of being the secretary for an private investigating company. She has taken all of the appropriate courses to become an investigator and is ready to go out and do field work. She is also ready to "do" private investigator Jack Sullivan. That Read more...

Seduced by Two
by Stephanie Julian
"Wow, this was one great ride!!"
Posted August 1, 2009

Niccola Donato was going to use this one night to let loose, and take what she wanted while she could. For the next week she was going to go home for her initiation. Nica is a powerful Sterga, a witch, from a long line of powerful women. So she was Read more...

Best Friends Forever
by Kate Douglas
"Book 6 in the StarQuest Series"
Posted July 13, 2009

Kefira, the first child born of a human woman and Miratan lion male, and Tad Barton, a human, swore to each other to always be best friends. Ever since they met when they were kids they have been close. But an incident that happened in their teens left a misunderstanding Read more...

by Lorie O'Clare
"Very entertaining and sexy Cariboo Lunewulf tale"
Posted July 14, 2009

When her cousin's mate goes too far and rapes a female, Jaynie Rousseau makes sure she is there to see that he gets what he desereves. She is a wolf who vows never to have to submit to a mate and prefers to run alone. When she lays eyes Read more...

Night of the Canid
by Carol A. Guy
"A Fast Paced Story of Second Chances"
Posted July 25, 2009

After arriving in Arcadia a little over a year ago, Talia Coe has made herself a home. A victim of Amnesia, all she remembers is waking in a hospital wrapped in bandages. After spending a month in the hospital she was released and has attempted to go on with her Read more...

Send 'em Packing (Collection)
by Hannah Beckham
"A tough as nails heroine, a Demon, and a werewolf makes a erotic, sexy read."
Posted December 22, 2010

This novel is an anthology of books 1-3 in the Send'em Packing series. Part one is the Packing Heat, which introduces the male characters of each book in the series. I just had a fun time reading about Maya, her kick butt attitude and her no Read more...

Dream Lover
by Topaz Jordyn
"Another Twist on the Vampire Lure!"
Posted July 18, 2009

Prince Devlin is leader of the Omega Force, whose purpose is to hunt down outcast vampires called Shadow Dwellers. Heir to the royal family, Devlin must succumb to the vampire society and marry a woman who has been chosen for him. Tankura is a beautiful and innocent vampire, and when Read more...

Moonlight Hero
by Jessica Coulter Smith
"Book 2 in the Ashton Grove Werewolves series"
Posted June 17, 2009

Running from a vampire, Kiera stumbles upon a garage. Hoping to hide from the vampire, she slips inside. Enter our hero, pack alpha Gabriel Andrews, who is delighted at finding his mate stumble into his place of business. But with his mate came a threat to her life; declairing her Read more...

No Fear
by Allie Harrison
"An entertaining, non stop vampire romance with everything you want"
Posted June 25, 2009

Medusa's Island . . . a vacation paradise complete with beautiful beaches and a small town named after it. But the island's serenity is shattered when two young women are found dead from no apparent causes despite their expressions of terror. Chief of Police James Winchester is in charge of finding Read more...

Alphas' Mate
by Leah Brooke
"Couldn't Put it Down"
Posted May 23, 2009

On the run from helping a mother and her son, Lacey Roberts decides to find refuge with her godmother. Little did she know her godmother had her four grandsons staying with her, a definite complication. Then to make matters more interesting all four are saying that she's their mate Read more...

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