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The One Nighter
by Shauna Hart
"A Sexy Read about Letting Go"
Posted October 15, 2009

It was supposed to be a one night stand. For one night Melanie Brighton could let go and expierance passion with the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. Little did she know sneaking out of the motel room the next morning, that their paths would cross again Read more...

Paradise Rules
by Beth Kery
"An Erotic Roller Coaster Ride"
Posted September 11, 2009

On vacation in Waikiki with her personal assistant and friend, Lana Rodriguez was loathe to return to the island. Being there for her friend was the only thing bringing her back. Beautiful and memorable to most, all she felt was bitterness and hatred for her childhood home. Deciding to take Read more...

Lone Huntress
by A. P. Miller
"A Six Part Futuristic Joy Ride"
Posted November 8, 2009

Lone Huntress:
Introduces us to a Cyborg Bounty Hunter named Lisa Huntress. She is feared and famed for her cruelty. Her latest mission is to pick a Live bounty by the name of Romeo, a projective telepath. But Romeo has bitten off more than he can chew Read more...

The Hunt
by Anne Marsh
"A Powerful new author in the Paranromal, Erotica World!"
Posted September 11, 2009

Chosen for her moon daemon ancestry, which gives her an affinity for the moon, Miu had been ordered to find and steal a necklace made of silver and moonstone at the Cat Temple. Then she is to escape from the temple without being caught by one of the legendary cat Read more...

Time for Eternity
by Susan Squires
"Sometimes Love Deserves a Second Chance!"
Posted August 6, 2009

Frankie Suchet works as a bartender at the trendiest gin joint in San Francisco called Ozone. Bartending is a good job for a vampire, which Frankie just so happens to be; you get to work nights. Being a vampire is something Frankie can't escape, no matter how much she Read more...

Beyond the Looking Glass
by A. P. Miller
"All of your Favorite Fairytales, with BITE"
Posted September 9, 2009

Beyond the Looking Glass is a collection of several short, classic fairytale stories with a twist. In When Evil Rises, Snow White, having been sent to be put to death by her evil stepmother the Queen, is granted life by the woodsman. Only, he has other Read more...

Almost Home
by Kate Steele
"Your Destiny Will Always Find You"
Posted December 13, 2010

After coming home late one night Shannon always thought about how spooky it was at night. When the sun's comforting ray's set, there is a whole new world in the dark. She has always sensed something was always waiting out there for her. Her home was set back Read more...

Darkness Rising
by Elissa Wilds
"The Exciting Sequel to Between Light and Dark!"
Posted August 6, 2009

As the daughter of a god and a powerful human witch, Aurora has always known she is destined for great things. Spending the last 11 years healing people infected by the evil of the Umbrae, she travels wherever her Coven's empath and psychic send her. After cleansing a man Read more...

Beauty & The Bigfoot
by Kelli A. Wilkins
"An Erotic Twist on the Classic Bigfoot Tale"
Posted September 21, 2009

Having a father who is a certified Bigfoot investigator was not easy for Tara MacAllister growing up. He has been obsessed with the fictional creature for years, even claiming one lived within miles of their own place. Not believing in Bigfoot, Tara warred with her father constantly, until the day Read more...

Creighton Manor
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"Sometimes you find the love of your life "where" you least expect it!"
Posted September 28, 2009

After calling off her wedding to a successful surgeon, who was everything a woman could want, Gillian Metcalf never cancelled her hotel reservation aboard the Queen Mary she was taking as her honeymoon. So instead of the groom, she took her best friend. Along the way Samantha tried to get Read more...

Desire to Die For
by Jessica Lee
"Some Things are Worth Dying For"
Posted December 13, 2010

Emily Ross was late for her shift, working at the hospital. Not counting on all of the traffic, she does something she normally would not do, she takes a shortcut threw "The Docks". A place you just do not go to after dark. As it turns out it is a Read more...

Lone Star Lycan
by Regina Carlysle
"One Steaming Hot Paranromal Read"
Posted July 24, 2009

Quinn Harlow came to West Texas to bury a father she never knew about. Upon arriving she meets the ranch foreman Joe McKinnon, and instantly is drawn to the tall Texan. Joe is the most sexy man Quinn has ever seen and she wants him more than she has ever Read more...

White Wolf
by Jianne Carlo
"A Exciting New Take on the Werewolves!"
Posted August 14, 2009

Taking a skinny dip in Lake Wickia at her recently deceased grandmother's cabin, the last thing Sorcha McFadden expected was to get caught. Let alone by the sheriff, which much to her dismay, is the childhood crush she could never get over. Sheriff Gray White was not expecting to Read more...

Shadow Hunter
by Kara Wills
"Two Lives Collide with Heat and Passion"
Posted July 9, 2009

Unbeknownst to just married Clara Taborenski, she is a pawn in a game she knows nothing about. Stepping out of the church after saying "I Do", Clara is kidnapped my a masked man on horseback. Taken to an unknown location, not knowing what is about to happen. Expecting to be Read more...

Breath of Fire
by Tammy Kane
"A Exciting New Dragon Series!"
Posted July 14, 2009

As a Mattaen Initiate Karl followed a code! The code of his guild, which allows a Mattaen to defend himself but never to attack another. After traveling to the barren lands beyond the enlightened realm that he called home, Karl comes across a village. At this paticular moment, the villagers Read more...

Shattered Illusions
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"A Hauntingly Chilling Tale with aTwist!"
Posted July 16, 2009

In a rugged house standing hidden in a lush forest near the edge of a cliff, lives Brona with her husband Liam. While her husband is away, Brona's sister Tara is staying with her to keep her company till her husband comes home. After an afternoon spent walking along Read more...

Eternal Triangle
by Ann Jacobs
"A vampire tale not for the faint of heart!"
Posted July 24, 2009

Master of his own destiny, dominant Chad Lalanne hadn't been able to protect his sub Katie on the night when she was bit by an out of control Dom. In order to accept his guilt Chad had dedicated himself to understanding everything he could about vampires. Knowing Katie needed Read more...

Exploring Ari
by Cindy Spencer Pape
"A Sexy Erotic tale about living out your fantasies!"
Posted July 28, 2009

After being turned at the tender age of 18, vampire Ariana Stephanopoulos was then held prisoner for 50 years by her maker, Frederic. Growing tired of her, he dumps her starving in the streets. She was saved by two vampire women named Danette and Jessemy; they took her in and Read more...

Moonlight and Shadows
by Cora Zane
"What do you do when your Mate, is your enemy?"
Posted August 14, 2009

Sylvie Istvann is going into rival territory to find out who killed her brother, the Istvaan pack leader, Lange. It is up to her at the next full moon to choose the next pack alpha, that is not long to find her mate. She sure did not expect to find Read more...

Claiming the Moon
by Loribelle Hunt
"Ms. Hunt captures your attention and does not let up!"
Posted August 14, 2009

Ellen Monroe works for The Hunters, a group of werewolves who hunt down rogues. When she is attacked in front of her home, she manages to escape inside her condo. She calls her boss Anthony, when he arrives he insists that she stay at the Hunter's Headquarters. When Clint Read more...

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