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Little Red Running Shorts
by Jojo Brown
"Book Two in the Naughty, Sexy Tale Series"
Posted November 20, 2010

Gabrelle Redburn loves to entice men with her skimpy running outfit. She worked hard for the body she has, why not show it off? She even has her employees of her delivery service dress like her. Every friday she takes a run that no one of her employees is willing Read more...

Divine Intervention
by Kristy Denice Bock
"The Much Awaited Book Two of The Divine One Series"
Posted August 26, 2010

Savannah Delseno is dead! It was bad enough dying, but to be murdered by your own fiancé, on your wedding day...Not Fun! When she is offered a job as Death's assistant, at first she is reluctant. But the idea of maybe making her ex- fiancé suffer, seals the Read more...

The Wicked
by Stacey Kennedy
"Book Two in the Super Hot Magical Sword Series"
Posted December 19, 2010

Being half guardian and half witch is tough, but Nexi Jones is learning. With her newly found powers needing work, she has put her training on the back burner to focus on her very unpredictable powers. At least things are getting better between her and her guardian lover, Kyden. Their Read more...

by Karen Michelle Nutt
"If given a second chance to fall in love, would you?"
Posted July 27, 2010

There are many rules of the Fallen Angels, but there are four that must never be broken. Rule number one: Never befriend a human. Rule number two: Do not interfere in their lives. Rule number three: Never have relations with a human. Rule number four: Never reveal your true self Read more...

Twice Bitten
by Chloe Neill
"Addictive Third installment of the Chicagoland Vampires Series"
Posted November 13, 2010

Merit has finally adjusted to being a vampire. And as Sentinel for Cadogan House it is her job to defend and guard all things Gadogan. She continues her training, needing more practice with sparring. Things heat up between Merit and Ethan Sullivan, master of Cadogen House, when he offers to Read more...

The Wolf in the Woods
by Marisa Chenery
"My, What Big Teeth You Have"
Posted November 13, 2010

When her grandmother invited her to go camping for a week at the Algonquin Park in Canada, Red Stanwood looked at it as a chance to get away from her mundane job as a Librarian. One day while hicking, she gets lost. When she comes across a wolf, panic wins Read more...

Power Unleashed
by Savannah Stuart
"Book Three in the Miami Scorcher Series"
Posted November 14, 2010

With a secret that can give the council enough grounds to kill her and put her new pack in danger, Paz is scared when she hears an enforcer from the council is on his way to interview her. Not just any enforcer, the legendary enforcer, sent to hunt down a Read more...

The Willow
by Stacey Kennedy
"The addictive first story in the Magical Sword Series"
Posted December 19, 2010

Always feeling like an outsider, Nexi Jones could not find the will to live after losing her adoptive parents to a car accident. As she waits for death, it is not heaven that awaits her, but another world, The Otherworld. There she meets a family she never knew she had Read more...

Wicked Games
by Renée Harrell
"Ready for some wicked fun??!!!!"
Posted December 20, 2010

Kelli Harnett doesn't know what secret her gorgeous fiancé has that prevents him from taking that last step with her. He says he doesn't want to make love to her until all of their secrets are told. When his ex-lover puts in her head that the reason Read more...

Born to Blood
by Melanie Nowak
"The Much Awaited Start to the Second "Almost Human" Trilogy"
Posted July 12, 2010

After finally agreeing to let her vampire love, Mattie turn her, Allie knew that nothing would ever be the same again. After all, leaving ones humanity behind was a life changing ordeal. But with Mattie there helping her every step of the way, she had nothing to worry about, right Read more...

by Linda Lael Miller
"Second in a new McKettrick Trilogy"
Posted August 14, 2010

Garrett McKettrick has idolized senator Morgon Cox for years. Serving as his right hand man, Garrett always defended and looked up to the older man. But after a very public and humiliating come out with a stripper, Garrett loses all faith in the man he once admired. Going back home Read more...

Magic Bleeds
by Ilona Andrews
"Book Four in the Addictive Kate Daniels Series"
Posted May 17, 2010

Kate Daniels lives in a world where magic fluctuations happen everyday. For a living she works for the order of the knights, and on the side she helps the shapeshifters with any paranormal problems they might have. Such a problem comes in the form of a fight at a shifter Read more...

Soul Hunger
by Marisa Chenery
"The Thrilling first book in the Ra's Chosen Series"
Posted November 14, 2010

Mehen is one of Ra's Chosen warriors. He is duty bound to fight the Demon Kind, who collect the souls of the living to give to their demon god master, Apep. As the leader, Mehen has always done his duty to protect the humans, but he never expected to Read more...

Never Tease a Wolf
by L. A. Day
"Never Grab a Wolf by It's Tail"
Posted November 14, 2010

For two years Jenny has worked for Damianos, or should she say lusted. But at the company costume party she is going to offer herself as his slave. At the end of her rope, he will either master her or she will find another place to work. If she couldn Read more...

Divine Touch
by Kristy Denice Bock
"A Must Read Debut Author of This Addicting New Series"
Posted May 17, 2010

Pulling a fast one on her ex-husband, Kate Grezgorski beat him to a shipment that contained the bones of a werewolf. As she opens the box made of silver, Kate documents the process carefully. As she is taking pictures of the skeleton, in between one picture and the next Read more...

United Passion
by Aubrey Ross
"Book Two in the Steamy Alpha Colony Series"
Posted April 3, 2010

The Alpha Colony is a place where genetic engineering has created shapeshifters or "morphs". A Colony was created to to protect the humans from the shifters. Dyauna, a half breed rebel, fights for her freedom and that of others. Tired of being caged, she is determined to defy the humans Read more...

Heart of A Warrior
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"Ms. Nutt does it again with another heartfelt story"
Posted June 20, 2010

The Tuatha De Dannon had touched her, making her the warrior goddess Scáthach. She trains only worthy men on the magical Isle of Mist. She guides souls slain in battle to their death journey. Scáthach heard a plea from a young man, calling out to her. Answering that Read more...

Confessions of a Demon
by S. L. Wright
"An Exciting New Urban Fantasy Series"
Posted March 9, 2010

Allay is a human-demon hybrid, the only one alive, who feeds off of emotions of others. For almost a decade now she has feeding such hungers by working in a bar as the manager of The Den on C. Allay has been able to feed freely on her particular Read more...

School of Hard Knocks
by A. P. Miller
"Where can I sign up to go to this school?!"
Posted January 2, 2010

The husband and wife writing team of A.P. Miller, writing as LA Andrews, has once again written a sexy, erotic story that pushes the way you think. They take the ordinary idea of a school for girls and turn it into a fun, exciting, 'look for your husband' type Read more...

Summon Me Swiftly
by Christle Gray
"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"
Posted July 12, 2010

Amanda Swift, was through with the dating scene. Having all she could stand of drunk, would-be suitors at her friend's Halloween party, she heads home to the comfort of her black cat, Juniper. Nonchalantly talking about what she would find in the perfect man, never expecting to find Read more...

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