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Caught in the Middle
by Sascha Illyvich, Ashley Ladd, Desiree Holt, Nadia Aidan, Kim Dare
"A fun read with something for everyone!"
Posted August 14, 2009

SWINGTIME by Desiree Holt: Lanie had always been interested in her handsome neighbor Cody, especially after she saw first hand how he spent his weekends. Although Cody was a great guy, Lanie was not totally comfortable with his wild lifestyle-at first. Would Lanie finally get over her Read more...

Paradise Run
by Dawn Montgomery
"A Spicy, Action-Packed Read"
Posted May 1, 2009

Kaia is a cat with a mission. As requested by the client, she is to protect him, bring him to a rendezvous, and get her tail out of there. What she doesn't count on is the client being so utterly delicious, inspiring an uncontrollable urge to rub all over Read more...

Mark of the Moon
by B. J. McCall
"What does a girl have to do to find the man of her dreams?"
Posted May 4, 2009

Ivy Ward is a were-wolf cursed by a prophecy. Her unique moon-shaped birthmark means that she can only mate with another shifter who has the matching mark. This doesn't set well with the other males in her pack, so she decides to take a vacation. Lodan Hunt Read more...

Silk Bonds
by Kate Hill
"A Sensual Adventure"
Posted June 17, 2009

In the never-ending battle between the People of Smoke and the People of Clouds, one man serves as the guardian and protector of Earth. When he meets one very special woman, will he be content to continue his thankless job? Reeling from a terrible accident that cost her a Read more...

Unleashing the Tiger
by Delilah Devlin
"What woman wouldn't want a tiger of her own?"
Posted May 14, 2009

Casey McTaggart was a government analyst searching for a Middle Eastern terrorist known as "The Tiger." After spending 8 years building a profile on him, she had instructions from her superiors to make him an offer. The search led her to the desert, and the surprise of her life. Apparently Read more...

Dominating Domino
by Leila Brown
"Whoever knew water could be so much fun?"
Posted May 1, 2009

Domino is a woman on a mission. A bounty hunter looking to make a name for herself, she accepted a contract to bring in Jetstream, a man with the unique ability to control water. Jetstream has been contracted by the Federation to kill Domino. But when she follows him into Read more...

Cat Fancy
by Julia Talbot
"Here Kitty Kitty..."
Posted May 1, 2009

Layla is a lonley werecat looking for a good man..or two. The manager of an exclusive club, she is ecstatic when she sees the two hotties doing the renovations. How lucky can one sassy cat get? Very lucky, if she plays her cards right! Aaron and Jamie know when Read more...

Trapping A Wolf
by Michelle Hasker
"Never tempt the big bad wolf..."
Posted May 1, 2009

Kristi has the perfect plan to snag the hunky guy she has been lusting after. The plan works, leaving the two of them trapped in a cabin in the middle of a blizzard. What Kristi doesn't know is that Malcolm is a werewolf, and tonight is the full moon Read more...

by Angela Skaggs
"An interesting romp"
Posted April 23, 2009

Valerie was an average woman, who lived an average life. Not the luckiest woman when it came to men, she dreams of someone to treasure her. Magni was an extraordinary man. The son of Thor, God of thunder and Sif, Goddess of hearth and home, he was an immortal looking Read more...

Phantom Desires
by Bianca D'Arc
"Ms. D'Arc weaves an amazing story"
Posted April 13, 2009

Brilliant software designer Carly Valandro is about to discover that the monster in the basement is real....and the man of her dreams. After suffering a near-burnout, Carly, a brilliant software designer, purchases an old farmhouse, never dreaming that her new home already has another tenant. Dimitri Belakov is Read more...

by Samantha Kane
"What would you do to protect the woman of your dreams?"
Posted July 23, 2009

Need someone found? Bounty Hunters, Inc. will do it. Need a criminal caught? They are the people you call. A motley collection of shady characters led by a shadowy figure, this is the story of one hunter, and how he found the woman of his dreams, and the resolution to Read more...

Modern Day Vampires: Vampire 101
by Paige Tyler
"What better way to learn the ropes then by taking Vampire 101?"
Posted May 14, 2009

Savanna had always thought vampires were sexy. Too bad they weren't real. But when she left a club with a hot guy, she never expected to discover that there really were vampires. Too bad she had to meet up with one who attacked her and left her for dead Read more...

Tygers' Lilly
by Marteeka Karland
"What do you get when you cross two Tygers and a Faery? A very fun read!"
Posted June 8, 2009

Lily is the most dedicated Flower Faery in the Magical Forest. It is her job to persuade the flowers to open in the spring, and to encourage them to bloom. She takes her job very seriously, and allows nothing to distract her. Not even the delicious and yummy Tyger twins Read more...

Office of Kink & Karma
by Celia Kyle
"Four times the fun!"
Posted June 17, 2009

In a world where humans are divided into Normals and Extraordinaries, one man gifted with the ability to see the soul mates of others works to bring perfect matches together. In order to accomplish this, he establishes the Office of Kink and Karma. Each Normal woman who comes to his Read more...

Psychic Heat
by Madison Blake
"She was the woman of their dreams, but could they keep her?"
Posted June 21, 2009

Hundreds of years in the future, in a far off galaxy, one woman finds completion and salvation in the arms of two handsome men. But will their love be enough to save the one she holds most dear? Rhaine was a journeywoman telepath, working in international commerce. Her job was Read more...

She's the One
by Riley Ashford
"a good werewolf romance read"
Posted July 18, 2009

Cass Rogers is an assassin, and she is very good at what she does. She also has a serious problem, but if she completes this one assignment, then her problem should be solved. All she has to do is kill a vampire who dared to make a human and a Read more...

Somber Resplendence
by Mandy M. Roth
"Rockin' action, hunky heroes, what more could a girl want?"
Posted July 23, 2009

From the time she was very young, Sidney, her sister and her cousin had been very special. One of the few Earth women able to communicate with and see men from ConstellaziogÁn, another planet, they were prized as potential mates. However, that fact also meant that they had to Read more...

Chaos Forged
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"When everything you know is destroyed, how do you move on?"
Posted July 25, 2009

Dr. Danielle Stevens was an astronaut orbiting the Earth when disaster struck. Almost overnight, Earth was ravaged by a horrible plague that seemed to leave no survivors. Safe aboard the space station, Danielle and her companions waited helplessly for news from the surface. When news came, it was from the Read more...

by Ericka Scott
"An entertaining mystery"
Posted May 7, 2009

Jazmin Carmichel was not having a good week. As the Alpha female of her werewolf pack, she was looking for her mate, only to have one of her prospects die in her bed. When another member of her pack dies in a similar way, she takes the body to a Read more...

Naked Prey
by Myla Jackson
"A hot steamy romp"
Posted May 14, 2009

Dr. Hannah Richards was a woman searching for atonement. When her daughter was kidnapped, she was forced to help a secret government agency commit atrocities on their own soldiers. When it seemed that she would never get her daughter back, she fled at the first chance she got. The one Read more...

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