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Hello! My name is Kristy, I'm a Co-Host of The Haunt! As a professional chat host by day, I tend to find a great deal of things to talk about. I'm the sole parent to four delightful bundles of chaos. Throughout all of my life, reading and writing were sources of pleasure, I see not reason to change now!


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Mated to a Cajun Werewolf
by Selena Blake
"An explosion of heat in the bayou"
Posted October 15, 2009

Andre' Deveraux needs to find his own path in life. His brothers have found their loves and he feels like he's missing something in his life. He had his great love, and the pain he has from its loss could still be felt. When he finds her at an Read more...

Bloody Awful
by Georgia Evans
"Acceptance comes from the strangest people."
Posted July 6, 2009

Gloria is the district nurse of the war torn town of Brytewood. She has everything a woman could ask for, a career, the respect of her town, and moonlight runs through the field as a fox. Gloria is a shape-shifting fox. She captures the eye of the manager of Read more...

Raquel's Abel
by Leigh Barbour
"All you have to do is believe..."
Posted October 15, 2009

Raquel has her hands full, her grandmother thinks she's Anastasia Romanov, her sister is a neurotic mess, and her life is at a standstill because of her weight. If that didn't make her insane, a ghost begins to sabotage her attempts to get the surgery she needs to Read more...

Bloody Good
by Georgia Evans
"Finding love in battle."
Posted June 25, 2009

Alice is the town doctor in the war torn town of Brytewood. Set in the midst of World War, Alice must keep the town in the best health she can with the rations of medical aide and finding homes for evacuees. Peter is a CO, someone who chose not to Read more...

The Decision
by C. R. Moss
"The Wheel of Fate"
Posted July 6, 2009

What would you do if you were given a second chance at your life? After what appears to be a fatal accident, Jill finds out that Fate is real, and that she's not one to be tangoed with. Lady Tyche tells Jill she must go on quests to find Read more...

His Final Seduction
by Scarlett Childs
"A hot island retreat!"
Posted May 8, 2009

Sydney James has a sex addiction. She accepts this after an affair with her boss ruins her career. Her friends decide the best thing to do for her after she swears off sex and men is to send her to an island that caters to all things erotic. Damien Blake Read more...

Bound by Blood
by Evie Byrne
"Don't mess with Fate..."
Posted May 23, 2009

When his mother gives him the name of his soul mate, Gregor Faustin has no intention of giving up his freedom as a single male. Fate's hand intervenes and Gregor runs into his soul mate, literally with his car. Maddy is a feisty, mouthy woman who gives Gregor a Read more...

Hearts Afire: May
by Nina Pierce, Julia Devlin
"Hot nights with hot firemen!!"
Posted June 28, 2009

Shadows Of Fire by Nina Pierce
Alex is a well known vampire with a secret. She didn't ask to become a vampire, and though it saved her life, she wanted no part of it. Reese is a vampire who works as a firefighter. He Read more...

Postponing Eternity
by C. R. Moss
"A coming of age tale."
Posted May 23, 2009

Postponing Eternity, Si'Ludo Prophesy: Book 1, by C.R. Moss introduces us to Calissa Parker, a jaded youth who doesn't believe in happily ever after because her parents' marriage fell apart. She has dreams of lovers destined to be apart and then she meets JT and Read more...

Nothing But Ash
by L. Shannon
"Love a second time around."
Posted June 25, 2009

Owen's wife is missing and presumed dead. His teenage daughter is out of control and his ex girlfriend is the sheriff. If that doesn't drive a man to the brink of insanity, nothing will. When his daughter starts talking about seeing the ghost of her mother, Owen turns Read more...

Bride of the Wolf
by Jennifer St. Giles
"A touching and heartfelt tale"
Posted May 23, 2009

Oil heiress Marissa Vasquez is kidnapped by a deranged man intent on the vilest acts. He forces her cooperation by showing her his hostage; her brother that she'd thought was dead for a long time. Navarre is also kidnapped but the three of them, Marissa, her brother, and Navarre Read more...

Remember Me
by Genella deGrey
"A Fallen Angel never looked so good!!"
Posted June 11, 2009

The story of the fallen angels, thrust from God's sight, is as old as time. There was one angel who Lucifer deceived, but God still banished him from his sight to the human realm. Dacious vowed to do what he could to earn a place back with the creator Read more...

Kiss of Darkness
by Jennifer St. Giles
"A heart wrenching tale!"
Posted May 14, 2009

Sam is the sheriff of a small town called Twilight. Emerald is an Irish median with ties to the supernatural. She's amazed that even after all he's seen and experienced that he could be as disbelieving in the ancient battle of good and evil as he is. When Read more...

Walking in the Shadows: Jilly
by Anna Volk
"Who says hunting is a man's sport!"
Posted April 18, 2009

Jilly has a lot on her plate, she saves the animals from the local hunters and poachers, she protects her wolf who has emotional issues, and when she's not running the local bait shop, she's fighting for the protection of animal rights. Dylan is an avid hunter, he Read more...

Hearts Afire: February
by Jolie Cain, Rhiannon Leith
"a fiery duo"
Posted February 9, 2009

The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cain Callie is in love with her next door neighbor, a firefighter named Trey, who seems to only see her as the girl next door he has known most of his life. Callie's friend Marianne comes up with a brilliant Read more...

Lightning in a Bottle
by Barbara Elsborg
"I simply could not stop reading"
Posted March 17, 2009

Erin Markov has been dumped in a dilapidated house by her parents. She has no memory from before she went ill, but knows there's just something different about her. She meets Felix who turns her on in ways she could only imagine. Felix has just had to sell his Read more...

Once Bitten
by Kalayna Price
"Some days it doesn't pay to purr."
Posted April 18, 2009

Kita is a regal shape shifter from an affluent clan. She left the clan and escaped into the human world where she's lived in obscurity off the kindness of strangers. When hunters began searching for her she tries to hide, but finds herself in a deadly situation. She's Read more...

by Una Skye
"an interesting tale with a unique look at vampires"
Posted February 8, 2009

MaryAnn works as a nurse, believing she is curing vampires who wish to no longer be vampires. John is a vampire who goes in for a cure, and convinces MaryAnn that the cure is just a ruse to lure vampires to their demise. The two leave the facility together, and Read more...

by Barbara Huffert
"an intense read"
Posted February 20, 2009

As far as nightmares go, Victoria Banks has the worst of them all. She has recurring vivid dreams of a duo of serial killers who stalk and then brutally kill their victims. They are on a relentless pursuit of their angel, Miss Tori. A co-worker convinced Tori to speak Read more...

Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls
by A. P. Miller
"a titillating read"
Posted February 13, 2009

Andrew is a wholesome, hardworking Christian who pledged to keep his body pure until he entered the binds of marriage. Pathrusim is a demoness, a succubus to be exact. Andrew saves Pathrusim from a small group of demon slayers, and is introduced to sexual desires he didn't even know Read more...

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