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Mated To A Wolf
by Marisa Chenery
"A New Twist on a Werewolf Story..."
Posted March 6, 2009

Personal Trainer Finn York, Has had it with werewolves! He and his twin used to hang out and hit on the female werewolves. Their favorite hangout to do both those activities is the Wulf's Den. That was before. Before he learned that there really are monsters in this world Read more...
by M. K. Mancos
"Not all matches are made in the Heavens...."
Posted March 6, 2009

Lucille Wainwright is your average hardworking non-magical witch. Unable to do the simplest spell, she opens her own business, Knowing that paranormals all have their own little quirks to put up with, she runs a successful matchmaking service for them. There is only one client Read more...

Big Girls Don't Die
by Crystal Jordan
"Love Can Change Everything....."
Posted March 7, 2009

Andre St James is a centuries old vampire, born and bred in Naw Leans with a take-charge attitude that usually gets him exactly what he wants. Then he meets Cynthiana and he knows she is his love. He fears for her life because fragile humans die every Read more...

In Her Defense
by Denise A. Agnew
"Book Two of the Heart of Justice Series"
Posted March 13, 2009

Celeste Rice's aunt that raised her after her parents death dies, leaving Celeste her home. Celeste feels like it is the perfect time to make changes in her life and takes some chances, so she moves back to her hometown after being gone for 10 years. Those chances include Read more...

Ursa Major
by Mary Winter
"action & intrigue never ends until the last page"
Posted January 10, 2009

An Environmental Impact report. A Washington DC city girl. An Alaskan Alpha Tour Guide. Throw them together in a tent. Stand back and watch the sparks as these two opposites find they really aren't that different. Liam has a secret Organization breathing down his back. He has to keep Read more...

Pleasure Island
by Michelle M. Pillow, Mandy M. Roth
"Pleasure Cruise Series Book 3"
Posted March 7, 2009

When the Gods decide to intervene and help Supernatural males find their mates they decided to go with a Pleasure Cruise to get them together. The god Vaclar grabs this excuse to cover his overuse of power and to show that the island he created, which was filled with food Read more...

Biting Nixie
by Mary Hughes
"I absolutely loved this book. Please tell me there will be more!"
Posted January 17, 2009

Nixie is a punk rocker, guitar toting, Goth dresser, who is short of size and big on attitude. Her and Oscar (that's her guitar, not her love interest) get in and out of one fine mess after another. She's put in charge of a fundraiser to Read more...

Eye Walker
by Barbara Miller
"an engrossing read"
Posted February 8, 2009

Vince Delucca is a self made millionaire. He is used to getting what he wants, when and how he wants it. He has an edge over his competitors, he can sometimes see the future. Then one day his fiancée disappears, and he is the main suspect. He hunts down Read more...

Midnight Rose
by D. McEntire
"Sexy vampire suspense"
Posted January 17, 2009

Rosa is a talented singer in a vampire bar. Usually leaving the bar patrons feeling happy and wanting to party more. Lately she can't get it together, on stage or off. Her best friend is attacked, shot and turned into a vampire. She can't get the images of Read more...

Primal Pursuit
by Rebecca Airies
"Primal Pursuit by Rebecca Aires"
Posted March 6, 2009

Tara is an Indiri Healer is on a quest. Her mission is to find a world the tribe can be more accessible to others for their magic healings. While traveling with her companions they go through a busy gate station. Zadin, a Zarain alpha shapeshifting wolf, catches her scent at Read more...

The Priestess Of Infinity
by Ana Star
"Are her dreams her imagination or her memories?"
Posted April 7, 2009

Cat, a young seventeen year old moves in with her grandmother after the unexpected and shocking death of her parents. Once there, her grandmother reminds her of nightmares she suffered from when she was younger, centering around an old mirror in her room. Barely over the shock of her parents Read more...

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