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Deadly Inheritance
by Jayelle Drewry
"a subtle & simmering seduction which will ultimately blaze into a conflagration of lust"
Posted November 16, 2008

At the end of his endurance and freed by an unsuspecting Gabrielle, Ivan loses control of the beast within and takes more than she can safely give. With her heart stuttering, a remorseful Ivan tries to save his unwitting savior. Though he knows nothing about this woman, Ivan is now Read more...

In Alien Arms
by Etienne D'Artagnan
"an intense conflagration of desire and danger when two worlds collide"
Posted November 16, 2008

Earth is still very much considered a frontier planet and the only aliens who currently visit are either bureaucrats & officials or criminals looking to take advantage of a naive planet. Naturally, of course, where the criminal element goes, so do the Saiph Mira to enforce Justice. Dessah Ssyn has been Read more...

Everlasting Hunger
by Tawny Taylor
"An excellent though somewhat darker sequel to the Twilight's Possession series"
Posted November 30, 2008

Raine Avery is unemployed and somewhat desperate to find work when she applies to be Tryphon Zade's personal assistant. When interviewed for the position, the chemistry between them is immediately evident but Tryphon arrogantly tells her she can't have the job because he's too attracted to her Read more...

Beyond Shadows
by N. J. Walters
"no-one does dark & delectable warriors quite like N.J.Walters"
Posted December 11, 2008

Jacqueline Harris, a quiet, reserved accountant is handed a client's file to work on when her boss is off getting some emergency dental work. With her attention to detail, suspicious entries cause her to look a little deeper into the figures and she inadvertently uncovers organized crime. Now, Jac Read more...

Absolute Trust
by Kaenar Langford
"The passion & pace never falters...just keep the oxygen handy, you'll need it by the end"
Posted January 17, 2009

Micah's body may have decided that it wants Layla but he's been a Bounty Hunter now for a long time and she is just too young. Now, Layla may be new at this game of Bounty Hunting but she is very good Read more...

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