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Melissa lives with her husband, 2 sons and 4 dogs in Kentucky. When she isn't driving a school bus or bathing dogs at her mom's dog grooming shop, she can often be found reading a book.


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The Healing
by Eliza Gayle
"Eliza Gayle's third book in this series is just as hot as all the others!"
Posted January 19, 2009

Dennison Scott shares the Scott family curse with his three brothers. They are two sets of twins, all witches, who must stay apart and do their best to use as little magic as they can, because their dark magick is prophesied to take their souls. Denn's brothers are not Read more...

Taint of Shadow
by Cassandra Moore
"Action, Werewolves, Vampires and Great Writing"
Posted September 2, 2008

Taint of Shadow, Heart of Darkness is part one of a series. On the way to her wedding, Kayla is captured and used in a ritual, which changes her life forever. She returns a year later to exact revenge on those that participated in the ritual. She isn't the Read more...

Immortal Lust
by Sierra Dafoe
"Gods, Legends and Passion!"
Posted September 13, 2008

Cytharea, godkin, daughter of Aphrodite, is irresistible to mortal man. Not only that, but she must feed from the sexual energy of man or she will die. She has spent years as a captive of one man or another, because once a mortal man has had her, he will not Read more...

Mating Claire
by Jenny Penn
"An outstanding beginning to the Sea Island Wolves Series!"
Posted July 6, 2009

Claire has followed her serial killer and demon all the way to a small town in South Carolina. Her undercover persona is that of Dorothy, the new personal assistant to police chief, Derek. Claire thinks that she has her hands full with a very complicated serial killer case spanning several Read more...

Broken Pentacle
by Eden Rivers
"A very hot, magical tale of three witches combining forces against evil."
Posted June 5, 2009

A year ago, Alec attempted to save Sky from Jaimis, a rogue witch, but they were both captured and tortured. They have both spent the last year healing themselves in body, but neither has been able to heal their magic. Zach is assigned to guard Sky when she comes back Read more...

Shifting Desires
by Jude Mason, Skylar Sinclair, Sapphire Phelan
"Three hot stories about cats!"
Posted September 19, 2008

Purr For Me by Skylar Sinclair Panteara, a shape-shifter, goes to a wild Halloween party, "dressed" in her feline form. When she meets Roarke, an alpha lion who is looking for a mate, she cannot resist him. They both know that they have found a mate in Read more...

Wicked Omen
by Sherrill Quinn
"A dark, passionate story that enthralled me from the first page!"
Posted October 15, 2008

Nikoloas, an Aresian vampire, is a respected general in the Spartan army. He has fought battles for over two hundred years and loves his country, but he is tiring of fighting and feels like something is missing. When he meets Kalla, he thinks that she may be that missing link Read more...

The Burning
by Eliza Gayle
"Fire attracts air, for an explosive story of two people fighting for their lives."
Posted January 19, 2009

Cash Scott has used his dark magick too much and knows that his soul is nearly lost to the evil. He plans to save his brothers from the Scott family curse before he can no longer help them. While carrying out his plan, he runs into Selene, a woman with Read more...

Spirit Lake
by Carol A. Guy
"A great ghost story set in a quaint little American town."
Posted May 16, 2009

Erica's life is turned upside down in the matter of one night and the following morning. Her husband of six years, Grant, told her on Thursday evening that he did not love her any longer and left. The next morning, she stepped into work to find that she and Read more...

The Bonding
by Eliza Gayle
"A story of seductive, dark magick and the fight to contain it."
Posted January 10, 2009

The Scott family has a curse that has haunted them for decades. Two sets of male twins, born every other generation, have unlimited power when they are together. The problem is, that power is dark and seductive and will eventually destroy them. They must live far apart, to keep the Read more...

Winning Virgin Blood
by Destiny Blaine
"Come meet the first of the sexy Spenser vampire family!"
Posted July 7, 2009

Orlando returns home to Scotland after suffering a huge loss at the gambling tables in Las Vegas. He is met by his disappointed parents and ordered to return to Las Vegas. The Elders have decided to grant him permission to find a suitable life mate, and with that grant comes Read more...

Tempting Sin
by A. J. Hampton
"Is one woman's love worth an eternity of darkness?"
Posted October 5, 2008

Amelia is a powerful mage, torn between the only two men she has ever loved, a vampire and a shifter. Although Amelia has more power than anyone can imagine, she has one weakness, human emotions. Brendon, a shifter, has always thought that the darkness in Amelia comes from her vampire Read more...

Nature's Pentacle
by Eden Rivers
"Together, they will heal the earth, their hearts and their souls."
Posted May 7, 2009

Lena, an Earth witch, knows that the ritual she and twelve other witches are performing is forbidden because of the dark magic, but she also knows that they must heal the Earth. The ritual includes five couples coupling on the ground in a circle, and she has been paired with Read more...

The Revolution
by Samantha Sommersby
"I have never met a funnier or more charming vampire than Dell!"
Posted March 15, 2009

Dell is a vampire and also an agent in the Preternatural Special Forces. Dell is a young vampire, at only twenty five, and he is also very powerful and well trained. His next mission is a double. He has to do a huge drug bust in Las Vegas with his Read more...

Bound Eternally
by Dawn Montgomery
"Can the Demon of Lust save his consort from the Master of the Hunt from Hell?"
Posted February 5, 2009

Hunter, Master of the Hunt, has spring his trap. Elena is caught in the middle and must choose between her old life, as a human, and her new, as a consort to the highborn demon of lust, Drake. Drake knows that his death could come soon, killing all those bound Read more...

Bound in Fury
by Dawn Montgomery
"Hell hath no fury like a demon about to lose his life"
Posted February 5, 2009

Elena's curse and the trap that she and Drake are in are further revealed in Bound in Fury, the second book of the Bound series. The Brotherhood is responsible for her curse and they have one reason for cursing her, to kill Drake Oblivion, the demon of lust. Drake Read more...

Bound in Lust
by Dawn Montgomery
"Can the Demon of Lust save Elena from her curse before the lust kills her?"
Posted February 5, 2009

When Elena is bitten by a demon, her soul is lost, entwined with the mark of the succubae. Now, she unwillingly drains the life force of those with which she has intercourse, and becomes the hunted. Her only hope is to seek refuge with the demon of lust, Drake Oblivion Read more...

Cast A Lover's Spell
by Claire Thompson
"A Tale of Magical, Spellbinding Love and Devotion!"
Posted November 22, 2008

Anne Kaliner was widowed several months ago and since then, her life has been turned upside down. Her period of mourning has stretched too far and she has lost herself and her career. Paul Windsor is a warlock, several hundreds of years old. His hobby is to find wounded ladies Read more...

The Awakening
by Samantha Sommersby
"One man's struggle with his father's sins, his past beliefs and his future with his new mate."
Posted March 15, 2009

The Awakening is the second book in the Forbidden series. Book one left off soon after Ren and Violet have mated, which left me just dying to read this book. That is probably the reason that I read it the very next day, and it was just as Read more...

The Claim
by Samantha Sommersby
"A fresh new twist on the seduction of vampires."
Posted March 15, 2009

Byron has spent all of his nearly four hundred years climbing the vampire social ladder. He held the honorable position of Treasurer of his Clan for two centuries before finally becoming a Dominie. He is a vampire, immortal, and he does what he wants, when he wants. Byron also knows Read more...

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