Ruth Schaller

I am a single mother of two and an avid reader! I love everything paranormal! I say 'bring it on' when it comes to vampires though. They are my absolute favorite and have been since I was little. Maybe it's the immortal part or something. But there is something there about vampires that have had my attention for the last 22 years or so. Ghosts, shapeshifters and everything else, with a tinge of romance is great! but I'm here to read some more great books so you'll probably be seeing a lot of me.


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Fifteen Minutes From The Sun
by Cat Marsters
"A Tale that is Hotter than the Sun"
Posted August 4, 2008

Freema's shuttle isn't doing all that hot -no pun intended. So close to the sun and everything is starting to melt, including Freema for her engineer, Kal. With the thought of death lingering in the near future, Kal seems to have had the same sexual attraction for Freema Read more...

Cold Fire
by Nicole Gestalt
"a fabulous piece that will keep you warm and cozy"
Posted July 23, 2008

In Coldfire we meet Kevalan, the lonely bringer of ice and snow, who finds himself wanting more from this human, Alice. He saved her from her fate of being caught by a group of men. Bringing her to his palace, he realizes that he doesn't want her Read more...

The Moon
by Michelle Hasker
"A sizzling, sexy story......"
Posted September 4, 2008

We meet Maria Talbuth, who has a thing for her neighbor, Dylan McKnight, but her other neighbor Brett refuses to leave her alone. One night, Dylan brings her a letter from her stalker. Once Dylan realizes this, he takes on the job of protecting her. One thing happens after another Read more...

Rape of the Soul
by Dawn Thompson
"Unforgettable ..."
Posted December 21, 2008

In Dawn Thompson's Rape the Soul, we're following Jane Maitland who is in the search for the truth within her ancestry. But in order for her to do this -- she goes to the Cragmoor Mansion, which is filled with more secrets than she thought. She meets Marshall, who Read more...

Prey for Mercy
by A. E. Rought
"A.E. Rought keeps the action flowing"
Posted July 24, 2008

Mercy me........Mercy is a vampire who hunts for the thrill of predator versus prey. Being immortal was a gift that had not been asked for and so she takes what she wants from others. Until one night, she attempts to pick up Chase Rodgers. Gorgeous Read more...

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