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I am a single mother of two and an avid reader! I love everything paranormal! I say 'bring it on' when it comes to vampires though. They are my absolute favorite and have been since I was little. Maybe it's the immortal part or something. But there is something there about vampires that have had my attention for the last 22 years or so. Ghosts, shapeshifters and everything else, with a tinge of romance is great! but I'm here to read some more great books so you'll probably be seeing a lot of me.


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Going the Distance
by Mandy M. Roth
"Hot, Hot, Hot"
Posted April 29, 2009

Now who doesn't like a death-match? So how about a paranormal death-match? This book was fascinating. In the beginning, we meet up with Quinn, who is a fighter. In the middle of his workout he hears a scream for help, and his beast within can not just Read more...

Dreams & Desires, volume 3
by Authors Various, Candace Havens, Lois Winston, Gemma Halliday
"Sexy, raw and uncut!"
Posted February 10, 2009

I've never been one to read anthologies, but I decided to give this one a try. From 17 different authors and the many different styles and stories, this book was actually pretty good. With stories of male on male relationships, broken hearts and happily ever afters, this book will Read more...

by Laura E. Reeves
"This is an author to watch!"
Posted January 19, 2009

Peacekeeper is definitely a keeper! We meet Ariane, who was a pilot with the Armed Forces of the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds, and had been given a new life to help protect her from what she had done over ten years prior. She's been traveling with Matt Read more...

Ancient Inheritance
by Rita Vetere
"There is definately going to be more ..."
Posted November 26, 2008

After talking with Rita for a few months now, I decided more than ever that I wanted to read her book. The blurb was fascinating and I couldn't wait until it was released so I could have my chance. In her book, we follow Catherine, or Cat as she Read more...

Immortal Warrior
by Lisa Hendrix
"Romantic and sweet"
Posted December 5, 2008

Now before I start with my review, I have never read a book about Vikings. Only saw one movie about Vikings, so this was something pretty much new to me. But I decided to give it a try because of the human during the day and animal at night factor Read more...

Wicked Delicious
by Anna J. Evans
"Fast moving and Incredibly Sexy"
Posted December 13, 2008

I've never really read anything about sin eaters, but this story was interesting. As the story starts we meet CJ and she is at a restaurant meeting guys. She's looking for sinners to feed upon, but she comes across someone different and someone she is highly attracted to Read more...

All Hallow's Haunting
by Desiree Lee
"I just love happy endings!!!"
Posted October 27, 2008

The prologue reviews events which took place ten years prior to explain what had happened. Although I would have rather had that as part of the actual story, it read quite well. Kit and Dane decided to hold a seance in a graveyard where a family had been murdered by Read more...

Beyond the Grave
by Lina Gardiner
"This book was great!"
Posted November 18, 2008

Now, just to let you know that I didn't read the first book in the Jess Vandermire series, and I think I should go back and read it. But this book, I thought this book was fabulous! Ms. Gardiner brought these characters to life and they all had the Read more...

How to Ruin Halloween for the Grim Reaper
by Dahlia Rose, Crymsyn Hart
"A Very Touching Story!"
Posted November 3, 2008

We meet Harmony who has been dead for quite a few years and has been working as a Grim Reaper. Well, she has been very good at her job, until she meets Andy. He demands the Soul Challenge. With no real idea of what she is getting herself into, she Read more...

At the Stroke of Midnight
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"This is a groovy tale of time and fate!"
Posted August 1, 2008

Tricia Lancaster, reporter, has always felt she was connected to Dean McCloud. He had been a famous actor and died at his own hand. While going for an interview at the McCloud home, she mysteriously ends up in the middle of a party back in the 70s and Dean is Read more...

The Sacred Book of the Werewolf
by Victor Pelvin
"Good read from the first page to the last..."
Posted October 18, 2008

We meet A Hu-Li, a 2,000 year-old werefox, who makes a living as a prostitute in Moscow. I thought it was quite interesting to see that her name actually is a nasty word when spelled in Russian. But her tail plays a big part in this story Read more...

Broken Pieces
by Carla Cassidy
"Very real and exciting read"
Posted December 22, 2010

This book really disturbed me. Not in a bad way, but made me a little more aware of the kinds of people that are out there. Ms. Cassidy has shed light on a young girl, Mariah who was attacked by a man and raped. Then after sixteen years, she comes Read more...

Melanie Unmasked
by Michele Bardsley
"Very down to earth and sexy!"
Posted October 5, 2008

Melanie Trident deems herself not so beautiful. She has frizzy hair that has a mind of it's own, plain brown eyes and a scar on her face. Unlike her sister, Venus, who is blonde and gorgeous. Sitting at work, day in and day out as an accountant over at Read more...

Jane's Prize
by Margrett Dawson
"Well Written and Wonderfully Sexy"
Posted September 6, 2008

Margrett Dawson's book, Jane's Prize is a story about Jane, who needed help getting on her feet and decided to take the opportunity to stay in a haunted mansion. To her surprise, she found Pierce, the man who had been said to have disappeared. After trying Read more...

Me and My Ghoulfriends
by Rose Pressey
"an incredible spin on ghost hunting!"
Posted July 24, 2008

Larue Donovan, ghost hunter by night and book store owner by day, meets Callahan Weiss, the gorgeous coffee shop owner next door. There's only one -- okay, maybe two problems -- Brianna, the sexy, troublesome clothing store owner across the street and let's not forget to mention the ghosts who Read more...

Under Cover of the Night
by Megan Hussey
"Sexy and Provocative"
Posted August 19, 2008

In Under Cover of the Night we meet Carlotta Wilkes, who is a regular at a club featuring (and owned by) the Nuit boys. She finds herself very attracted to Ramon. But she is married and does not take Ramon up on his offer to please her. But Read more...

Love and Brimstone
by Lesli Richardson
"a powerfully sexy book"
Posted August 11, 2008

Anastazia "Taz" Proctor is a great lawyer and very 'in' control of her life, until she accepts a new job with a powerful businessman. She meets her new boss, Matthias Hawthorne; definite eye candy --- and powerful in more ways than one. Taz finds it very difficult to remain in control Read more...

Blood Slave
by Michelle Houston
"Read it if you Dare!"
Posted August 19, 2008

In the Blood Slave collection we enter a world where vampires have been hunted and infected with a virus that has caused them to become blind. In Where the Blind Leads, Brandon finds himself in an interview and he anticipates what will happen behind closed doors Read more...

by Moira Rogers
"Keeps the blood pumping from the beginning to the end!"
Posted October 5, 2008

In this story we meet Zoe Bennette, who has only been a wolf for two years. She is having a problem, she's single and she's in heat. So looking for someone to mate with she decides to step inside Last Call. This is a bar that serves drinks Read more...

by Leila Brown
"Satisfyingly sexy"
Posted October 20, 2008

We meet Sienna who is someone that is constantly being hunted by people. Now Elias comes in to 'rescue' her and she just doesn't appreciate it. Although he is quite sexy himself. But no, she won't let him know that. Well, by and by, Elias won't leave Read more...

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