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Callie's Shadow
by Wendy Stone
"an attention grabbing plot"
Posted October 4, 2008

Callie Anne Wolfe was possessed. Not by the supernatural, but by Shadow, the leader of her unit with the ASP (Agency of Supernatural Police). They have worked together for several years alongside the rest of their team, Angel, a vampiress; and Marcus, a Greek god reborn. Callie and Shadow are Read more...

Welcome to Mudflat, Baby
by Phoebe Matthews
"the same off the wall humor and mystery readers loved in book one"
Posted September 4, 2008

He would go anywhere; do anything, to find her. Tarvik finds the gate that Claire used to return to our world and follows her. Without knowing of anything in our time, of clocks, trucks or schools. Claire and Nance are back in Seattle. Nance is learning to read and Claire Read more...

Pick of the Litter
by Wendy Stone
"it's well worth your time!"
Posted October 18, 2008

Marissa and Lukah meet in a warehouse where she had been dragged by a group of men and raped. Lukah saves her and takes her home with him to try to calm her fears and protect her. His home is very elaborate, on the outskirts of town behind security gates Read more...

The Trouble With Curses
by Anara Bella
"A good, quick read with a lot of humor added"
Posted October 4, 2008

Selena Tremayne drank Bloody Marys as a joke. She felt cursed - as she should because, in fact, Selena was a vampire. A vampire who fainted at the sight of blood...a vampire who trusted a man who turned her and then left her. While at a bar with her friend Read more...

by Linda Mooney
"An intergalactic romance that will keep you up all night reading!"
Posted September 28, 2008

Master Hunter and StarLight have worked together for over 2 years. They know more about each other than they know about themselves. Brought together by the Handfast monthly lottery, these two Guardians of their planet are sworn to stay together until a child is conceived or to the end of Read more...

by Dahlia Rose
"The much-awaited end of the Collette saga"
Posted October 18, 2008

Helena Collete is the wife of David and very pregnant with his children. Usually considered a blessing but not this time - they are all vampires and an undead giving birth is definitely NOT considered a blessing. An abomination maybe but no blessing. Three daughters are born, Sola the first born Read more...

Pirates of the Mist
by Tracy L. Ranson
"Ms. Ranson has a winner in this one!"
Posted July 22, 2008

Michaela Martin, only child and a proverbial loner seeks to pledge a campus sorority. Eager to fit in and being the newest pledge, she is the one selected for a challenge which, if she fails means no one will pledge that sorority this year! The challenge...part of local legend Read more...

One Foot in Heaven
by Heidi Telpner
"beautifully written chronicle of hope"
Posted September 4, 2008

Heidi Telpner is an over-achiever. She has been a single mother, charge nurse and all that time of nursing, she broke her activities down into duties. We do this, then this, then.....She took on the sickest patients, the "rush" of codes and complicated procedures ruled her life. She Read more...

Midwife of the Blue Ridge
by Christine Blevins
"well researched historical romance"
Posted September 7, 2008

For a first novel, Ms. Blevins has written an amazing book. The tale begins in Scotland after the Culloden war when an orphan is taken by the village midwife and her husband. In learning of herbs, midwifery and medicine Maggie Duncan becomes invaluable to mothers-to-be in distress. Too Read more...

by Nicole Austin
"an excellent read"
Posted August 3, 2008

"There have been Hussies since before time was measured in days and minutes. Women who fought bravely alongside their mates with sword and axe, warriors whose courage changed the world around them." Twyla MacAlister is happily working away at her computer and then she isn't. She is looking at Read more...

Holding Her Own
by Marie-Nicole Ryan
"From hatred on sight to lovers and more...but how much more?"
Posted July 5, 2008

Special-Agent-in-Charge Caitlin Chaney is on her first, real SAC mission. Her first job: convince her reluctant partner that they have been married only six months and are madly in love in order to infiltrate a New Orleans casino. Jake LeFevre, FBI, card dealer-turned agent, doesn't Read more...

Dare to Love
by Jaci Burton
"an excellent novel!"
Posted July 17, 2008

Lucy Fairchild was pissed. In fact, she was past pissed! At the advanced age of 30, and a successful lawyer, her own father had declared he has found her a husband! Someone worthy of marrying his daughter and joining the family! While stomping off for coffee, she is harassed and Read more...

Brothers at Arms
by Desiree Lee
"fast moving and very stimulating!"
Posted June 21, 2008

In 1880, General William T. Sherman gave a speech in which he made the statement "War is Hell." Right now all would agree that no truer words had ever been spoken. The Houses of François and Pierre Arcée have been in continuous conflict since 1758. Brother against brother Read more...

The Rise and Fall of Keidon
by Shannon Rouchelle
"wonderfully descriptive writing"
Posted July 16, 2008

Cassandra Wellington, banished from the family castle during battle, travels to fulfill her assigned quest: to take the Ruby Idol back to its sacred home and to marry a prince. She vows to keep this quest silent, even as she knows her father will not survive. She leaves with her Read more...

by Jordan Castillo Price
"a short novella full of vampire madness"
Posted June 18, 2008

Wild Bill; blue eyes, cynical, Jack Daniels drinking vampire. Michael; lost, in love, and a self-proclaimed vampire hunter on a mission. Meeting again after several years, things may not be what they seem. Campfires could turn into meetings in the dark..... What happens when the two collide? A reuniting Read more...

Tarbaby Trouble
by Phoebe Matthews
"a great read!"
Posted June 18, 2008

We begin in Mudflat, Washington where our heroine, Claire, is hiding behind a dumpster in a Seattle alley. Claire is an astrologer who has occasional jobs and a wonderful sense of herself. She is being followed by Darrel Decko who wants her to make star charts for the races, sports Read more...

Dragon's Delight
by Willa Okati
"a quick, short, stimulating piece"
Posted June 18, 2008

In a post-war world, Collin is the lonely leader of a group of tenement dwellers struggling to survive. He tries to find them food and shelter, all the while torn apart because his more-than-friend Nyas is MIA and he is sure Nyas will never return. Nyas is Read more...

Secrets and Lies
by Amanda Young
"Nightfeeders, Daywalkers, HOT!"
Posted June 26, 2008

Nightfeeders, Daywalkers. Teague Johnson, sex on legs and co-owner of Club Oasis, is of the latter group and is having a hard time controlling the 'hots' he has for Kyle Drake, human. No one he should even think about considering the secrets Teague is hiding. After more than 90 Read more...

by Dahlia Rose
"an exciting addition to the Collette sisters' trilogy"
Posted July 2, 2008

(from review of The Collette's: Sola) Helena Collete is the wife of David and very pregnant with his children. Usually considered a blessing but not this time - they are all vampires and an undead giving birth is definitely NOT considered a blessing. An abomination maybe but no Read more...

Beautiful Dreamer
by Celine Chatillon
"very nice read, funny too!"
Posted July 11, 2008

Marianne Chalmers, librarian for Starling City has had a very bad year. The stress of her husband Buddy being killed on an oil rig over a year ago has caused her to do some traveling while asleep. Her high-school friend, county Sheriff Cody Greene, needs to find out why Read more...

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