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About A Dragon
by G. A. Aiken
"these books are wonderful!"
Posted January 1, 2009

Briec the Mighty was also Briec the Confused, the Arrogant, the Lustful. Talaith is beautiful, a witch forced to live among humans for the past sixteen years to keep her daughter safe. They meet in the market square of her little peasant town, flirt a bit and go their separate Read more...

The Wishing Tree
by Erin Sinclair
"A heart-warming story that shouldn't be missed"
Posted March 8, 2009

Returning to her luxurious home after a photo shoot, Simone had everything she could possibly want, except good weather for her drive to Vermont to see her family. After relaxing with her cat, she receives a call from the doorman with a present. It is a beautiful gold spun Christmas Read more...

The Upside of Karma
by B. Ella Donna
"you'll want to read it in one sitting!"
Posted October 14, 2008

Sacred Sanctuary and Treasures was the brain child of Angelica Kane and her friend Marisa. They were happy when Annie brought her new business to the neighborhood. "New" Antiques was a renovated Pennsylvania Farmhouse which had been in Annie's family for years. She had it moved when she decided Read more...

Saving Jenna
by Violet Summers
"a great short novel"
Posted January 12, 2009

Jenna and Rowan, daughters of William. The abusive, manipulative William Stone, oddly enough the leader of a group called Humanity for Our Children. He raises funds to persecute the Night Creatures (vampires, weres, shifters). No one knew what was happening behind his own closed doors. But this time it would Read more...

One and Only
by Bianca D'Arc
"hopefully the beginning of a lengthy series"
Posted November 7, 2008

Atticus Maxwell is a centuries old being. Lissa is on her way to a business conference on the same shuttle bus. Lightning bolts go off, real lightning and at the same time the bus slides and rolls. Atticus saves them, although he is badly wounded and Lissa awakens in a Read more...

Dragon Actually
by G. A. Aiken
"an awesome read"
Posted November 22, 2008

Annwyl feared she was going mad. After all, the last thing she remembered was getting ready to die and now she was carrying on a conversation with a huge black dragon. Fearghus the Destroyer, to be exact. A dragon who had saved her when her blood had run out of Read more...

Do You Hear What I Hear?
by Teri Wilson
"a lovely G-rated romance!"
Posted November 9, 2008

Simone Littleton was considered mainly a quack by all the trainers at the racetrack. Being an Equine Massage Therapist, she used her skills along with a combination of massage oils and herbs to calm down even the most stressed- out horse. Her personal life was complicated and men usually didn Read more...

Playing with Matches
by Mardi Ballou
"a great addition to the Fangly, My Dear series"
Posted November 16, 2008

Vampire guards had the night shift at San Quentin. Go figure. Even the thought of vampire guards made Tanith wet. She was obsessed with vampires. Wanted one, or was sure she thought she did. Being a cop didn't help, she got three or four offers daily, but passed on Read more...

Fighting the Undertow
by Eden Rivers
"a hot, ghostly read"
Posted November 22, 2008

Val was unengaged, lonely and hunting for a job. Ian was wealthy, divorced and happy with his group of friends. Very Happy. When he "rescues" her from the ocean with a leg cramp, he automatically takes her home with him to warm her up and meet his buddies. Ian is Read more...

Ancient Inheritance
by Rita Vetere
"a race of good vs. evil"
Posted November 30, 2008

Catherine Caldwell was in art restoration. She was in love with Matthew who knew her like no one else had ever known her. She was taking him home to meet her Granddad, for heaven's sake! Her birthday approaching, she receives an exquisite statue of the Archangel Michael to add Read more...

Eternal Seduction
by Jennifer Turner
"The action and passion never stop"
Posted October 21, 2008

For over ten years, Logan Ellis had lived in the alleys of New York City. Not the Plaza area, the boxes filled with rags area. She has seen things she probably shouldn't and definitely done the same. She is also a heroin addict. She was watching three vampires fight Read more...

Shadow Rider
by Kathrynn Dennis
"a great read for lovers of horses, romance and history"
Posted July 31, 2008

Guy of Warwick is lost, vengeful and not in the least willing do to anything to make himself happy. Add to this a horse midwife, a colt that barks and castle intrigue, and you have one of the best novels I have read in quite awhile! Guy is out to Read more...

Within His Sight
by Denise A. Agnew
"A short quick read that was really good!"
Posted November 7, 2008

Mary had a bad habit. She kept falling for the wrong man. Dace "Hard Man" Banovic was no exception. He finds her in a bar and lets her know in no uncertain terms he is aware she has sent in her resignation from the El Toro County SWAT team's Read more...

Ghost of a Chance
by Jade Falconer
"a wonderful, funny story of inheritance, passionate sex and hauntings"
Posted October 21, 2008

Scotland was not a place Ryan wanted to visit. He knew nothing about the country other than what he had read or seen on the tube. However, he had no choice, he had inherited an Earldom! Arriving late in town, he is not met as promised and Ryan finds himself Read more...

Halloween Treats
by Tiffany Aaron, Veronica Wilde, A. J. Hampton
"A trio of short novels bound together by All Hallows Eve. Good stories and good readings."
Posted October 23, 2008

It's a Wonderful Fright by Veronica Wilde Observed by three ghosts, Willow Van Doren chooses Halloween night to give herself over to dark magic. It happens that she is considered one of the most beautiful witches in town and has dedicated herself to helping others Read more...

The Darkest Joy
by Dahlia Rose
"leaving Hell won't be easy..."
Posted October 25, 2008

Never make a deal with the Devil. Caim should know, he has been a fallen angel for many years and, while doing his job of collecting Satan's souls; he has seen nearly everything. But he has never been seen by any mortal. He has fallen for Bliss, an appropriately Read more...

by Mari Freeman
"an exciting journey that shouldn't be missed"
Posted November 7, 2008

Mary awoke in a pillow-soft bed to the voices of people discussing her fate. She had no clue where she was, how she was or why...She discovers she is the niece of the High Priestess of Witches, Doran. Her cat, Clyde, is another witch named Manus who has Read more...

Blood Hunt: The Legend
by J. Gilbert
"A great read that shouldn't be missed!"
Posted November 22, 2008

Brianna Eaton hated Mondays. Especially when they began with her best friend's son in OR with major damage and Meghan, his mother, in a room suffering minor injuries from an auto accident. Jason is very bad and Meghan wants Bri to donate blood to save her son. She has Read more...

Emerald City
by Melody Knight
"this short novel is a Gem!"
Posted December 1, 2008

Berenike was a long abandoned seaport in the Egyptian desert. Just the place to go to lose track of yourself and a dead boyfriend. Looking for emeralds at the dig, Claudia is trying her damndest to find something to play with other than Nigel's nightly and VERY sexy visits Read more...

Seducing The Wolf
by Marisa Chenery
"A fast-moving story of lust, love and revenge"
Posted October 18, 2008

Billie could find anyone she knew. No matter where they were. While fetching her brother from the Wulf's Den nightclub, she meets the best-looking man she has seen in a long time. Royce once had a mortal mate who had died. He didn't want to go through Read more...

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