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Sundown, Inc. (Collection)
by Cat Marsters
"Lots of Sex! Funny! Lots of sex! Faeries!! Sex!!"
Posted April 18, 2009

Sundown, Inc. is a collection of four stories by Cat Marsters, a very interesting woman if her fiction is any clue. It seems Sundown, Inc. is a group comprised of a wizard, a sex fae, a lovely vampire and a werewolf mother of three. Go figure.... "She Who Dares" is Read more...

Night Warriors
by Brenna Lyons
"Warriors and Vampires. Oh, My!"
Posted May 12, 2009

Anna had decided to give in to Matt's advances if only to deal with the results of the erotic dreams she'd been having. In them, she was adored, stimulated, called Geliebite, Ragana "Beloved". It was enough to make any girl want some somehow. She meets a hunk who Read more...

by Lila Dubois
"Wild, Passionate Ride!"
Posted May 13, 2009

"Bound" is not a story for the faint-of-heart. When it is decided that Moregon, Minister of Agriculture for the Great City must wed it is annouinced throughout the land. All having daughters of eligible age are invited to a party where the King and Queen will choose some Read more...

by Angela Cameron
"can love soothe the savage beast?"
Posted April 18, 2009

Part two of Blood & Sex takes us farther into the soul and mind of Jonas - singer, club owner now that Michael has become the padrone of the vampires and also holder of another, more violent part of himself called Luciano. Jonas lives alone in a pool house beside the vampires Read more...

Fill 'Er Up?
by Téa Trelawny
"I loved the word play, the foreplay and just the play in general"
Posted April 25, 2009

Can ghosts make love? Jess didn't know but she sure as heck was going to give it her best shot. After finally finding her lost love 19 years after the car crash in which they both died, she didn't want any more time between them. When Skeeter's Read more...

The Song Of Calypso
by Dahlia Rose
"Calypso is not a Goddess to be taken lightly"
Posted April 25, 2009

The West Indian Day parade was as close to Barbados as Eve Shayne thinks she will ever be. She knows nothing of her heritage, that she is a link to the lost treasure of Samuel Lord, the man who fell in love with and was loved by, the Goddess Calypso Read more...

The Witching Moon
by Veronica Wilde
"Music, Witches and Seeing Ghosts"
Posted June 17, 2009

A young widow, Dessa Blackwell has been alone far too long. She has no income, her debts are piling up and she decides to do what any witch worth her spells would do - she casts a Money Spell which she will finish the night of the Witching Moon. Strangely enough Read more...

Eternal Moon
by Shiloh Darke
"something dark and sinister is watching..."
Posted July 16, 2009

All his life, Fallon feels that Darmetheus killed their sister, though he knows that wasn't exactly the case. It has been his life's work to get back at his brother, father and the rest of their clan. What happened was a long time ago, eons, in fact. Darmetheus Read more...

A Vampire’s Claim
by Joey W. Hill
"Outback Vampires"
Posted October 4, 2009

Lady Daniela had been away quite awhile - the memories of OZ and her Outback land still haunted her; but she had matured and come to take back what was rightfully hers. She didn't count on meeting a bushman at Elle's Bar that took her breathe away and made Read more...

Magic Strikes
by Ilona Andrews
"Magic Strikes, Maims and Lusts"
Posted October 15, 2009

Kate Daniels was determined to kill her father, Roland. She has been trying for quite awhile now but never seems to get close enough to pull it off. In this third part of the "Magic" series, Kate and her friends are trying to find the Reapers (sort of an ECW Read more...

The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Ac
by Vivi Andrews
"love, lust, murder, mayhem....what more could you ask for?"
Posted February 20, 2009

With this title, what's not to like? Lucy Carmichael is a medium. She helps the dead resolve their "issues" so that they can pass on. Lately all of her "clients" seem to have been sexually deprived while living because they sure want her now that they're not! Her Read more...

Lila Luminosity and the Lipstick Murders
by Norma Zager
"All These Murders and Chocolate, Too!"
Posted June 8, 2009

Lilly Fraser is a newspaper columnist cum author cum chocaholic. She has bribed her best friend and co-worker Stacia to critique her novel because it is obvious neither of them do much at work. The Intercity News and Burger Barn had seen better days (hell, better decades!) and the Read more...

Mudflat Toy Boy
by Phoebe Matthews
"you won't be disappointed!"
Posted February 24, 2009

When last we were in Mudflat, Claire, Nance, Tarvik and Jimmy had banded together as an odd foursome. Tarvik was adapting well to life in another time and Claire was still feeling "those feelings" about him. When Tarvik changed times he had brought along his father's sword as a Read more...

Book of Shadows
by Dee Carney
"How had she managed to summon a werewolf? She couldn't even summon her cat!"
Posted March 18, 2009

Princess Ava Valentine was not having a good day; to begin with a demon tries to choke her and the rest of her day only got worse. Then she is saved by a man with some interesting tattoos, a man her grandmother refers to as an abomination - but who was Read more...

Night Angel
by Renee Reeves
"Humans in need of Sanctuary"
Posted June 8, 2009

The Evanoff Horse Sactuary was as much a sanctuary for it's owner,Nick, as it was for abused horses. He took beaten, starved horses in, healed and trained them and let them live out their lives in peace on his acreage. Little did he imagine the sanctuary his new Read more...

The Runaway McBride
by Elizabeth Thornton
"Faithful or Faithless? Time will tell."
Posted October 15, 2009

James Burnett's grandmother was dying - all three grandsons knew this but it didn't make it any easier. One of them would inherit her "talent" - clairvoyance. All she will tell each of them is one thing about their futures. James' proclamation is that "Your bride is in mortal danger Read more...

Vision Lust
by Lorie O'Clare
"an enjoyable continuation of the Leopard Visions series"
Posted February 14, 2009

Tore Mann had met Maurie Sheridan before and lived to tell the tale. "She was mean to the core and proved as much the first time he met her. Although the laceration on his face and his arm were practically gone, her temper wasn't " Being the oldest in the Read more...

Being Familiar With a Witch
by Sapphire Phelan
"A great little book"
Posted February 20, 2009

Charon is an Incubus, feasting nightly off the wet dreams of his mortal victims. He could become anyone's lover in a second and did. Then comes an offer too interesting to refuse: leave the Incubus world behind and become a Familiar. One problem: his Witch wouldn't be born Read more...

by Angela Cameron
"He Had Saved Her Life...but could she love him?"
Posted April 3, 2009

Detective Victoria "Tori" Tyler knew she was in trouble the minute she found the key on the dead girl's body. The Scene was owned by a powerful vampire that no one wished to get on the wrong side of. "Vampiro involvement was one thing, but The Scene was out Read more...

Highland Heat
by Tilly Greene
"a match made in...."
Posted April 25, 2009

Catriona Buchanan was stranded in the Scottish Highlands with a dead car. Six months pregnant, she gamely decided to walk home. Catriona kept talking to the unborn child to keep herself calm. Then they hit her. Hooves and horns trampling her as she lay on the ground. Thus, two months Read more...

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