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The Zero Dog War
by Keith Melton
"a strange and brilliant cast of characters"
Posted February 11, 2011

Capt. Andrea Walker, leader of the Zero Dogs, has more than a zombie upheaval on her hands. She had the assigned "fixer" for her new client to contend with - all 200+ yummy lbs. of him. Plus her usual crew of misfits: a werewolf, a vampire, a demon, a summoner whose Read more...

Wolf Dance
by Lorraine Kennedy
"different cultures meld seamlessly"
Posted December 3, 2010

Laura has had second-sight for many years. She dreams nightly of a man (a beast?) who makes passomate love to her, and then an old woman who calls her names and makes her leave. She grew up on "the Rez", a part-Navajo, part- white orphan who lived with Read more...

Vampire Trinity
by Joey W. Hill
"A Vampire Queen story not to be missed!"
Posted August 1, 2010

Anwyn was a fledgling vampire under the care of Daegan Rei (older than old) and her human servant Gideon. The fact that Gideon's brother was with the Lady Lyssa (the oldest vamp of them all) notwithstanding, Gideon is overwhelmed being with two vampires. In the past he was a Read more...

Shadows of the Soul
by Angelique Armae
"you cannot put this book down!"
Posted June 20, 2010

Isabel Godfroie Heart is in the midst of de-demoning a church when her mentor, Gabriel, shows up with a new duty for her. She is a Paradisian Scholar, demon-hunter, able to read ancient texts and is an immortal being. She is to travel to Cold Spring Harbor, New Read more...

Vampire Mistress
by Joey W. Hill
"the perfect story of vampire lives"
Posted June 12, 2010

Gideon, brother of Queen Lyssa's lover and servant Jacob, is in for an interesting week or so. When he walked into Club Atlantis for the fourth time, he assumed things would be the same as always; some Domme woman would take him back, they would do what they always Read more...

Mudflat Spice and Sorcery
by Phoebe Matthews
"Meanwhile back in Mudflat...."
Posted March 15, 2010

In our last visit with Tarvik and Claire, the amulet had been delivered to Sergei Brown, the 150 yr old mage of Mudflat to be stripped of its power along with the Deathwalker, currently residing in a pink plastic coffin in Sergei's basement (a fact the walls of his Read more...

The Ghost Exterminator
by Vivi Andrews
"Exterminator Moves Children into Client's Body. Film at Eleven!"
Posted February 20, 2010

When Jo Ellen Banks, rebel, ghost exterminator, currently in her Goth period takes the job of de-ghosting a house for the owner of Haines Hideaways, she may be a tad in over her head. Especially when her first effort does rid the soon to be Hideaway Inn of many Read more...

Alexandra's Legacy
by N. J. Walters
"Surprise Honey! You Aren't All Human!"
Posted October 16, 2009

Alexandra Riley was a top-notch mechanic. Working with her father all those years had made her one. But there is one thing she can't fix - she can't fix the fact Dad never told her she was a half-breed. Human and werewolf. James LeVaux Riley had left Read more...

The Timestone Key
by Pamela Hearon
"Simply Magical"
Posted October 17, 2009

When she was three, Halley woke in the night to see a huge white owl on her windowsill. It left a feather that she was entranced with. That was also the night her grandmother died and left her something of great value. A legacy of Arthur, the Round Table, Guinivere Read more...

Unfolding the Shadows
by Katie O'Sullivan
"Drugs, Ghosts and Love."
Posted December 13, 2010

Jillian didn't know she had inherited everything her Aunt Edith owned - but her husband did. And he was pissed! She had already filed divorce papers but it wasn't final and the only way Kyle would profit is if she wasn't there to finalize the divorce. Sounds like Read more...

by Trista Ann Michaels
"This book is Hot, Hot, Hot!"
Posted October 16, 2009

Bethany had a hard childhood. Her step-father Tom had beaten and raped her for over ten years. When she was "discovered" by Jacob Matthews dancing in a strip club she was reluctant to take his offer of a place to live, no sex attached. Years later, she was his Read more...

Haunted Destiny
by Kelly Abell
"a fantastic read!"
Posted October 20, 2009

Destiny is a person, not a fate and she lives with her grandmother, Rose, following the tragic deaths of the family and little brother. Turns out that Rose, while being a dandy grandma is also the sole proprietor of the Mystic Cat - a Wicca, new age book and herb shop Read more...

Beloved Vampire
by Joey W. Hill
"the best vampire novel I've read in a very long time!"
Posted July 21, 2009

Jessica, dying, thirsty and alone had made it to her goal. She had breached the walls of Farida's tomb and was quite content to die there, as had been her plan since she had killed Raithe, the vampire who had kidnapped her and abused her for over five years Read more...

Demon's Redemption
by Anastasia Rabiyah, Sandy Samson
"this fun short story kept me chuckling throughout"
Posted July 31, 2009

Malarak was far from the worst demon Beliana had come across. Although she wasn't supposed to like him, they had become good friends over the last several thousand years. Malarak, on the other hand, had other ideas. In fact, he has A PLAN. He desperately wants to be good Read more...

Darkest Hours
by S. K. Yule
"Shadows, Death and Desire"
Posted June 21, 2009

It was Fall and Ebony was walking through the leaves as if they didn't matter anymore. They didn't. Her doctor's appointment over, she left with a death sentence. Not much time left, no lover, only her best friend Avril and she wasn't about to share that Read more...

by Cat Johnson
"Who to pick?"
Posted June 27, 2009

Her sex scenes are boring. It had to be true, a reviewer said it about her last book. Also, it's her 35th birthday. Big whoop. Alone at a convention of romance writers in Tulsa, Jenna has decided to research what hopefully will be the book to put her at Read more...

by M. K. Mancos
"Pugsley Hates Reapers!"
Posted June 4, 2009

Working in a bar all day, taking PHD level classes in social work first thing in the morning then trying to study is more than Keely Montgomery can manage. 'Way more! Add in her dumpy apartment owned by her boss, with bills piling up and an empty fridge to boot Read more...

What Would Jane Austen Do?
by Laurie Brown
"Regency gowns, murder most foul, and a fabled author come together to create a dandy read."
Posted May 2, 2009

A Jane Austen festival held in England attracts Elizabeth Poppering as a potential market for her Regency-era costumes. She arrives at the Festival with luggage full of her costumes, prepared to network her heart out and to make a go of her business. There is a small problem with Read more...

Waters of Fate
by Jessica Jarman
"when you know what you want - NEVER give up!"
Posted June 18, 2009

When she was only fourteen and much too young to really make her mark in the world, Neiva, Princess of Fey, looked into the Waters of Fate and saw her one, true love. Rhys, her father's best friend, second in command, is much older and is absolutely resolved that Read more...

Hunter's Dawn: Laying the Ghost
by Meg Leigh
"Spirits, Sex and Mayhem! What more could you ask?"
Posted June 26, 2009

When Jack Stevens took the contract to settle the spirits in Edith's home, he had no idea that, instead of settling, everything would turn to chaos. When Casey Lambeth agreed to pair up with Jack per Edith's request he had no idea of the hell that would be Read more...

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