Sonya Harrison

I've been a book addict my whole life and paranormal romance stories have a special place in my heart. I'm a project manager and a fully credentialed librarian (though not a practicing one!)

In my spare time, you can usually find me curled up with a book and trying not to get crushed by my TBR pile.


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by Elizabeth Amber
"Readers who enjoyed the first 3 books will not be disappointed"
Posted February 24, 2009

Lords of Satyr, Book 4 (2 Related Novellas) DOMINIC It has been 15 years since Emma came to the Satyr estate to live with Jane and Nicholas. At 27, she is now married to Carlo and pregnant with their first child. What should be a joyous occasion is marred by Read more...

Scandal In Copper Lake
by Marilyn Pappano
"Kudos to Pappano for this unique and compelling romance!"
Posted May 8, 2009

At the age of five, Anamaria Duquesne had a vision of her mother's death. Twenty-three years later she returns to Copper Lake to find out what really happened the night her mother died. The authorities ruled the death an accident, but Anamaria senses there is more to the Read more...

by Jessica Andersen
"The Nightkeepers' quest continues in the race to prepare for the end-time battle"
Posted February 10, 2009

The Final Prophesy, Book 2 After successfully defending earth against the Banol Kax, the Nightkeepers have spent the past couple of months attempting to recover 7 ancient Mayan artifacts. The sacred items hold prophecies that will help the Nightkeepers prepare for the end-time battle that has been triggered by Read more...

A Witch's Beauty
by Joey W. Hill
"Hill stirs up emotions and engages readers with A WITCH'S BEAUTY"
Posted March 26, 2009

Mina the seawitch is a Dark Spawn - a mermaid with the blood of a Dark One. Grossly disfigured as a result of the merpeople's ignorant cruelty, Mina has spent her life fighting the evil lure of her dark nature while living in a world that has shown her nothing Read more...

A Mermaid's Kiss
by Joey W. Hill
"An absolute pleasure to read...beautiful, sensual, and uplifting"
Posted October 18, 2008

Jonah, Prime Legion Commander of the angels has fought the Dark Ones for a millennium. Fierce and powerful, the bringer of justice -- Jonah protects The Lady and all of earth's inhabitants. But on one fateful day an unfortunate blow from one of his enemies severs his wing and sends Read more...

The Flame and the Shadow
by Denise Rossetti
"Darkly Erotic....Full of Passion and Intrigue"
Posted January 31, 2009

Cenda is feeling lost and alone as she mourns the death of her young daughter. Awkward and lacking mastery of even the simplest Magick, Cenda barely qualified as a witch. But on the day that her daughter died, her life changed dramatically. In the wake of her grief, Cenda has Read more...

Elemental Love
by Renee Field
"a spicy read that blends shape-shifters, elements, and psychic abilities"
Posted February 7, 2009

Emert is an ancient Elemental. Assuming the form of a majestic white stag, Emert roams the Canadian woodlands in a lonely existence. It has been a long time since Emert has encountered another like himself, however when he catches the distinct scent of a female hunter, he knows that she Read more...

The Soulmate's Curse
by Dahlia Rose
"...a sexy story about hope, destiny, and undeniable love"
Posted November 22, 2008

The Valentino men have a tragic legacy. Just like all the Valentino men before him, Lucas is cursed to find his mate... only to kill her before his beloved can conceive his child. Lucas is determined to let the curse die with him, so he moves to the Appalachian Mountains Read more...

by Sharon Cullen
"Emotionally charged romantic suspense...Sharon Cullen is one to watch"
Posted April 8, 2009

Love on the Edge, Book 2 Hope Stewart has wrecked her car after veering off a mountain road during a severe winter storm. She's five months pregnant and has apparently traveled hundreds of miles to flee her home without a coat or identification. "Go to Callahan" are the words Read more...

Send Me An Angel
by Alysha Ellis
"Heaven is missing an angel..."
Posted September 30, 2008

Imagine Ellie's surprise when she discovers a beautiful naked man lying on her doorstep. He claims to be a fallen angel from heaven seeking to gain intimate knowledge of earthly passion. Ellie doesn't know what to think or believe but one thing is for certain -- her neat and Read more...

The Covenant
by Annabel Wolfe
"An entertaining erotic story with a surprising amount of action and intrigue"
Posted January 3, 2009

The Starlight Chronicles 2 Trey York's mission should have been a simple one. The young pilot has been employed to transport Armada and Lt. Thorne to Rapt One. The colony's massive generator has been malfunctioning and the governor has personally requested an outside assessment. So why are they Read more...

Night of Sin
by Marilyn Lee
"Problematic on many levels"
Posted May 30, 2009

Chaundra Hunt is on a mission to find her best friend Valerie. Valerie disappeared nearly a month ago without a trace. When Chaundra receives a note alluding to Valerie's whereabouts, she decides to follow the lead... alone. Valerie was last seen at Club Foreplay -- a private establishment known for Read more...

Vision Of Seduction
by Cassie Ryan
"Outrageous and Campy"
Posted September 6, 2008

Katelyn Hunt can't stop staring. Lately a dark-haired stranger has been frequenting her New Age shop and she just can't seem to take her eyes off of him. She would give anything to take this man home for a night of hot, "no strings attached" love making Read more...

Galenís Pet
by Vonna Harper
"a story where emotions survive the bleakness of the future"
Posted July 25, 2008

Galen is a space explorer in the twenty-fourth century. His mission is to survey and catalog all life forms found on the planet known as "8361X." When Galen captures Rei, a female humanoid, he claims her as his reward. He plans to turn her into his devoted pet to Read more...

by Elizabeth Amber
"wildly imaginative and wickedly erotic"
Posted July 31, 2008

For Lyon, variety is the spice of life. The youngest of the Satyr brothers, Lyon's feral appetite for carnal pleasure is legendary. Though not thrilled at the prospect of settling down with one woman, he has dutifully journeyed to Paris to find the last of King Feydon's FaerieBlend Read more...

Sin's Gift
by Delilah Devlin
"Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there"
Posted July 5, 2008

Officer Sinead O'Rourke sees dead people...and demons too. After surviving the violent attack that claimed the life of her partner, Sin's new "ability" is unsettling and she's afraid she might be losing her mind. Now that Sin is back on the job, her otherworldly sightings are Read more...

by Angelique Anjou
"flawed, but entertaining"
Posted September 6, 2008

Medical Officer, Dr. Anya Rambo knew in her gut something was amiss the day an unidentifiable object collided with Staging Platform 13. Though it seemed to pose no immediate threat, Anya suspected that the coffin-like object was far more dangerous than it appeared. Long missions away from home can Read more...

In the Cards
by Liz Andrews
"a satisfying erotic novella"
Posted June 16, 2008

Josie Weston had it all figured out. She had a great job, would be graduating from college soon, and was hoping to become part owner of "The Essence of Life" cafe. Everything was going according to plan until her boss's brother showed up unexpectedly making her feel like a Read more...

Charlie's Bargain
by Evangeline Anderson
"an erotic tale of survival and sacrifice"
Posted June 22, 2008

Charlie has hit rock bottom. A little over a year ago, she was wealthy and about to marry into one of the galaxy's most prestigious families. Now she's penniless working in a seedy bar on a miserable fringe planet inhabited by humans and the animalistic Xorn race. Her Read more...

by Jessica Andersen
"an amazing novel that you can really sink your teeth into"
Posted January 4, 2009

The Final Prophesy, Book 1 Detective Leah Ann Daniels of the Miami-Dade Police Department has had enough of cult killings and doomsday fanatics. Dismembered bodies have started piling up in a ritualistic pattern and her brother Matty was one of the victims. When a local informant calls to arrange Read more...

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