Breia Brickey

I am an avid reader of many different types of books, my favorite being Paranormal Romance. Books open up whole new worlds for me.


Leader of the Pack
by Leighann Phoenix
"a wonderfully written and descriptive story"
Posted January 3, 2009

Working for a scummy boss in a sleazy bar was not all it's cracked up to be. Aislinn could complain, but she needed the job and the money it brought. She had a past she was running from and nowhere to run to, until she met Cullen. Cullen was Read more...

Woodcutter's Grim Series
by Karen Wiesner
"an anthology of fairy tale stories with a modern twist"
Posted September 6, 2008

Woodcutter's Grim is an anthology of fairy tale stories with a modern twist. Welcome to Woodcutter's Grim, a town with a lot of history. For many generations the Guardians have protected the town of Woodcutter's Grim from the horrors of the Black Woods. Papa is Read more...

A Twist of Fate
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"a life changing 'Twist of Fate'..."
Posted June 17, 2008

This story begins with Arianna working at a fundraiser to raise money to restore the Blue Run Plantation in South Carolina. Her friend informs her the fortune teller is very good and they should visit to see if she can tell them their fortune. The fortune teller sees strange things Read more...

Burning Bridges
by Anne Krist
"wonderfully written story with a universal message"
Posted July 5, 2008

In 1973 Sara Richards finds herself alone and pregnant when the young sailor, Paul Steinert, who she gave her innocence to left for Vietnam. She has her baby with the help of her parents. Sara commits herself to a little white lie so she could fit into her new community Read more...

Tied & Tempting
by Tuesday Morrigan
"a short story that leaves you wanting more from this world"
Posted July 18, 2008

Yahara is the leading ad "man" at her advertising firm. She is given an account for a clothing line that is totally "green". Yahara doesn't do green. She prefers concrete to grass and heels to hiking boots. Kauri doesn't like humans. He thinks they are selfish and don Read more...

by Lara Santiago
"I enjoyed every minute of it!"
Posted May 13, 2008

Valerie started her day like she would start any other day, she went jogging. Little did she know that her day was about to get very weird. What would you do if suddenly you have five guys who are depending on you to satisfy them sexually for their survival? Valerie Read more...

Living Lies
by Dawn Brown
"suspenseful in every sense of the word"
Posted June 21, 2008

Twelve years ago Haley Carling's sister disappeared and Haley started spending all of her time trying to hold what was left of her family together. She runs her late father's shop and cares for her alcoholic mother. When her sister's remains are found in the basement of Read more...

Midnight Reborn
by D. McEntire
"pulls at your heartstrings"
Posted May 17, 2008

Robyn suffered years of abuse and imprisonment at the hands of a drug dealer. One day she decided that she'd had enough. She planned her escape and carried it out on the fly. Robyn took the first bus that would take her far away from town and this takes Read more...

Redemption Obsession
by Caitlyn West
"not your usual vampire fare"
Posted June 13, 2008

Anne Pearce just wants to be left alone to live a normal life. She has been very successful as an artist and is dating a terrific guy. Beyond this life Anne has a huge secret; her past stretches back over two centuries and a zealous religious order that has chased Read more...

Destined for Two
by Trista Ann Michaels
"very descriptive and wonderfully written"
Posted June 13, 2008

Growing up never knowing your family or knowing where you came from is very hard. This is how Rhianna had lived her life. Rhianna was taken in by another orphan and raised as his sister. While working in her brother's bar she meets two gorgeous brothers who claim that Read more...

My Angel
by Beverly Rae
"a wonderful story"
Posted June 21, 2008

Cara is a very adventerous woman who loves men. Cara has had many love affairs, but never the one that will last. She meets Josh and her outlook changes. She feels that there is a chemistry between them that cannot be denied. Josh is an angel who died as a Read more...

Rebuffing the Bishop
by Christina Macone-Greene
"a very different kind of story"
Posted July 18, 2008

Rebecca's first love was Greg. She had been trying to get over him for a long time. Her life changed dramatically when she drank a little too much champagne at a birthday party given for Greg's wife. Greg and Rebecca end up in bed together without any thought Read more...

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