Kimberly Bea


Dead Man's Rain
by Frank Tuttle
"combines the best of the gothic and noir genres"
Posted May 15, 2008

Markhat is a Finder, a locater of missing sons and fathers in a world full of hexes, vampires, and trolls. His usual quarry is not dead, so when the wealthy widow Merlat tells him her dead husband Ebed has been walking the grounds, he is skeptical, and only the urgings Read more...

Tarbaby Trouble
by Phoebe Matthews
"an entertaining blend of urban and imaginary world fantasy"
Posted July 12, 2008

Claire is an astrologer who goes on one date too many with Darryl Decko, a wizard's brother who happens to run a national gambling ring. When Darryl asks her to use her talents to predict the outcome of various sporting events, she knows he isn't going to take Read more...

Bound by Magic
by Amanda Cummings
"a short and sexy story with a hint of magic"
Posted July 25, 2008

Lonely Amber has just about given up on men---except in her sleep, which is filled with sensuous dreams of the gorgeous Tavis. When Tavis tells her he is one of the Chosen, traveling through the dream world in search of his soul mate, and that she is it, Amber Read more...

by Debra Glass
"a very sexy ghost story"
Posted April 21, 2008

Ever since her mother's death, Jillian Drew has been frightened of her ability to communicate with the dead. Her sister Amy is the one who makes her living talking to ghosts and helping them find their way into the light. But when Amy disappears, the reluctant Jillian has to Read more...

`Tween a Devil and His Hard Place
by Sam Cheever
"a fun and sexy paranormal read"
Posted May 30, 2008

Astra Q. Phelps is a Tweener, one of many part devil, part angel non-humans brought in by the Creator to act on behalf of the good guys against the Dark side. Tweeners, due to their devil heritage, innately know how to destroy the forces of evil, and Astra herself Read more...

The Pirate and the Professor
by Michelle Levigne
"a winning science fiction love story"
Posted June 6, 2008

Kiryn Encardi is the daughter of the infamous space pirate Captain Niall Encardi, betrayed and killed by soldiers of the government that once asked for his help. Now a pirate captain in her own right, she seizes the ship called Stellar Peace, bearing a diplomatic team including Darrak Cain, a Read more...

Heart of the Sea
by Sela Carsen
"a sexy fairy tale"
Posted July 28, 2008

Seven years ago, Meriel Byrne fell into the sea at an office party, apparently drowning but in fact awakening a family curse that turned her into a selkie. When her sexy former boss, Ronan Burbank, sinks his boat and nearly drowns; Meriel saves him, the sea spits out the mysterious Read more...

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