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Night Rising
by Chris Marie Green
"This book is a rollercoaster of fun"
Posted July 19, 2008

Movie stuntwoman Dawn Madison flew into Los Angeles to find her father, Frank. She wasn't even really sure he was missing, since he had pulled similar stunts before. But when she gets to Limpet and Associates, where Frank works, she finds herself pulled into a world she doesn't Read more...

Hostage to Pleasure
by Nalini Singh
"Ms. Singh is building this almost sweet ache toward the climax of this series"
Posted September 6, 2008

Dorian Christensen of the Dark River Leopard pack was called on to rescue a child, extracting him from Psy Net; and thus repaying the debt owed to the child's mother, Ashaya Aleine for rescuing two children a few months before. But Dorian couldn't get Keenan's mother out Read more...

Darkenbane: The Fountain
by Kimberly Adkins
"This book quickly became one of my favorites"
Posted July 17, 2008

Jasmine was very confused when she received a letter containing a deed, a brief note, and a brass key. So off she goes to New Orleans to investigate the mystery at hand. Once there she meets the charming Lucas, who owns a shop close to her, and stumbles upon Prince Read more...

Gale Force
by Rachel Caine
"Surprises abound in this installment of the Weather Wardens series"
Posted August 29, 2008

Joanna Baldwin works for the super secret organization known only as The Wardens. Being a Warden is an adventure, they control all of the natural disasters. But an earthquake in Florida may put an end to what may be the biggest disaster of all, her wedding. David, the conduit for Read more...

Romancing the Stones
by Catherine Berlin
"I had a wonderful time reading this book"
Posted August 29, 2008

Charlotte "Charlie" Blair has no idea that the gorgeous man she was holding a gun on was a cop, and he got to see her naked, even though he hadn't bought her dinner first. With a dead guy in her basement and cops crawling all over her home, Charlie Read more...

Lux in Shadow
by R. G. Alexander
"a delicious, erotic read"
Posted September 6, 2008

Lux Sariel, a Trueblood, was on a mission to find Sylvain, Sister of the Shadow, Grey Wolf. Tracking this poor girl was up to Lux and his friend and companion Arygon Dydarren, Alpha of the Dydarren Were Pack, because his sister in law Regina swore only they could bring her Read more...

Lovers' Stone
by Elyssa Edwards
"an intriguing twist on the Were legends"
Posted July 26, 2008

When Lucas Ursine took his young charge into the Bear Mating Caves to find his stone, he never expected to come out with a mating stone of his own. He knew his mate's name was Anna, but he had no idea where to start looking for her. Annie had Read more...

Fondest Desire
by Michelle Hasker
"This author has an intense, wicked, wonderful imagination"
Posted July 23, 2008

Kariana was on her way to the Olympia Resort with one goal in mind, she needed an orgasm in the worst possible way. Gorgeous men were everywhere in the resort and Kari felt like a kid in a candy shop, that is until she met Jason. Jason looked at Kariana Read more...

Hypnotic Hannah
by Cheryl Dragon
"I was blown away"
Posted September 6, 2008

At a party with her friends Joel, Grant, Marina, Bill and Roger, hypnotherapist and psychic Hannah decides that everyone should get their ultimate fantasy, at least for one night. Everyone is having a wonderfully erotic time, except for Hannah and Grant. She feels the heat between them, but nothing is Read more...

Bella Mia
by Mandy M. Roth
"the perfect addition to the Daughter of Darkness series"
Posted July 12, 2008

Princess Gwyneth of the Dark Realm, Daughter of King Kerrigan was in a quandary. She was one faerie, but she had way too many mates. Being the reincarnated Princess was not what it was cracked up to be. Giovanni was her friend and Italian lover, and a master vampire, and Read more...

Heat of the Moment
by Elle Kennedy
"wraps the reader in an erotic spell"
Posted May 31, 2008

Shelby Harper is the owner of a little bakery, which just happens to be the only place in town that still has power during the massive heat wave. When the local contingent of Navy Seals shows up and begs her to let them watch the game, she couldn't really Read more...

Night Shift
by Lilith Saintcrow
"This book has it all"
Posted July 25, 2008

Jill Kismet is a Hunter, and she has her sights set on the things that go bump in the night. After the death of her teacher, Mikhail, she is on her own for the first time. But Jill doesn't have time to worry about her teacher's unexpected demise Read more...

Palace of the Jaguar
by Betty Womack
"The characters were razor sharp, and the sexual tension was palpable"
Posted September 6, 2008

FBI Agent Ali Donovan had a hard enough time with the guys in her elite covert task force without being partnered with a conceited jerk like Jack Gunnison. When her Director assigned them to play man and wife in Bogotá, Columbia, she barely kept from groaning out loud. Jack "Gun Read more...

Amethyst Eyes
by Melinda Barron
"erotic passages that take your breath away"
Posted July 17, 2008

Ansling Carr is a Scuba Instructor on a beautiful island resort. The only thing that could upset that position is the appearance of visions she had long fought to suppress. In her visions, two gorgeous men are making love to her, it wouldn't be so bad, but it's Read more...

Samantha and Her Genie
by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
"This book was magic!"
Posted July 12, 2008

Lugal Damu-zid is a Sumerian Warrior fighting a war against the Akkadians. When he is mortally wounded, his comrades take him to the ziggurat of Utu to be healed. Along with the healing of his body, Lugal finds himself trapped forever as a genie for a crime he did Read more...

by Amber Scott
"a fun romp through time"
Posted May 31, 2008

Samantha Hendricks just lost her father unexpectedly to a heart attack. While she felt they had never been close, he left her a very strange inheritance. What in the world is she going to do with a wanted poster, a map, and a bottle of whiskey? Jesse Kincaid was an Read more...

Eyes of Fire
by C J England
"Ms. England's writing is beautiful"
Posted May 5, 2008

Talia was prepared to leave her parents' home, when she is kidnapped by Orcs. She discovers she is to be mated with their king. But a rescue from a handsome prince was a decided lift to her precarious situation. Very quickly Talia discovers her rescuer, Elven Prince Calion, doesn't Read more...

The Woodsman
by Belle Scarlett
"beautifully written"
Posted May 13, 2008

Lady Lily Rouge was on her way to meet her betrothed, the Marquis, when her carriage happened into an Enchanted Forest. When a large black wolf scared off her driver, she was left to fend for herself in an Enchanted Forest. Sir Marrok Ulfang was cursed to become a werewolf Read more...

Hostile Takeover
by Kate Willoughby
"hot, hot, hot!"
Posted May 11, 2008

Fiona Sheridan is a beautiful, innocent young woman with dreams of being a dolphin trainer. It was all she wanted since she was six. When she met Jackson Rockwell, she felt an instant attraction, but he didn't fit into her plans. Her stepfather, Frank Stafford, saw the attraction and Read more...

Ocean's Call
by Dawn Montgomery
"This book was fascinating"
Posted July 15, 2008

Dr. Nikita Mathews is a sex therapist on the brink of a nervous breakdown. When she gets a call from her old friend Phillip telling her to take a vacation on his island, Rookery Cove, she jumps at the chance. She arrives at the docks and boards Anamchara, where she Read more...

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