Judi Szabo

I am a book-a-holic living in Canada who is a huge fan of Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasy since I read my first vampire novel back in the 90's. I have a book review blog that I enjoy, keep my ridiculously huge library cataloged at librarything because I have too many to keep track of, and am currently taking a creative writing course to further my ambitions of writing a novel.


Wages of Sin
by Jenna Maclaine
"A wonderful debut mixing magic and vampires"
Posted September 21, 2008

Dulcinea Craven comes from a long line of powerful witches and she inherits her powers all at once. While trying to learn how to control her wild magical powers, she finds out that her unwanted, would-be suitor, Lord Sebastian Montfort, is now a vampire with evil intentions to capture Read more...

Unholy Night
by Candice Gilmer
"the supernatural and passion mix to make for a great, fast read"
Posted April 27, 2008

Marissa Van Dyke falls while in a park, and wakes up with a lump on her head, not quite sure what happened. She has recurring nightmares in the weeks following the incident, with strange visions that make no sense. They're of a huge dog with brilliant green eyes, and Read more...

Celebration for the Dead
by Lauren Dane
"a great action filled love story"
Posted May 7, 2008

Vampire Hunter Minx Rodriguez decides to take off on her own, leaving her crew behind, to go her Grandparent's home in Mexico to celebrate the holiday El Dia de los Muertos. On the way there, she decides to get some hunting in and has a dangerous run-in with Read more...

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