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Welsh Gal living in Vienna, Austria and self confessed Bookaholic. I started reading when I moved to Vienna and didn't have British TV anymore. I started slow but things speeded up when I discovered Kim Harrison and got thrown into the Paranormal genre. I am an active Bookcrosser and can often be seen on Bookmooch and Bookobsessed. My 'Mostly' Paranormal Book Blog is my way of making sure my friends know what I am reading and what I thought so they don't have to bother reading the rubbish ones ;)


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Barely Bewitched
by Kimberly Frost
"Kimberly Frost has created something special"
Posted October 16, 2009

Tammy Jo's unpredictable magic has caught the attention of the World Association of Magic and now she has to face the consequences. It doesn't matter to them that she doesn't want to use magic or be a witch and they mean business. So Tammy has her orders Read more...

The Renegade Hunter
by Lynsay Sands
"another enjoyable read"
Posted December 25, 2009

The Argeneau family has a secret, one of their own is a rogue vampire! Nicholas Argeneau used to be a successful hunter who captured rogue vampires who broke their laws. Then fifty years ago something happened that turned him into a rogue. However Nicholas still hunts and his latest hunt Read more...

Born of Night
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"another great reading experience"
Posted July 12, 2010

The League is full of ruthless assassins. Expertly trained and highly valued they rule the Ichidian Universe. Command Assassin Nykyrian Quikiades left the League and has been hunted by them ever since. Many have tried to kill him but nobody has been able to stop him. Now Nykyrian works as Read more...

Cape Storm
by Rachel Caine
"If the Weather Wardens really existed I would definitely want to be one"
Posted October 12, 2009

A storm is coming and Weather Warden, Joanne Baldwin is about to end up right in the middle of it. She should be enjoying a relaxing honeymoon with her Djinn husband, David but instead she is not running from the hurricane that is approaching them. On a hijacked luxury cruise Read more...

Hunting Ground
by Patricia Briggs
"another great Urban Fantasy series"
Posted October 15, 2009

It is a complicated life being a werewolf and Anna Latham knows this better than most. However she didn't know how dangerous it could be until she mated with Charles Cornick, son and enforcer of Bran, the leader of the North American werewolves. Being an Omega only makes her Read more...

by Kat Richardson
"This series is absolutely unique"
Posted October 12, 2009

Harper Blaine still doesn't know why she is a Greywalker but she is slowly getting used to it. As a private investigator, using the Grey can actually work to her advantage. However the Grey isn't a safe place, as she has already learnt the hard way. When Harper Read more...

Bad Moon Rising
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"Dark-Hunters are unique and out of this world"
Posted October 12, 2009

Fang Kattalakis is a Were-Hunter and is devoted to his family. He is the brother of two of the most powerful members of the Omegrion, the ruling council that enforces the laws of the lyncanthropes. There are other Weres but the species don't like to mix. So when Read more...

Blood Promise
by Richelle Mead
"by far the best book so far in the Vampire Academy series"
Posted October 16, 2009

Rose made a promise. She promised that she would kill the man she loves if he was turned Strigoi. Now she has to keep her promise but first she has to find Dimitri before she can see it through. She has no idea where he is but she has left Read more...

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men
by Molly Harper
"the cool new vampire on the block"
Posted October 16, 2009

Jane Jameson was just a librarian and a regular girl. Now she works every night at an occult bookstore because she is a vampire. She has never been a bride but she has been a bridesmaid too many times. Now her best friend Zeb is getting married to a werewolf Read more...

by Kim Harrison, Vicki Pettersson, Jeaniene Frost, Melissa Marr, Jocelynn Drake
"this book does have some of the Crème de la Crème inside"
Posted December 25, 2009

Five bestselling authors get together and share five unique stories. Kim Harrison, Jocelynn Drake, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson and Melissa Marr are just some of the biggest names in the Urban Paranormal Genre and there is no doubt that the short tales in this collection will be good. Dark, deadly Read more...

My Soul to Take
by Rachel Vincent
"This is unique, fascinating and addictive"
Posted October 4, 2009

Kaylee Cavanaugh thinks there is something wrong with her. She doesn't see dead people but she does sense when someone is about to die. It isn't something she can control but when it happens all she wants to do is scream. Her aunt and uncle already had her Read more...

by Jeanne C. Stein
"Paranormal Urban Fantasy delight"
Posted October 16, 2009

Anna Strong is a newly turned vampire who has been thrown into her new way of life in the hardest of ways. Her new abilities are coming in useful for her job as bounty hunter and she's enjoying herself more than ever. However she is also trying to keep Read more...

Where There's a Witch
by Madelyn Alt
"Full of magic this series is an enchanting and fun read"
Posted July 23, 2009

Maggie O'Neill loves her job at Enchantments, Stony Mill's finest mystical antique shop. However since Maggie's sister told the town gossip a little more than she should of, the shop and the owner has been outed as a place for witches. Nobody has really said much about Read more...

Demon Inside
by Stacia Kane
"scary, sexy and serious"
Posted October 12, 2009

Three months have passed since psychologist Megan Chase made the shocking discovery that the world is filled with demons. Strangely though, Megan is the only person in the world who doesn't have her own personal demon sitting on her shoulder. However that doesn't mean she has nothing to Read more...

Speak of the Devil
by Jenna Black
"a bloody amazing series!"
Posted July 23, 2009

Morgan Kingsley is America's most powerful and successful exorcists. However when one exorcism goes wrong Morgan finds herself suspended from her job and being sued. Not only does Morgan have to defend herself against a law suit but she also has a private investigator digging up dirt on her Read more...

by Rachel Vincent
"Read Rachel Vincent and you are reading one of the best Urban Fantasy authors out there"
Posted June 25, 2009

It has been two months since Faythe has seen Marc and she can't wait to have him in her arms again. On a mission as an enforcer for her Pride, Faythe is transporting Manx to her trial where she will hopefully not get executed. The plus side of this Read more...

The Cold Kiss of Death
by Suzanne Mcleod
"Genny is the Anita Blake of the Fae world mixed with Rachel Morgan"
Posted July 23, 2009

Genny would like to have a quiet life and just do her job at but she has a bit of a tangled personal life to sort out first. She's being haunted by ghosts who want her help. Her witch neighbours want her evicted. Genny's kind of Read more...

Destined for an Early Grave
by Jeaniene Frost
"Book number four in the Night Huntress series is the best yet!"
Posted October 12, 2009

Half-vampire Cat Crawfield met her undead lover, Bones six years ago. Since then they have gone up against the rogue undead, a master vampire and some other things that go bump in the night. Now they have declared their love to one another with a blood bond and it Read more...

Thorn Queen
by Richelle Mead
"Long live the Thorn Queen!"
Posted September 20, 2009

Eugenie Markham is a shaman you can hire to banish creatures from the Otherworld that are troubling you. However, since her last battle she is now the queen of the Thorn Land. That may sound glorious but the kingdom isn't in such a great state and there is a Read more...

Leader of the Pack
by Karen MacInerney
"...a book I couldn't put down"
Posted October 11, 2009

Sophie is beautiful, clever and has a successful career. She also has a gorgeous wealthy boyfriend but there is one thing that doesn't really fit into her life. You see Sophie is a werewolf. A hairy, shave your legs twice a day, howling at the moon werewolf. Her mother Read more...

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