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Taryn's Wolf
by Marisa Chenery
"Truly an enjoyable book from the first page to the last"
Posted June 5, 2009

Returning home after a relationship gone bad, Taryn Davies helps her uncle with his winery. After her uncle passes she inherited said winery, but the winery is in a bit of a financial bind. So Taryn decides to try to get her wines out to some new places. One of Read more...

by C. L. Talmadge
"the mysteries keep piling up"
Posted January 10, 2009

Warning, if you have not read book one of this series, The Vision, this review contains spoilers. Fallout is book two in the Green Stone of Healing series. It's the continuing tale of Helen Andros, a half breed and tough minded physician. As the reader Read more...

The Vision
by C. L. Talmadge
"An engaging beginning to this fantasy series"
Posted January 10, 2009

In book one, The Vision, we are introduced to the characters in the Green Stone of Healing series. Meet Helen Andros, a half breed and tough minded physician. She is also a Lieutenant for the 163rd Regiment. Though for how long will depend on her attitude. The one Read more...

The Scorpions Strike
by C. L. Talmadge
"Helen's story continues"
Posted April 25, 2009

Book Three of the Green Stone of Healing Series continues with Helen's story. In the first two books the readers have followed Helen's life. Now that life and her father's hangs in the balance. The readers learn more of Helen's history and that of her family Read more...

Temptation Unleashed
by Kari Thomas
"highly recommended"
Posted April 19, 2008

Kari Thomas' Temptation Unleashed is the story of Kira, a witch that due to something bad that happened in her past hasn't used her witchcraft since childhood. And Aiden, a shapeshifter whose dislike of witches makes him very dangerous to Kira. Why is she then moving to his town Read more...

Byte Marks
by Mardi Ballou
"Well written and interesting"
Posted May 17, 2008

While Boston businesswomen and witch, Dominique LaPierre is vacationing in San Francisco, she and her best friend, Lilith Graves, a vegetarian demi-ghoul, decide to spend some time together and end up at Club Red. A club for vampires and run by a gorgeous vampire named Antoine Thierry. Dominique thinks Read more...

by C. R. Moss
"Ms. Moss brings her characters to life"
Posted May 23, 2009

Hope Collins is the middle of triplet daughters. In love with Rhys Mochrie, she finds herself married to a man she just met. Corbet Jenkins. Why she married him she doesn't know, and what does Jenkins want from her? She also prays that Rhys will find her in time Read more...

Beowulf and Roxie
by Marisa Chenery
"readers learn of Beowulf's past in this first in the Wulf's Den series"
Posted May 25, 2009

Roxie works at home and likes it that way. She is not the type to go to the clubs nor is she the type to draw the attention of men. Yet the one night she allows her friend Candice to talk her into going out for a "girls' night" does Read more...

Her Highland Destiny
by Annie Marshall
"well written time travel"
Posted December 5, 2008

Kenna MacKellar is a retired Sergeant Major of the United States Army and on tour in Scotland. While touring old Keeps something strange happens and she finds herself back in the 13th Century. Iain MacAlister is a Scottish Lord of Dunstaffnage Castle and ordered by King Edward aka Longshanks to Read more...

Scratching Post
by Terri Pray
"excellent shifter romance"
Posted February 22, 2008

Terry Pray has done well in this story of two feline shifters and how their lives intertwine. Emmie is a female feline shifter that lives in a small town and does what she can to hide exactly what she is from those around her, including leaving town once a month Read more...

Battered Not Broken
by Celia Kyle
"a steamy adult fairy tale"
Posted April 3, 2008

This is the story of Gillian, a woman who finds love in a very strange and fairy tale kind of way, when she stumbles upon a cabin in the woods that is owned by three brothers who happen to be bear shifters and is found sleeping in one of their Read more...

The Devil You Know
by Angela Fiddler
"a story of love, magic and betrayal"
Posted April 3, 2008

The Devil You Know is an interesting story about love, magic and betrayal. Bastian is a man on a mission, only that mission is not one he would have liked to have taken. He is trained to be a sexual weapon and is able to use magic to capture his Read more...

Troubled Hearts
by Jolie Cain
"Ms. Cain brings her characters to life"
Posted April 3, 2008

Troubled Hearts reunites two people that have loved each other for years, even when they shouldn't have. Katherine knows she needs a strong man in her life and one that she knows can dominate her in the bedroom, but is Beau the one for her. He thought Read more...

Talgorian Prophecy
by Ariana Dupre
"Pyschic in a race against time to save her son"
Posted April 19, 2008

After the kidnapping of her son Robbie, and unable to get the police to listen to her when she says she saw it happen and she knows who took him, Megan has no choice but to inlist the help of Brody, dispite their history together. So Megan returns home to Read more...

Black Dragon's Blood
by Anita Philmar
"a fascinating mystery with just a touch of romance thrown in"
Posted March 31, 2009

Amanda is hunting, but not for what finds her. Amanda is looking for the person or people that killed her first husband. There is a catch though, one William VanHorn, Head of the Dragon Center. Between him and her desire for him, can Amanda find the answers she is looking Read more...

First and Last
by Suz deMello
"wonderful futuristic romance"
Posted March 31, 2008

Set in the future, FIRST AND LAST tells how people have settled on the moon and the lives they live there in their own communities, as well as some of the rules they live by; such as having to be married by the age of 25 or you are sent Read more...

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