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Black Dragon's Moon
by Anita Philmar
"hot dragons sure to burn up the pages"
Posted April 25, 2009

Dee Butterfield finally can call herself a Dragon Agent, a job she has longed for. Then she gets her first assignment, Artist Scott VanHorn. Upon first sight of him she knows she is in trouble, as her Red Dragon blood feels the call of his Black Dragon blood. Does Scott Read more...

Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray
"Ms. Pray brings history to life"
Posted January 12, 2009

Susan White is tired of men trying to tell her what she needs and what to do, especially when the men that are doing it, in her eyes, are weaker than she is. Taking a trip to England to work on a dig seems just the thing to get her Read more...

Serving Sera
by Bonnie Rose Leigh
"a good mystery with a twist of romance between shifters"
Posted December 22, 2008

Chance Mercer and Noah Andrews are asked by two friends to come to their town, Serenity, to help protect their friend's new mate from a demon cult that had taken her. They accept, if nothing else being Hunters that is their job. They are also looking for their own Read more...

Another Chance
by L. Shannon
"Another love"
Posted December 20, 2008

Chance is a demon. One that has found a human lover in Josh. So why does he feel like something isn't as it should be? Should he give Josh another chance or end it before it's too late? Josh, saved during an avalanche by Chance and became his Read more...

Christmas Knight
by Alecia Monaco
"a story of magic and love"
Posted December 20, 2008

Nox Blackthorne, a Knight of the true king, is in the middle of a civil war when the king has taken the land from his brother, the true king. The New king has outlawed magic in all forms including healing. Now injured and out in a blizzard he must find Read more...

Santa Paws
by Lena Austin
"Can evil deeds be turned to good?"
Posted December 13, 2008

Santa Paws is a short story about JR Thornton, a werewolf seeking redemption for his unwitting evil deeds and Phaedra, a wood fairy that hates JR for what he did to her and her family. To redeem himself JR dresses as Santa and delivers gifts to an orphanage Read more...

Christmas with Holly
by Dana Littlejohn
"a great story for the holiday season"
Posted December 15, 2008

RaKeesha "Holly' Black ran away to her parents' cabin in Vermont to get out of the city where her ex was getting married to another woman, just months after breaking it off with her. In her mind she needed time to think and get over the pain. Two days before Read more...

Feral Moon
by Regina Carlysle
"Mahara discovers her destiny and true love"
Posted December 22, 2008

Mahara Jones is out celebrating her birthday, only this year everything seems different. Her mother is dead but before she died she told Mahara to go out and find her destiny. Add in that Mahara's body seems to be on fire and she can't figure out why. She Read more...

The Christmas Present
by Fawn Lowery
"love blooms over the Christmas Holiday"
Posted December 24, 2008

Kate Bentley has been in love with Kent Albertson, the boy next door, since she moved in with her aunt and the Albertson family moved next door to her. Now years later, her aunt is married and she is once more home. This time though she is asked to clean Read more...

A Werewolf for Christmas
by Sedonia Guillone
"All I want for Christmas is a...Werewolf?"
Posted December 22, 2008

Zed Ashton knew he was in trouble when he heard the howl. Yes, he knew that howl was from Carrick, the one that crippled him 3 years ago and took his place as pack alpha. Now it seems he's tracked Zed down to finish the job. Zed needs help Read more...

Touch of Magic
by Desiree Holt
"The Christmas magic continues..."
Posted December 31, 2008

Book Two of the Mistletoe Magic Series is Will's assigned sister, Maddie Woodward. If you remember from Breath of Magic, Will, Sparkle and Glimmer are being punished for the trouble they have caused Santa Claus, and Sparkle, the only female elf of the three, has issued a challenge. Will Read more...

Canine Cop
by B. J. McCall
"Very enjoyable read"
Posted December 16, 2008

Ranger Cooper Holt is a loner. So when he takes an assignment to find who is hunting and killing the endangered white wolves and finds he is working with a partner, he isn't happy. Then he finds out his partner is a dog. Well part dog and part wolf Read more...

Cat Scratch Fever
by Myla Jackson
"love can overcome anything; race, color and even species"
Posted December 22, 2008

Lilly Wyatt moved to New York from a small town in Georgia to follow her dream of singing on Broadway. Working as a waitress until her break she is cornered one night while walking home by, and she can't believe her eyes, three cougars. Tom Black has had a Read more...

Sweet Charity
by Lauren Dane
"even good girls can be bad sometimes...with the right bad boy"
Posted December 24, 2008

Charity Harris and Gabriel Bettencourt have been friends since high school. Charity has always had a thing for Gabriel and him for her if you were to ask him. So what happened to change that? Eight years ago they tried to move from friends to lovers and things didn't Read more...

by Sierra Dafoe
"believe in a Christmas miracle"
Posted December 19, 2008

Cupid is cursed due to a prank he pulled on a witch. For centuries he's been spending his life as a deer and not just any deer, but one of Santa's deers. Every year Santa brings him to a town and turns him into ice, where Cupid waits Read more...

All I Want for Christmas is a Quick Bang-Bang
by Ann Lory
"the holiday heats up"
Posted December 19, 2008

Sophie Ryan, an Executive Administrative Assistant at the company she works for is behind. She has been asked to get gifts for her boss for the christmas party at the office, after he stated weeks before that there would be no gift exchange. Now she has to get them last Read more...

Whispers of Magic
by Cindy Spencer Pape
"wonderful finale to a magical series"
Posted December 31, 2008

The third and final book in the Mistletoe Magic series is the story of the youngest Woodward sister, Jenna. It's also the elf Sparkle's assigned sister given to her by Santa. As in the other two books, the reader learns about the trouble that Sparkle and Read more...

Sophie's Present
by Anne Kane
"Full of humor and hot scenes"
Posted December 24, 2008

Sophie has made the top of Santa's nice list, for her selfless acts this year and all past years. It's up to Dandy to find the perfect gift for her, and he thinks he has an idea. On Christmas Eve Santa drops off her gift and Christmas morning Read more...

Upon a Midnight Clear
by Samara King
"This holiday story is a joy"
Posted December 24, 2008

Drea Michaels has wanted Carter James almost from day one. Carter has a rule though. He doesn't date or get into relationships with friends. Can Drea get past this rule and get Carter to agree to a relationship with her? Carter James has dreamed of Drea since he layed Read more...

by Leila Brown
"be careful what you wish for"
Posted December 25, 2008

Johnathon Brandon doesn't celebrate Christmas, instead he celebrates the Winter Solstice. Since College he's spent every one of them alone. This year his old college roommate sends him a gift, like every other year. Only this gift is different, it's a mini figurine of a hot looking Read more...

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