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Greetings all here is a little info about me lol. I am full time mom with some of the best kids you could ask for. I have a wonderful husband who supports me. I enjoy reading all sorts of books. I also like playing music in my spare time.


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Druid Redeemed
by Jean Hart Stewart
"Fast paced mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat"
Posted March 24, 2008

Devon Dellafeild had it all; from working for the Foreign Office deciphering codes to beautiful women falling at his feet. Devon also had famous parents. Lord Lance Dellafeild is a distinguished Member of Parliament and his mother Lady Dellafeild is a very powerful Druid. Although he is nothing like his Read more...

Irish Dreams
by Michelle Hasker
"Steamy, Sensual Irish Sexcapade"
Posted March 17, 2008

Every time Eryn falls asleep she finds herself making love to a man she knows simply as Brendan. Their sex together is so mind-blowing and seems so real that Eryn constantly finds herself tired and longing to get back to sleep so she can be with her Irish stud Read more...

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
by Linda Wisdom
"An outrageously funny story that will have you hooked until the very end"
Posted April 2, 2008

Banned from the Academy of Witches for casting a curse upon a human, Jazz must try her best to stay out of trouble. This is not an easy task for Jazz. She is hot headed and would love nothing more than to conjure up a fireball that would toast her Read more...

In the Gloaming
by Cora Zane, Kelley Heckart, Nita Wick, K. M. Frontain, Esmerelda Bishop
"From finding true love to defeating evil, this book has something for everybody"
Posted March 15, 2008

In the Gloaming, an anthology of Faerie stories features many talented authors. Each story varies from finding true love to escaping the clutches of an evil faerie. At the Edge of Twilight by Cora Zane. Colleen O' Shea moves into her aunt's old house after Read more...

Celtic Love Knots - Vol. 9
by Tambra Kendall
"These two stories will have the reader glued to the pages to see what will happen next"
Posted February 17, 2008

Wicked Temptations: Laria MacCleod is from a long line of females that are protectors and keepers of the Fae. Her bakery, Wicked Temptations, and her home rest on the Fae's sacred land. After enduring years of threats and intimidation, Laria hires her new love interest, Cameron Logan Read more...

by Kit Tunstall
"A tantalizing vampire series that is impossible to put down"
Posted February 9, 2008

After World War 2 split society apart, vampires came out of hiding to take advantage of the human population. They would herd humans into Quarantine Zones. Once there, humans where basically slaves answering to the vampires' every need. Nadya was happy when she was chosen to be a tribute to Read more...

by Elizabeth Jewell
"A short but sweet sizzler"
Posted February 13, 2008

In Elizabeth Jewell's Snowbound: Distraction, Vampires Glynna, Brandt and their human friend Erik decide to take a trip to Anchorage, Alaska in the middle of winter. Twenty plus hours of night and a ton of people sounded like a great idea for vampires, until the snow started to fall Read more...

Night Shift
by Lacey Savage
"This story will warm you up on a cold night"
Posted February 13, 2008

Lacey Savage's Snow Bound: Night Shift is a steamy short story about two detectives who are running surveillance on a shadow stalker in the dead of winter. Freezing and stuck in a Honda, Samantha and Darien decide to turn up the heat. While playing a little game of truth Read more...

Savage Retribution
by Lexxie Couper
"A nonstop thrill ride filled with action and steam that will leave you begging for more"
Posted February 13, 2008

Regan Thomas is Sydney's leading animal physiotherapist; she is also a strong animal rights advocate. When Regan plans a lab raid into Epoc Industries Scientific Division, she gets more than what she bargained for. Regan witnesses animals in all conditions. The poor creatures have various tubes connected to them Read more...

Dream Traveler
by Adele Dubois
"I can sum this up in 3 words HOT, HOT, HOT"
Posted February 22, 2008

Tired of having a lacking sex life, Emily Hopkins decides to enter a contest on The Traveler Channel for a chance to win a get away to a private island resort. Maybe this would help spice up her and Bob's marriage. All Emily has to do is write an Read more...

How Faerie Dust is Made
by Nita Wick
"Love is the greatest magic of all"
Posted February 17, 2008

While in the woods, Conall stumbles across a very beautiful woman named Aisling. Determined to know more about her, Conall tries to strike up a conversation. Aisling does not speak, but instead poofs to the Faerie world where she is from. Conall realizes that Aisling is a Faerie and is Read more...

Blame it on the Moon
by Shara Lanel
"a steamy story that will keep you on the edge of your seat"
Posted January 26, 2008

Kitty Lazarus isn't your average video store owner, she can also read minds. When customers walk into her little video store she is flooded with their thoughts. But when Haden Blackwood walks through her door, erotic images of a blonde and Haden begin to pop instantly into her head Read more...

For Love and Country
by Mary Winter
"a wonderful blend of history and romance"
Posted January 15, 2008

When war threatens to split the country he loves, one man must make the ultimate decision, defend his country to which he calls home. Or crawl into his immortal lover's arms to which his heart desires. In Mary Winter's "For Love and Country", Emil Franks is a soldier Read more...

by Patrice Michelle
"A new take on Vampires that will leave you begging for more"
Posted February 27, 2008

In Patrice Michelle's Resurrection, Ariel Swanson wrote a highly controversial fiction novel about vampires. People were very upset with her bringing up a topic so controversial as vampires. Even though the race was deemed extinct, people still feared and hated these creatures. However, Ariel wrote the novel purely as Read more...

Fairy Dreams
by Brenna Lyons
"A modern day fairy tale that will capture your heart"
Posted March 8, 2008

In Fairy Dreams by Brenna Lyons, Xanthe was a beautiful fairy who decided to give up all her powers for Bran Blake, a human she dearly loved. A curse was laid upon them that all children born would be female and Bran Blake would have no male heir. The Blake Read more...

by V. K. Forrest
"Mystery and romance makes this book a hit"
Posted April 30, 2008

In V.K. Forrest's novel, Eternal, Fia Kahill is an undead special agent who has returned home to Clair's Point to investigate the death of her cousin, Bobby McCathal. When Fia discovers Bobby's body, she instantly knows this was the work of a vampire slayer. His body Read more...

The Second Line
by Sheryl Nantus
"Action, adventure and plenty of chocolate"
Posted March 9, 2008

The Second Line by Sheryl Nantus is about a corporate thief named Jackie St. George who is hired to get information from a candy company called Chocofun. The chocolate treat the company intends to release is supposed to be one of the hottest sensations to hit the market and Jackie Read more...

The Sundered Stone
by Elaine Corvidae
"A wonderful installment in the Shadow Fae Trilogy"
Posted March 9, 2008

In The Sundered Stone by Elaine Corvidae, a war is about to erupt between the Seelie and the Unseelie. The two sides have battled for years in the Fairy Realm and now the two sides are battling it out within the mortal realm. They will stop at nothing to destroy Read more...

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