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Greetings all here is a little info about me lol. I am full time mom with some of the best kids you could ask for. I have a wonderful husband who supports me. I enjoy reading all sorts of books. I also like playing music in my spare time.


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Shifters' Captive
by Bonnie Dee
"Guaranteed to warm you up on these cold winter nights"
Posted December 31, 2009

When Sherrie Stoltz was kidnapped one night by a shifter named John Walker, she never dreamed being kidnapped could be scary; yet so sexually arousing. John Walker had no intentions of hurting Sherrie. In fact, John needed her. His people were becoming ill and some had even died from this Read more...

Serving Sera
by Bonnie Rose Leigh
"Ms. Leigh really delivers with this one"
Posted January 3, 2009

Sera has been constantly on the run and looking over her shoulder, since a crazed vampire has been hot on her trail. Sera thought she was finally safe when she found the little town called Serenity, most of the people there were just like her. While working her shift, in Read more...

by Patrice Michelle
"One of the best series I have read in a long time"
Posted November 8, 2008

In Patrice Michelle's Scions: Revelation, Caine Grennard is a lone wolf so to speak, he has left his pack, his family, and most of all the alpha he looked up to, Landon. Caine is now living among humans and falling desperately in love with a mysterious girl with an Read more...

Serendipity 5A
by Dawn Montgomery
"A short but kinky holiday story that is oh so hot"
Posted December 18, 2008

Neighbors Donna and Jack experience a mix up in the stairwell of their apartment complex. After an accidental run-in, both piles of Christmas presents are scrambled across the floor. The gifts have no tags and look quite similar so no one notices at first that each has picked up Read more...

Holiday With A Vampire II
by Merline Lovelace, Lori Devoti
"Two Christmas stories that will capture your heart and your imagination this holiday season"
Posted December 14, 2008

A Christmas Kiss by Merline Lovelace
Sergeant Brett Cooper never thought he would ever find love again; after his fiancÚ was brutally murdered by a man deemed the Christmas killer. While out on patrol a beautiful woman appears out of nowhere and he has to swerve to Read more...

Ferver Black's Christmas Wish
by Marc Jarrod
"Classic tale of undying love"
Posted December 18, 2008

Ferver Black is tired of chasing after mortals for blood. When he encounters a cop in need of help, faced with two vampires hell bent on making him their next meal, Ferver comes to the officer's aid and stakes the vampires. Ferver, gains the respect and appreciation of Terry Read more...

What to Buy for the Vamp Who Has Everything
by A. M. Riley
"Short, Sweet and HOT!""
Posted December 24, 2008

Pete and Adam both worked for the LAPD, Adam was what you would consider a bad cop; he was hooked on drugs and was living a pretty awful life. But Adam's life changed when he was made a vampire. Pete fell in love with Adam, and he met him Read more...

Serendipity 7C
by Lexxie Couper
"Funny uplifting story that will get rid of those holiday blues"
Posted January 3, 2009

Jack is down on his luck, he has been dumped by his girlfriend, he has lost his luggage and the season tickets his mum got him to see the Sydney Swans. All he hopes for now is to see his cousin, get beer, and take a nap. But when Jack Read more...

An Elf's Magic
by Lynn Crain
"A very romantic Christmas story"
Posted January 3, 2009

When Giselle Paine, Cuinn's human cousin, introduced him to Lacey Sinclair there was an instant attraction, the only problem is humans are not supposed to know about elves. Despite how Cuinn feels he has to use a spell to wipe her memory so she can no longer remember anything Read more...

Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray
"Ms. Pray has done a fantastic job bringing the Celtic era to life"
Posted January 3, 2009

Susan White has just arrived in England to a dig site that she is anxious to excavate. While at the dig site a friend of hers named Patrick was constantly getting on her nerves. When Susan had enough and her anger was about to get the best of her, she Read more...

by Leighann Phoenix
"One of the best vampire stories by far"
Posted January 3, 2009

Mira's people need the guardian "vampire" to protect them; for his protection, they must sacrifice one of their females. Once they enter the cave the vampire drains them of their blood to the point of writhing up into nothingness, or they simply beg for death. Mira is selected to Read more...

Sandwich Play
by Brigit Zahara
"Short but oh so hot"
Posted November 30, 2008

Officer Trisha Sutton lives a rather mundane life. As a widow her days are a routine of work and home. However, things are about to get more lively. She comes across some old crushes from high school, two Italian cousins named Nazz and Pasquale. After some drinks and light conversation Read more...

by Patrice Michelle
"Short but sinfully sweet story"
Posted November 9, 2008

Gabriel Hawthorne and Abby Brooks did not meet on the best of terms; they each thought the other was a burglar trying to break into a mutual friend's house. Punches were thrown and kicks were received as they tried to stop one another. Soon however, the fighting was replaced Read more...

Falling For You
by Barbara Elsborg
"Extremely hot, fast paced story that will leave you breathless"
Posted November 30, 2008

Jo Carter has an addiction she must fulfill for five days out of the month. She is a raving sex addict and she craves any male around her. The only thing that takes her mind off of ripping some mans pants off is to jog alone in the woods until Read more...

by Aubrey Ross
"You will want to read this series"
Posted December 5, 2008

Sentinel Lukas Mandalay is sent to protect, Rebecca McNeil, one of the members of the Dichotomy Elder Council. Rebecca is a Dichotomy Halfling meaning she is basically two people in one, she shares her body with Bianca. Rebecca is gorgeous and independent; however Bianca controls the sexual side. Lukas wants Read more...

A Heavenly Christmas
by Marc Jarrod
"Uplifting story that will warm your heart"
Posted November 30, 2008

Christmas should be one of the happiest times of the year, unfortunately for Carrie and Ryan Summers, their marriage is quickly heading for divorce. Carrie has a short fuse and she nags and argues over the most ludicrous things. She drives her husband crazy but he takes her verbal abuse Read more...

by Renee Wildes
"Magical adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat"
Posted December 18, 2008

Dara Kahn Androcles feels powerless; she wants to help her kingdom against the boar and the evil Count Jalad of Westmarche. When she encounters her adopted father, Rufus Quickblade, who had fallen in battle, she attempts to heal him, but to no avail. He asks her to end his suffering Read more...

Concentric Circles
by Aithne Jarretta
"A spellbinding tale that will keep you enthralled and engulfed in this mystical journey"
Posted July 14, 2008

Unknowingly guided by the mystical "White Lady", Shayla Brinawell takes a trip to Glastonbury, England. While in Glastonbury, Shayla meets Meekal Magdal-Eder Chilkwell, a guardian, who informs her of her destiny by revealing the meaning of the purple tattoo engraved into the skin of her hand. It is at Read more...

Wicked Game
by Jeri Smith-Ready
"Rock 'n'Roll history, with a new twist of vampire lore will have you singing I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
Posted April 30, 2008

In Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready, former con artist Ciara Griffin takes an intern position at the local radio station. Her job is to bring more money into the station so they will not be bought out by the media giant Sky Wave. However, when she accepted Read more...

by Patrice Michelle
"I absolutely fell in love with the newest edition to the Scions Series"
Posted April 27, 2008

When Detective Kaitlyn McKinney gets a call about a strange disturbance at the park, she discovers a burnt body that is not quite human. Kaitlyn has the ability to see the deceased victim's energy signature. However Kaitlyn's investigation is soon interrupted by Landon Rourke, a PI that sometimes Read more...

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