Abbie Perez


Hearts Unbound
by Rebecca Goings
"the second book in the Cursed Hearts series"
Posted November 11, 2007

This is a continuation of the previous novel, Hearts Eternal. Jessie loves Jareth. Jareth is obsessed with Jessie's sister, Cassandra. Jareth made a deal with the witch, Morana, to kill his brother, Laith, for the love of Lady Cassandra Belstowe. Cassandra, reincarinated as Cassie, kills Jareth to save her Read more...

Night Song
by Sharon Cullen
"A gripping well told tale with lots of heart and plenty of heat. A real pleasure to read."
Posted November 13, 2007

Aiden has moved into a new neighborhood and the children next door already have him pegged as a blood-sucking boogey- man who comes out at night. A charge he doesn't even bother to deny. His new favorite pastime is watching the neighbors. Just watching. He can't help Read more...

Hearts Eternal
by Rebecca Goings
"Tale of love, lust & reincarnation"
Posted November 9, 2007

Laith Moreland, Third Duke of Crichton & Lady Cassandra Blestowe are lovers killed by a witch. Laith is cursed to wander as a ghost until Cassandra is reincarnated. However, the wicked old witch left him an out -- if he is able to make love to her at the right time they Read more...

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