Miranda Lee


A Spell for Susannah
by Jody Wallace
"fairy tale adaptation is clever and intriguing"
Posted February 9, 2008

When the Middle Kingdoms are cursed by a very mean fairy called Malady, an unexpected heroine sets out to make things right. Susannah is the oldest of 12 princesses in a kingdom where no boy babies are being born to any family of noble blood. No princess has much hope Read more...

One Touch Beyond
by Elizabeth Delisi, Kim Cox, Sheryl Hames Torres, Maureen McMahon, Chris Grover
"Haunting tales of mystery and love that transcend time and death"
Posted October 21, 2008

Chris Grover leads off this well-envisioned anthology with Believing in Dreams, the story of a young woman searching for the past she has never known. Her mother's childhood was a blank until after she passes away. Nicole comes across the photo of a house Read more...

by M. K. Mancos
"a twisted path of love, deception, and the eternal hope for redemption"
Posted February 6, 2008

Will the light of a woman's love defeat the darkness in Tristan St. Blaise? Over four centuries earlier Tristain had been apprenticed to Benito Achilles, an alchemist whose lust for power led him to create a monster. Inside Tristain's soul lies a beast waiting only for it's Read more...

Fire Griffin
by Jane Toombs
"an intriguing fantasy"
Posted January 11, 2008

An alien race wants to join with their chosen human partners, for better or worse... When a ball of fire streaks across the sky and lands in a nearby pond, Seth Kinman and his party guests are surprised, and curious enough to investigate. When their search leads to the discovery Read more...

The Wolf in the Mansion
by Gracie C. McKeever
"A wolf and a witch can make beautiful magic together..."
Posted December 9, 2007

Deja Hamilton was an employee at the firm which Lincoln McCabe owned with his brother Cyril. It was a little strange finding his injured body floating in the water, shifting from wolf form to human. It was even stranger how quickly he healed from his gunshot wound. Suddenly confronted by Read more...

Spells at Midnight
by Jenna Castille
"A spell from the heart casts heavenly love"
Posted November 3, 2007

Though written for Halloween, this hot little story goes way past trick or treat. Renee is a witch from a war-torn alternative reality where paranormal races struggle to exist. It has been a long time since she felt the pleasures and emotions of being with someone who not only Read more...

Golden Seduction
by Taige Crenshaw
"A tale of paranormal love in the computer age"
Posted October 11, 2007

Aleneic, the ill-fated King of Cups, appears to Laila Brooks from his card in a beautiful but cursed tarot deck. Forced by magic to exist within the card, he is called forth once every seven hundred and ninety eight years. The modern world of computers, humanistic simulations, and the Read more...

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