Mandy Briggs

I am a 25 year old Psychology student and avid paranormal reader. I live in Tyler, Texas with my wonderful husband and darling Schipperke pup, Harley Quinn. That's Harley Quinn, the character from Batman, not the motorcycle- LOL!


Upon Eagle's Light
by Clover Autrey
"Be prepared to be completely swept away"
Posted October 10, 2007

Hydeia is a proud and spirited Eaglekin, and bonded to a most worthy eagle. But even though an honored eagle accepted her as its true-bonded, she still has to prove herself constantly to her people, especially the Matrons. When the Matrons charge her with the task of finding a Read more...

Virgin's Kiss
by Michele Bardsley
"an entertaining story that you are sure to love!"
Posted October 23, 2007

Miranda is sick and tired of living the dull life her aunt raised her to lead. She's always been the good girl, following in her aunt's footsteps and becoming a scientist, but never having a social life. She's never even had a friend, much less a boyfriend Read more...

Kat and Mouse
by Lexxie Couper
"an exciting story with non-stop action"
Posted September 12, 2007

Katrina O'Brien is an Australian Federal Cop, hot on the trail of The Mouse, an international jewel thief. After two years of almost catching him, this time he's not getting away from her. When his trail leads to Los Regalos, she follows without even knowing anything about the Read more...

Sealed with a Kiss
by Lila Dubois
"a tantalizing tale"
Posted September 12, 2007

Helena is taking a break from her stressful job by going on a kayaking adventure off Catalina Island. But her kayaking guide, Ocean, proves to be much more distracting than any vacation she could ever take. When Helena unwittingly enslaves Ocean by accidentally invoking a curse against his kind, he Read more...

by Isabella Jordan
"a sweet and spicy must-read!"
Posted October 23, 2007

Salome is the hottest, most desired dancer and star of the Ropacabana, the most popular club in all of Los Regalos. But the fine print in her contract has her doing more than just dancing for a high enough bidder. But she has built a whole persona for herself, and Read more...

Fairy Tails
by Beth Kery
"a sexy, fun novella"
Posted October 26, 2007

Donna has heard the stories as long as she can remember. The two grandmothers that raised her had an affinity for telling tales; fairy tales about two Sidhe warriors that both wanted one (lucky) mortal as their mate. The warriors would refuse to fight together, and the Dark Sidhe would Read more...

Earth Girls Aren't Easy
by Charlene Teglia
"a delicious story"
Posted September 21, 2007

Danek arrives on Earth ready to complete two missions. The first is to deliver a package for his friend and commander's mate, who is an Earthling living in her alien mate's world. The second is a more personal mission- to find HIS mate, the one whose mind will Read more...

Go Between
by Dayna Hart
"a magical, fun-filled journey"
Posted September 21, 2007

Claire is having a rotten birthday. Here she sits, 25 years old, in the middle of a divorce, and getting drunk, alone in the middle of her living room floor. She eyes the gaudily wrapped birthday gift from her sister with distaste, but decides to open it as she knows Read more...

Dragon Star
by Stephanie Burke
"an absorbing, original story of dragons"
Posted October 15, 2007

She was always treated cruelly by the people of the village; the village where she was found, naked and alone. The villagers considered her lucky to have been taken in, she who was weakened by the scorching, harsh elements. In their eyes, she was not even worthy of a name Read more...

Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight
by Raquel Taylor
"a captivating paranormal"
Posted September 1, 2007

Ileana is a witch: shunned, abandoned, and unloved by everyone but her brother Alexandru. When he is attacked and cursed by werewolves, she has no choice but to appeal for aid to Lord Draco, King of the Vampires. She sets out into the night, and only after reaching his castle Read more...

Flight of the Gryphon
by Ann Durand
"wonderfully imaginative"
Posted September 7, 2007

In the simplistic village of Parallon, the community is tight-knit, families are close; and every man, woman, and child is terrorized by the malicious leader Askinadon. Between his hateful servants, his ability to hear their thoughts, and "the voice" in their heads commanding his will, the villagers are under Read more...

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