Michele Patrykus

If it has letters, I will read it. Mostly I enjoy Sci-fi, Paranormal and Romantic Suspense.

I live a quiet life... or as quiet as one can get living with 6 horses, 6 dogs, 26 barn cats, 2 sisters and their bunnies and ducks! A friend of mine actually "founded" BOOKISLE, but when she moved out of the area, I began my adventure as a small business owner. The adventure has grown and the summer of 2005 we purchased a building and moved the bookstore. I will always hate computers, and they know it and exact their revenge; so I need an "interpreter" (Cy) to deliver the messages.


White Star
by Elizabeth Vaughan
"A wonderful story of redemption and betrayal that leaves the reader wanting more"
Posted March 10, 2009

A 'Chosen' with the Dagger-Star birthmark is now on the throne. The celebration is over and boons are to be given. Now we get down to restoring and reuniting the land and its people. First you round up all the "bad guys" and punish them. But who is truly Read more...

Shades of Dark
by Linnea Sinclair
"Ms. Sinclair's books are keepers!"
Posted July 5, 2008

This is one of the rare titles that tell it all. SHADES OF DARK will take you through darkness and light and a little bit of madness. We again follow the tale of Captain Chaz Bergren and her lover Gabriel Ross Sullivan, a rare human "Kyi-Ragkiril". Their travels will Read more...

Call of the Highland Moon
by Kendra Leigh Castle
"For those who love reading romance and shifters"
Posted November 22, 2008

Take one female book store owner (you'll love visiting "Bodice Rippers and Baubles"!); add one injured were-wolf (Highland male, of course) and throw in various really bad guys and you can experience the CALL OF THE HIGHLAND MOON! Poor Gideon, during a fight for leadership of the pack Read more...

Timeless Moon
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
"a new spine-tingling story of the Sazi"
Posted April 27, 2008

For those of us who love shape-changers, the Sazi are a great read. C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp are back with another tale of The Sazi. Sazi bobcats, wolfs, snakes and polar bears, oh my! - It's big cats this time. Josette is one of the old ones Read more...

Moon's Fury
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
"Fast moving shapshifting adventure"
Posted April 22, 2008

The Sazi are on the prowl again. The heat is up and the fur, scales, and feathers will fly! As alpha of a small Mexican red-wolf pack, Cara Salinas has her hands full. Most of the pack is family and have followed her since she was thirteen. Cara is Read more...

Soul Song
by Marjorie M. Liu
"A great paranormal suspense"
Posted April 2, 2008

If you have seen "Dead Man's Chest" then your idea of what a "Kracken" is as a large ugly tentacled monster. Ms Liu shows us another ideal and I really like hers better! Kitala Bell is a seer, albeit a very reluctant seer. Her visions are not of where Read more...

The Calling
by Jennifer Ashley
"Likeable characters draw you into this first book of the IMMORTALS"
Posted October 6, 2007

Awaking from a dream of his long lost brother, Immortal Adrian sees a demon hanging over him. When something distracts the demon, he turns form Adrian and disappears with a distant woman's scream. Created to keep the balance of good and evil Adrian must follow. In a dark warehouse Read more...

Second Sight
by Amanda Quick
"Great launch of Arcane Society series"
Posted April 3, 2008

You can always recognize a Jayne Ann Krentz story. Her lively characters and whimsical families will entertain you all book long. Writing as Amanda Quick, SECOND SIGHT is the start of a new series, The Arcane Society and its first family the JONES. SECOND SIGHT follows Gabriel Jones and Venetia Read more...

A Wish In Time
by Laurel Bradley
"A time-travel with some intriguing twists"
Posted October 4, 2007

In twenty-first century New York, Maggie is happy with her life; however, she wishes to have a baby. In eighteenth-century Scotland, Magda is pregnant and very happy with her life. Then she helps the old woman the village declares a witch. The "witch" grants Magda one wish before Read more...

The School For Heiresses
by Sabrina Jeffries, Julia London, Liz Carlyle, Renee Bernard
"a chance to read favorite authors and try out new writers"
Posted July 5, 2008

I always enjoy anthologies. They give you a chance to read favorite authors and try out new writers. Ms. Jefferies' "Ten Good Reasons" is fun and light. Eliza must get away from her uncle. Colin has just inherited catches her' borrowing' a horse. Colin must now give ten good reasons Read more...

Eye of Heaven
by Marjorie M. Liu
"Continuing the Dirk and Steel adventure"
Posted April 2, 2008

A small package causally toss in the lap of Blue Perrineau is the start of a new Dirk and Steel adventure. Back in the USA, Blue gets the news that his father is dead. Now he must search for his brother, the legal heir. Shape-shifter Iris McGillis works with Read more...

The Grail King
by Joy Nash
"A rich mix of romance and adventure"
Posted November 15, 2006

If Celtic mystics are your thing, you should read THE GRAIL KING. Ms Nash did her research and the time line is spot on. Now you may say "boring"...but no so! There is a rich mix of romance and adventure awaiting you in this book. Owein is the last Read more...

The Quest
by Susan Kearney
"Grand finale in the Rystani world"
Posted April 7, 2008

Kirek of Rystan is all grown up! And he is on his way to end the threat of the Zin Empire forever. Kirek was the first baby born in hyper space and as an adult he survived his astral trip back from Zin space. It had taken 8 years and Read more...

Seduced by Crimson
by Jade Lee
"next installment of the CRIMSON CITY"
Posted April 2, 2008

In SEDUCED BY CRIMSON, the next installment of the CRIMSON CITY SAGA, Druids enter the plot. Crimson City now has an open door to the plane of Orcus and the Dark Ones enter at will with a barrage of destruction. Patrick Lewis is the Draig-Uisge, an enforcer of sorts Read more...

The Waterlord
by Dawn Thompson
"a myth brought to life"
Posted April 3, 2008

Count Klaus Lindegren is hiding. Hiding from Illia, a spurned lover? Or is he hiding from his fate? What will he find on a muddy road? Will he find fate or..? Lady Rebecca Gildersleeve is on the run from her father. Baron Gildersleeve lost Becca in a gambling wager. She Read more...

Shadow Touch
by Marjorie M. Liu
"Romance, adventure and that 'something extra'"
Posted April 2, 2008

SHADOW TOUCH is Ms. Liu's second book with the "Dirk and Steel Agency" - An amazing group of paranormally gifted people such as shifters and healers and touch-seers. TIGER EYES, the first book, introduces this world of wonder but does not have to be read first to enjoy this Read more...

A Darker Crimson
by Carolyn Jewel
"Crimson City series - a Dark romance"
Posted April 2, 2008

Ms. Jewel has lived up to her name and given us a crimson jewel - the fourth book in Crimson City series. This is a big success for her as she changes from writing Historical to Dark romance. The fight continues for Crimson City and the "new players" in town are Read more...

Lone Star Magic
by Karen Whiddon
"a light whimsical touch of a story"
Posted April 7, 2008

Sent though time to prove himself, Prince Alrick of Rune, must save the mother of the one who is destined to save his world. The Mage could only warn that the Warlord had not come to full power yet. Texas rancher Carly Roberts had no knowledge of what was coming Read more...

The Ravencliff Bride
by Dawn Thompson
"A hair-raising Gothic Historical Romance"
Posted April 4, 2008

Nicholas Walraven wanted to save Sara from prison and planned to have a friend not a lover or wife. Nero just wanted to protect Sara. And you know what happens with all this wanting... Bought out of Fleet debtors' prison, Sara marries Baron Walraven. His rules for her are simple Read more...

A Taste of Crimson
by Marjorie M. Liu
"strange group of mixed bloods make Crimson Series a hit"
Posted April 2, 2008

Ms. Liu has again put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and come up with a magical mixture of characters that keep you reading long after you should be to work. be to school... be to... Keeli, a werewolf of royal blood, stops to help a human one night Read more...

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