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Vampires Aren't Real
by Willa Okati
"a great start to a hot new series"
Posted September 29, 2007

Dusty, Warren and Gilly had been together for years now. The three of them just work. Some would think that they were crazy but the three of them just knew they couldn't live without each other. Gilly however being the werewolf that she is, the two men just think Read more...

Sonny's Salvation
by Carol Lynne
"full of passion, pain, and love"
Posted October 3, 2007

Sonny Good's life was going great, he had a job he loved with a passion, being an FBI agent was all it said it would be and more. But with the death of his father, Sonny had to leave all of that and go back home where he was Read more...

Been There, Bit That
by Marly Chance
"fast paced, on fire vampire read of the year"
Posted November 24, 2007

A vampire is the farthest thing from what she would want to be. Being a vampire comes with drama, heavy politics, and the fights that they think only violence will cure, gets old quite fast for Tamara Turner. If she had any choice she wouldn't be one, but she Read more...

by Carol Lynne
"a strong storyline that draws you in"
Posted October 7, 2007

Justin loves his job; he is a high school football coach. But Justin is hiding a secret and it is becoming harder and harder to keep. Justin is gay, but since he took the job in the small town he kept his sexual relationships to none. But that has become Read more...

Along for the Ride
by Saskia Walker
"a great read"
Posted October 7, 2007

Georgie, who is a student, decides to model for Calvin Rolf and his photographer friend Jason Sutherland. Who would have thought that signing on to model for these two would lead her life into one of the most passionate Ménage a trois? Georgie wouldn't have enough dreamed she Read more...

Let Me Entertain You
by Summer Jordan
"this story has humor and heart"
Posted October 7, 2007

Being a divorced woman makes Leanne Jamison see how lucky she is having the two best friends she has. They have been through the hard times, helped her through them. She and her two best friends' business caters to single men needing someone to help them with business dinners. So Read more...

The Soul Collector
by India Masters
"a story with pure heat"
Posted October 24, 2007

It had been years since Lillith had been mortal. Her father of all people had made a deal with a goddess Danu soon after her birth which made her future sealed in stone. When she turned fourteen she was put as a sacrifice to the Goddess so she could be Read more...

by Angela Fiddler
"the next installment in this wonderfully different vampire series"
Posted October 25, 2007

Jinx wanted to be with Kane but as any one knows when you find something you want more than anything you might have to fight for it. See, Kane was a human that was bond to a vampire named Larkin. It was not allowed to go against a binding even Read more...

Curvaceous Heart
by Terri Pray
"a story of hidden passions and desires"
Posted October 26, 2007

Sue couldn't believe she would soon be forty years old. She had always thought by this age she would have what she had dreamed of in a body, and have a loving man. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. What man out there would want her Read more...

by Nobilis .
"a story with action and adventure"
Posted October 27, 2007

Opal's life changes when a genetically engineered soldier comes into her life. Opal works as a doctor in a clinic that is in a remote jungle in Papua, New Guinea. But all changes the day the engineered soldier drops into her life, and she has to go on the Read more...

The Sexshifters 2
by D. J. Manly
"very original shifter story"
Posted October 27, 2007

Shane and Cameron were on a mission to find all the shifters that are being held as sex slaves on Gender X. When they found sex shifters in the sanctioned government clubs being used as prostitutes, they knew they had to help find and free them. Hart has been a Read more...

The Staircase
by D. J. Manly
"a powerful story"
Posted October 27, 2007

Tristan couldn't believe what had happened, the deaths and near genocide of his people. But Tristan is on a mission to save who he can, to save the last of the few survivors at any cost. He will even go up the mountain to find them, they all have Read more...

Rakahnja's Haven
by Nicole Austin
"Ms. Austin brings this fantasy to life"
Posted February 22, 2008

Who would think that hiking in the mountains can change your life for the better? While hiking in the mountains, Anita falls getting a concussion that causes her to not remember things clearly. While she tries to figure out where to go while battling the feeling of being lost and Read more...

Summer's Caress
by Tielle St. Clare
"pure "Heat" and intrigue"
Posted November 10, 2007

Rebecca thought getting away would be a good and a fun thing to do. So she goes to her friend's cabin to have a few days to just relax and get away from life. But Rebecca never would have thought wanting to get away to relax would lead her Read more...

The Lost Temple of Karttikeya
by Laura Baumbach
"the steamy conclusion to The Collector series"
Posted November 10, 2007

Brandon King, a LAPD detective is in a relationship with a fellow detective that can only be called abusive. But what tops it off is when he finds out from another detective that his lover is going to another station, and he hasn't said one word to Brandon about Read more...

'Til Death
by Lorie O'Clare
"a powerful story of overcoming anger and prejudice"
Posted November 15, 2007

Dimitri Spalto would fight to the death to keep his pack growing. As the pack leader it was his place to keep them safe and thriving. But now it has come down to he must keep his pack from separating, where his pack would be easy prey for the prejudice Read more...

To Summon A Demon
by Kim Knox
"strong characters in a story of good against evil"
Posted November 24, 2007

Inaeus is on a very important mission; he must recover a powerful crystal and in his spare time stop a demon from destroying their world, what a piece of cake, not. Inaeus has his hands full. Conde, a woman from his past that he cannot forget, is also a soldier Read more...

by D. J. Manly
"an action packed story that steals your heart from the first page"
Posted January 2, 2008

Adam was used to being the head ruler of his people. But as the years have gone by he has felt more and more that something was missing. Adam decided enough was enough and tells Seymour, his servant to go and find him a male whore to help relieve the Read more...

by Sasha White
"A book that shows we can be what we want to be"
Posted January 2, 2008

Samair Jones has finally had enough of trying to please her parents, be what her parents want her to be. It is time for her to "Be" what she wants to be. Doing what they wanted she has a job she hates, and a boyfriend that, yes they love him Read more...

Chain Reaction
by Jenesi Ash
"share the fantasies of four women and a silk scarf..."
Posted January 19, 2008

CHAIN REACTION shows us four women that all receive a chain letter telling them to create a fantasy, one of the wildest they have ever dreamed of having, with the use of a silk scarf that is enclosed in the chain letters. First you have Amber whose life is so Read more...

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