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Ace in the Hole
by Sedonia Guillone
"A very intriguing story that shows everyone has a soul mate"
Posted November 10, 2007

Lily Tan gives men erotic pleasure so that she can take what she needs, their life force. In the many years since she was made there is only one thing that Lily has never ever given, and that is her heart. Lily is a Tigress, which means she is an Read more...

Dare to Dominate
by Claire Thompson
"beautifully written, full of heat"
Posted November 10, 2007

Jonathan Goldman couldn't remember a time that he didn't think of being dominate, dreaming of it, dreaming of enslaving another, controlling what they feel, how much they will feel, being at his mercy because he knew what was best. But all these feelings and dreams make him feel Read more...

Taking It Personal
by Cheyenne McCray
"Taboo is one of the best series out there"
Posted November 18, 2007

Sarah Fairland is used to getting whatever she wants when she wants it, and she wants Drew Bennett with a passion stronger than she has felt in a long time. Being her personal trainer lets him see her at her best and at her worst, sweaty all over and hot Read more...

A Pirate's Primer
by Jill Knowles
"an action packed pirate tale"
Posted December 13, 2007

Adam Chandler couldn't believe what his father and brother had done. The scheming, going against the Sea Goddess and code of the sea. Adam would never have known if he hadn't been in so much pain from his injured legs. He had gone down to get a drink Read more...

Love, Honor and Obey
by Cynthia Rayne
"this story just blew me away"
Posted January 2, 2008

Carrie Langdon couldn't understand why Justin Sinclair wanted to go through with her Father's way of trying to get her to do something she didn't want, to marry someone that didn't love her. But how wrong could she be. Justin Sinclair has loved her from afar Read more...

by Stella Price, Audra Price
"you will fall in love with each and every character"
Posted January 5, 2008

Christmas time is coming and all Marsh wants is to get Janey the perfect gift. Knowing what he does about her tells him that Janey isn't used to the family traditions being that she never had a real family herself. So he wants to change that and give Janey Read more...

Tangled Web
by Alexi Z. Sanchez
"one hot historical"
Posted January 5, 2008

Alexandre thought he had found his soul-mate in Clifford. But all of that changed when the perfect woman came into their lives. Clifford couldn't believe the method that an unattractive woman could go to to get his hand in marriage. He could barely stand this woman that decided Read more...

Dragul in Daylight
by Marie Treanor
"the series just gets better and better"
Posted February 23, 2008

The two human agents, Michael and Aaron couldn't help being excited when they captured a Shape-Shifter Dragon, and what a find it was for sure. Michael and Aaron had been on a mission for the City of the Damned when they came across and rescued her. When they Read more...

Chain of Three
by Willa Okati
"true love, emotion and passion"
Posted February 23, 2008

Dane on most days wanted to kick Julian's ass. Julian and Dane now work for the Empress after being war heroes. They were two Alien Marines that had been injured while on duty to the Empress. So when they were hurt too badly to go back in active duty Read more...

Bonds of Matrimony
by Lena Austin
"can this marriage be saved?"
Posted February 24, 2008

Millicent knew that she had let her job run her life and her marriage to the point that it was ruining it. Money is great, but does money keep you warm at night? Does it hold you when you hurt? Does it love you? No it doesn't, so Millicent Read more...

Intergalactic Nick
by Nathalie Gray
"a hot sci-fi romance"
Posted October 27, 2007

Louisa Bertrand known as "Lulu" would give anything to catch the thief that has evaded her while she was a security expert. That thief would be known as Intergalactic Nick. He has earned his name from seducing rich woman so that he can take and then move their property into Read more...

by Tracey H. Kitts
"action and electric heat"
Posted November 1, 2007

Lilith Mercury is one of those women you don't mess with or she will show you first hand what a bad-ass she is. Having the job of hunting werewolves has hardened her into the strong woman she is. She was born into the job through her father being Read more...

by Fiona Jayde
"Fiona Jayde has created a wonderful, exciting world"
Posted February 24, 2008

Trent O'Blak is working aboard the GrimJustin and has to hide that he is a retired GenAlt Soldier. He was undercover until he was called to retrieve the head scientist and get him to safety. This scientist needed his protection because he found the alteration that caused a lot Read more...

by Sherri L. King
"two souls that must find each other"
Posted July 6, 2008

Khira needed, was hungry, but when she feeds others die. Khira had been infected and now lived off of others. The man who was responsible for her being what she is was looking for her; he needs her, without her he is lonely. So he must get to her before Read more...

Mystic's Run
by Jory Strong
"Another strong, well written Paranormal Romance from "The Angelini series."
Posted October 27, 2007

Mystic Renaldi thought she would never measure up to fellow Renaldi Angelinis. She wasn't born like the other Renaldi Angelinis, she couldn't do what was required of a hunter. So what good would she be? She could do the things that would bring fun to a party, but Read more...

Raina's Fantasy
by Jo Carlisle
"author's debut is a passionate read"
Posted September 12, 2007

Raina Zharov has decided that she deserves to get one of her fantasies to come true since it is her birthday, I mean that isn't asking for too much now is it? This birthday isn't just any birthday, it is her Millennium birthday and with being a Vampire Read more...

Roll Play
by Rowan West
"a story of passion and magic"
Posted September 12, 2007

Amara couldn't remember a day she hadn't been in love with Griffin. But she hasn't seen him for a while, but even if he hadn't been right in front of her, he had been a huge part of her fantasy life, the way he could love Read more...

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
by Sierra Dafoe
"Shifter Sisters 2 is a page-turner!"
Posted September 28, 2007

Tori, is a band member of Shifter Sisters, she is also a vampire. Tori had fallen hard for a man that she thought would be the only man for her. She had had some of the worst luck, she had gone to his bed, and woke the next day in Read more...

Jungle Fever
by Stormy Sommers
"wonderful, hot, passionate story"
Posted September 29, 2007

Dr. Zheri Ross had been sent to see if the Planet Terrana III is able to withstand human habitation. They are much in need of finding another planet since Earth is dying. Earth is becoming too hot be able to support the needs of humans. So now it is time Read more...

Night Gems
by Kate Steele
"the second in this wonderful series"
Posted September 29, 2007

Now, forty years later Lan and Dark are still together. But there have been some hard times. Now the tribe has decided to split up and move to Canada where they feel there is more land that is unexplored. But one of the main reasons for moving was to move Read more...

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