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Candy Corn and Cocky Kisses
by Alyssa Brooks, Larissa Lyons
"Pirate gets the booty!"
Posted November 24, 2007

Jenny has gone fourteen months without a man; the touch of a man, the kiss of a man. But that all is about to change. Jenny figures that going to the Tarleton's costume party sounds like the perfect place to put being without a man in the past. When Read more...

The Gates of Hell
by Willa Okati
"a great read"
Posted November 26, 2007

When Guy Lake woke up this morning he never dreamed his day would go so haywire. Guy, an ex-Marine is rescued by who else but from the kidnapper, a man who says he is Rasputin; who in doing so sets off a chain of events that no one can Read more...

Triple Booked
by Mardi Ballou
"a great erotic read"
Posted December 1, 2007

Gabe and Jade are a strong team in and out of the bedroom. They also write together and have had some success, but they would love to take it to the next level. Then they meet Alex at a party. The ideas he comes up with are crazy but over Read more...

Dream of the Dragon's Song
by Cameo Brown
"drama and passion"
Posted January 11, 2008

The Shepherdess of Dozah would do what ever it took to keep the dragons safe. It is her mission as keeper of the Dragons. So when she overhears Reiz, who is soon to be king, setting up to receive a baby dragon that was under her care, she knows she Read more...

by KoKo Brown
"highly recommended vampire tale"
Posted January 2, 2008

Chloe can't believe it. She is in bed with a man, a man that says they are married. If that isn't bad enough he says he is a vampire of all things. He also tells her she is a vampire now. Chloe can't get out of the Read more...

by Red Garnier
"a fantastic erotic paranormal read"
Posted January 20, 2008

A man known as Villain made a vow when he lost the woman he loved that he will never, never let another woman get near his heart until the day his love comes back to him. Being a very strong witch, he creates a spell that will stop his aging Read more...

by Marteeka Karland
"hot bounty hunter action!"
Posted February 17, 2008

Zuri Starbreeze is a bounty hunter that is onto a catch of a lifetime, known as a cold blooded killer that is wanted alive or dead. But all that will change, that is for sure. Cade is hunting her; he knows she has a lot of skills on her side Read more...

Blood and Soul
by Kate Hill
"a collection of passionate stories"
Posted February 24, 2008

Vampire Master
Mel Andre had always wanted to know how it would feel to surrender to not only a vampire, but a Master Vampire. The day came where she was given the chance to find out. Vampire Ancient Zigor couldn't believe his luck when he comes Read more...

Promises to Keep
by Jonathan Wright
"an exciting conclusion to this dark series"
Posted February 24, 2008

Joe Horn had to fight to close the rift because the hole that had been torn in the curtain in Southeast Asia and had released something so evil that if it wasn't stopped would be horrendous to everyone. Joe counted himself very lucky for having Sarah and Raphael, Sally Read more...

Blood Promise
by Kell Casey
"passion explodes between a vampire and slayer"
Posted February 24, 2008

All Morgen needed to do was survive all the many Vampire Hunters that have come to kill her, so far she has done it, but are her days numbered? Morgen starts to wonder if she will survive one more day when she comes face to face with the number one Read more...

by Lexxie Couper
"fast paced adventure"
Posted February 24, 2008

Jai'Enna Ti is on a mission to save her lover and get rid of all the information on Crortek. She will have an up road fight against the crime lord Hrung Crortek who has taken Terran Boundary Guardian Zeric Arctors. He wants to get Zeric's Werewolf DNA to Read more...

Destination Ecstasy
by Tina Bendoni
"A Strong Fantasy story that shows the love of three people"
Posted November 24, 2007

Maia had given up on finding love, finding someone to spend the rest of her life with, to curl up on the couch and hold each other; that is what she wanted, dreamed she would have some day. But that someday has come and she is still alone. She has Read more...

South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man
by Caridad Piņeiro
"must read Chick-Lit"
Posted September 11, 2007

Working as hard as Sylvia Amenabar did through the years to become one of the up and coming reporters was finally paying off. Doing what she needed to get the story made her feel alive, being out there searching for leads for a story that could make her "A Star Read more...

Kerrie's Quest for Passion
by Dee Brice
"prequel to Passion's Four Towers"
Posted December 1, 2007

All the Knights from the Guardroom told others that Kerrie rode her lovers so hard and so often that it put them to death way sooner than they should have. Kerry was the Heir that would follow her mother when she passes as the Queen of Marchonland. In being the Read more...

by Alicia Sparks
"I loved this story!"
Posted December 1, 2007

Helen has been left to care and guard an ancient Aztec stone when her father died. Being an antique dealer Helen saw a lot of different things come through that most people wouldn't think much of, but being in the line of work she is allows her to see Read more...

Garron's Gift
by Carol Lynne
"a story with feeling and passion"
Posted October 7, 2007

Garron Greeley thought he had it all, he has the man he loves, he has a great job, and a great place for the two of them. So when Sonny asks him to marry him to show their love for each other, he is more than happy to show their Read more...

by Jane May
"A Fun loving story that will keep you laughing to the last page"
Posted October 8, 2007

Clarence Woods has loved Madalina from a distance. Romanian Madalina Dragoi is one of the newest waitresses at the Trade Winds Yacht Club where he is the Assistant dock Master. Woody loved her but never in a million years dreamed that a woman like her would love him back. Madalina Read more...

Wing and Tongue
by K. Z. Snow
"A story that will grab you from the first page"
Posted November 10, 2007

Elrisa has always wanted, dreamed of being the first female Dragon Caller of the Order of Wing and Tongue. What woman wouldn't want to be? So when she is given the chance when one of the members of the Order wants to marry her, gets her the chance to Read more...

A Filly for Doug
by Reese Gabriel
"One of the Steamiest BDSM stories by Reese Gabriel"
Posted November 10, 2007

Jilly has all that she could have ever dreamed of, a husband she is madly in love with, Jake. But with how happy her life has become she can't help but feel sorry for her ex-fiance Doug. The thing that hadn't worked for her and Doug was Read more...

Bad Apple
by Anna J. Evans
"a sweet, hot story"
Posted November 10, 2007

After living in hell for five years due to her stupid choices, Katarina was putting her bad girl days in the past. So now after five years in the dungeon she was in need of a total make over. When given the chance of not only a makeover but a Read more...

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