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Dark Lotus
by Fiona Jayde
"the characters came to life as you read their story"
Posted September 26, 2008

Kyoto Hajime never asked for the life he led. To live the life of an assassin, to go where Magik tells him his next kill is. To live a lie, never knowing where he would go next. All to keep the "Gift" from being twisted into something sinister, dark. To Read more...

Necessary Temptation
by A. D. Christopher
"a warm, loving story"
Posted January 20, 2008

Dawson Gray couldn't believe the time had finally come after months of enduring public rituals proving that he was worthy of taking a female mate. Men in his pack of wereleopards outnumber the few females. The final night of proving that no man could cause him to feel passion Read more...

Treaty of Seduction
by Mary Winter
"a heated futuristic"
Posted January 20, 2008

Zaldivar's Queen of her people knew she must build an alliance with Concordance for the future of her people. Doing this would ensure a future for her people, new technology that will help her people to flourish and grow. But she knew that many loyalties were divided, that was Read more...

Nauti Nights
by Lora Leigh
"Book 2 in the Nauti series is a fantastic read"
Posted November 5, 2007

Crista has been running eight years from the man she loves. Crista had wanted Dawg Mackay for so long. Then the night came when Dawg's parents were killed in an accident and after their service Dawg had gotten good and drunk. Crista saw him back to his boat and Read more...

His Sahvria
by Reese Gabriel
"this is one explosive story"
Posted December 13, 2007

Tryla thought it was so much easier not working with a partner, but when she is told she is going to be teamed up with a partner Tryla never would have thought she would be partnered with a Vhrazhian. Not only were Vhrazhians a past sworn enemy of Tryla's Read more...

Summoned by Lust
by Amanda Sidhe
"will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more"
Posted January 20, 2008

What more could Karma want. She was a highly paid Summon. Having a life where she had to do whatever it took to stay alive, Karma never in her wildest dreams would have thought some day she would become not only a Summon, but a paid Summon. She is a Read more...

by L. A. Day
"this wonderfully intriguing story just blew me away"
Posted November 19, 2007

Savage is a bounty hunter with an edge. He is not just human but half Rabian. Being half-Rabian shifter had its moments where Savage couldn't dream of being anything else, but when he meets Alaya years before he starts to fear what he is and if she will Read more...

by Jamie Craig
"intrigue and suspense in this sequel to Master of Obsidian"
Posted November 9, 2007

Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding are back again. Still working hard on gruesome cases where someone like Gideon is good to have. When Gideon and Jesse are called onto a new case they are beyond shocked when they step foot on the scene. The gruesomeness of the torture and mutilation Read more...

Walk on the Wild Side
by Suz deMello
"a story with grit and passion"
Posted January 19, 2008

Detective Liza Bowman and her partner and some time lover Tom Hardwick, are working a missing persons case. She has been watching and investigating James Li who owns a business where women trade sex for money. A few months back Liza thought that she had James but it turned out Read more...

Gamble of a Lifetime
by Eileen Ann Brennan
"a unique story"
Posted November 12, 2007

Ashton Claymore had no clue why his luck had him stuck on a riverboat for the last one hundred and forty years. He also had no idea why on the anniversary of his murder many years before that he is able to appear in his own body. The so called Read more...

True Lies
by Jaci Burton
"two worlds collide with heat and emotion"
Posted November 24, 2007

Having the type of job that Mia Logan does makes for some weird times. Mia is a psychologist who specializes in hypnotizing those who are criminals into admitting their wrongs and crimes. But up till now she didn't really worry too much about them doing anything to her because Read more...

Nocturnal Obsession
by Lolita Lopez
"a Halloween treat, no tricks"
Posted November 24, 2007

Desideria de Sota had always felt safe in her dreams. But lately her dreams have changed into very highly erotic, heat filled dreams that seem to center around Professor Ian Cuvos. Desi is starting to wonder what is going on with herself. I mean she isn't really upset about Read more...

by Kate Hill
"I love the Heart's Blood series"
Posted November 20, 2007

Gideon has loved Ivan for hundreds of years. But no matter what Ivan never allowed the next step for Gideon to show how he feels. Ivan is Gideon's master, a very ancient vampire that keeps many things hidden, including his feelings for Gideon. Ivan is the owner of a Read more...

Between a Rock and a Hard On
by Cindy Spencer Pape
"a very nice addition to this wonderful series"
Posted November 24, 2007

On a night that Bram would rather not work is the night that of course he has to, working a children's party for his boss is not what he had in mind. This is a very important night for the pagans. So being stuck at this party, Bram finds Read more...

Make Me
by Sierra Dafoe
"this story has it all"
Posted November 12, 2007

Larissa has grown so tired of the whole dating scene. Thinking this date will be different than all the rest, but in the end finding out he was just like all the others. She wants a man that will not take "no" for an answer. That he will see that Read more...

Riding the Wolf
by Carol Lynne
"will make you believe love can conquer all"
Posted November 12, 2007

After fifteen long years Daylon Glover is coming back to the Were haven that is his home. But Daylon isn't just coming back to his home but he is also coming home to the love of his life, his true mate. Eli Withers will soon be the Alpha of Read more...

The Rememdiu
by Shayla Kersten
"kept me so enthralled I couldn't put it down"
Posted November 18, 2007

Everything in Roger Malloy's life went downhill after he met Lorcan MacKenna. Roger met Lorcan when working on a case for the Secret Service. He set his senses on fire, the darkness around him he couldn't explain or understand, but that is all about to change when a Read more...

They Both Belong to Me
by L. A. Day
"wonderful, titillating story"
Posted November 19, 2007

Jill has been through so much since her brother's death months before. But when Johann and Talon came into her life they seemed to help her through more than they could have known. If only Jill could ask for what she really wanted instead of paying for sex droids Read more...

Wild Ride
by Willa Okati
"a strong, interesting love story"
Posted November 20, 2007

Nikos had always known he was different than his clansmen. His body has been telling him for a while now. Nikos has been having weird dreams of the Nightlings, but they are erotic dreams and Nikos has no idea why he would be having them since his whole life he Read more...

Angels Come to Visit
by Dianne Fox
"wonderful character development"
Posted November 20, 2007

Keir is an incubus that has had some hard problems and became an outcast in his own world escaped to the human world four years before. When he left so many didn't understand why, including his mother. His mother thinks that if she sends his close friend Christophe to Read more...

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