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by A. J. Menden
"Go Superheroes!"
Posted October 15, 2009

A member of the Elite Hands of Justice superhero team, Mindy, also known as Tekgrrl, doesn't have any real super powers, except her phenomenal alien-enhanced intellect. Set her up with an advanced laboratory and she'll pump out incredible high-tech gear any superhero would love to have Read more...

Enchanting the Beast
by Kathryne Kennedy
"You'll be the One Enchanted"
Posted June 8, 2009

A play on what if magic existed in Regency England, Kathryne Kennedy's clever Relics of Merlin series continues this time in a rural castle setting. A castle plagued with unsettled ghosts. Baronet of Grimspell and alpha-were of the shape-shifter wolves, Nicodemus is in search of the "black Read more...

Shadow Magic
by Donna Grant
"Can Love Overcome Destiny?"
Posted February 7, 2009

Serena comes from a long line of women with rather challenging magical gifts. She is so sensitive that her flesh bruises with the slightest touch, or burns in even mild sunlight. She also has visions of the future, but these visions always portent two separate paths toward death. Drogan doesn Read more...

Autumn Moon
by Karen Michelle Nutt
"Ancient Chinese Vampires"
Posted February 9, 2009

Jairec Connely's brother has constantly dragged him into messes, but this time Tristan has gone too far, releasing a powerful chiang-shih, who immediately set his fangs into innocent and unsuspecting Jairec. According to Chinese lore, everyone has two souls. As a newly turned chiang-shih, Jairec has only Read more...

Seventh Circle
by F E Heaton
"A contract for his soul, and the contract's up"
Posted December 13, 2008

She hated vampires. It was her job, her duty, to rid the world of as many of them as she could. And Lilith was good at her job, one of the elite hunters. So how had it become her responsibility to keep this particular vampire alive at all costs, as Read more...

Crash into Darkness
by Suzanne Perazzini
"Yippie Ky-A"
Posted February 24, 2009

Too dangerous for regular prisons, criminals found possessing the Cleaven Gene (the gene that allows for paranormal abilities) are locked away onto large prison ships that coast up and down the wide dark river. As a reformed prisoner, Amber doesn't trust herself back on land so she has opted Read more...

Double Enchantment
by Kathryne Kennedy
"A spell gone terribly wrong"
Posted August 4, 2008

Jasmina's mother is a kleptomaniac and has stolen a necklace from the duchess. In order to spare her family's good name, Jasmina conjures an illusion of herself to fool her parents that she is soundly sleeping at home while she breaks into the duke's mansion to return Read more...

Enchanted Beauty
by Marly Mathews
"More than a simple fairy tale"
Posted October 27, 2008

Enchanted Beauty begins like the familiar tale of Beauty and the Beast. Annabelle goes to the local lord's enchanted castle to free her father from indentured servitude and volunteers to take his place to secure his release. Though not a hairy beast, Malachi, the Lord of Markham and a Read more...

Blackness Tower
by Lillian Stewart Carl
"Intelligent, Captivating, and Romantic"
Posted April 30, 2008

Descended from a long line of "Seers", Lauren Reay travels to Scotland, compelled by nightmares of Black Ness Tower. She soon discovers that she is not the only one the Tower has summoned. Every one is astonished at her likeness to the portraits hanging in the Tower. She's a Read more...

Haunting Hannah
by Viola Grace
"Who knew leaving your body could be so fun?"
Posted May 18, 2008

Seven young women returned from summer camp not entirely the same. Gifts from the realms of the fae were cast upon them. Gifts not meant for humankind. Now that the women are adults, men from the other realm have been sent to claim the women as their mates to guide Read more...

No One Lives Forever
by Jordan Dane
"Just when things were going good..."
Posted October 27, 2008

Just when Christian Delacourt has his life aimed in the direction he wants it, the start of his own Body Guard Protective agency and the promise of a life together with beautiful homicide detective Raven Mackenzie, the past reaches out and grabs him by the throat in the form of Read more...

No One Left To Tell
by Jordan Dane
"Sometimes truth is found only in the dark"
Posted June 30, 2008

"Seek the truth, Christian" reads the cryptic message left with the body, hanging from the chapel's crucifix. But what truth? And for who? That is homicide detective Raven Mackenzie's job to find out. A job that leads her to former crime boss Fiona Dunhill and her mysterious to Read more...

No One Heard Her Scream
by Jordan Dane
"Strokes every Nerve"
Posted March 8, 2008

This is a book that I could easily sum up with one word: Excellent. Excellent grit. Excellent vulnerability. Excellent suspense. And excellent voice. All neatly packaged in a drama that strokes every nerve and emotion. Rebecca Montgomery lost her younger sister to a terrible tragedy. But as a San Antonio Read more...

Eros Island
by Dawn Thompson, Lucinda Betts, Devyn Quinn
"The Loving of a Lifetime"
Posted January 1, 2008

Eros Island is aptly named for a trio of stories where mortals receive the loving of a lifetime at the hands of skilled deities. Each one carries you away to another realm where inhibitions are lost and senses are heightened, yet even in the midst of gods, choices aren't Read more...

Enchanting the Lady
by Kathryne Kennedy
"Lions and dragons and . . . mice?"
Posted February 24, 2008

Felicity knows that she is plain and of little consequence, but she is also completely unnoticeable to the point that she's constantly being bumped into, even sat upon. Worse, she fails the test of having any semblance of magic and therefore has to cede her title of Lady along Read more...

The Last Twilight
by Marjorie M. Liu
"This Book Delivers"
Posted August 29, 2008

I haven't read a book by Marjorie M. Liu that I didn't like. Actually, love, would be more appropriate. Ms. Liu's Dirk and Steele Romances deliver against impossible odds, creative and fascinating paranormal dilemmas with a tortured hero and an equally haunted and determined heroine— she hits Read more...

The Peace Seekers
by Joyce Wells
"Will keep your mind and emotions on edge"
Posted December 20, 2007

Danger hunts Cassie West. Her entire life, her aunt has warned her to keep hidden the unique abilities she possesses, though she refuses to tell her why or anything else about her life, where she came from, who her parents were. But Cassie wants answers now. On her way to Read more...

Cry of Justice
by Jason Pratt
"Something Different"
Posted October 22, 2008

It took me a while to figure out what was going on with this book due to the unusual style of writing. A template or guide would have made it a whole lot easier so I'll offer my own. This is written in journal style, however it deals with Read more...

Angel of Trevi
by Elizabeth Owen
"Better wear waterproof mascara for this one"
Posted July 18, 2007

He rose, searching her face, hungrily tracing with his eyes what he could not touch with his hands. The sudden fear of her disappearing caught in his chest. Passages like this easily convey the depth of J.T. Cavanaugh's grief over the death of his wife two years earlier Read more...

by Linda Mooney
"Hot Alien Love"
Posted July 25, 2007

Jeb Morr is a man on the run, going from job to job, town to town. But when it's time to relocate again, he can't leave without saying goodbye to Hannah, the waitress he'd stopped in to see each morning. But saying goodbye flees his mind when Read more...

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