Connie Devaney


People of the Bear
by Lori K. Johnson
"Wonderful book, makes you laugh out loud"
Posted April 27, 2008

Linda Anderson has had it with men. She now lives in Minnesota, where the nearest man is six miles away. Looking out her kitchen window she notices muddy tracks, investigating she finds a naked man there. His build was slight and lean; short for a man. He had a crop Read more...

The Retreat
by Jojo Brown
"Wishes that do come true"
Posted June 24, 2007

Alexandria Hamilton has not checked her mail for a week. The last week had been her own private pity party. Now at the age of 32, she had no prospects in sight for a stable future, the man she thought she would have a chance with just walked out on Read more...

Point Surrender
by Anne Carter
"a charming story"
Posted April 22, 2007

Case McKenna watches as she dies, heartbroken he blames himself. The manatee's injuries were severe, but she had seemed to be doing better. He had taken this too personal, tried to hard to save the manatee. His brain suffering from overload and grief, he is talked into taking a Read more...

The Sleeper Awakes
by Eilis Flynn
"enter a world of imagination"
Posted June 18, 2007

Gates Mountain loomed over the small town. Named for the seven gates; some of wood, some of Iron. Beautiful to look upon, told to be the guards for the town below. Others thought that the gates were in some way related to the prophecy. That the "Sleeper" would end a Read more...

Prophecy: Child of Light
by F E Heaton
"The first in a new epic vampire series"
Posted March 14, 2007

She longed to see the world, and the longing deep inside of her continued to grow. Only one night in the city of Prague was all she wanted. Her mother, Iona, had told her someday, maybe soon. Prophecy has watched out the bedroom window, through the rain as others went Read more...

Black Smoke
by Robin Leigh Miller
"characters that come to life"
Posted April 15, 2007

Samantha Wells drives a 1966 Ford Mustang. She loves her car; it's one of the special things in her life, a life that has more misery and heartache than most for her young years. She is haunted by nightmares. Always the same. Always the same tattoo on the man Read more...

Grave Illusions
by Lina Gardiner
"a look into the world of the undead"
Posted March 10, 2007

John Brittain, New York City Taxi cab driver, has had many long days. But one stands out in his memory more than any other does. It was the day that totally changed his life. John had been a New York City Police Officer, for 10 years he had been one Read more...

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