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Scent of Lavender
by Teri Thackston
"The suspense builds as the questions mount"
Posted October 21, 2008

I have watched Teri Thackston grow as an author; read each book as it came out; and have grown to add her to my auto buy status. Her newest book Scent of Lavender is definitely her best in my opinion. Rob Sheridan inherits a home which has great Read more...

Still Waters
by Kate Johnson
"All Through the Night is NOT just a Christmas Song"
Posted June 1, 2008

Sophie is back in the best of the Sophie Green Mysteries yet! Sophie Green. Ah, Sophie Green. Sophie is in a heap of trouble now. It's Christmas. She's out of work, soon to be homeless, still hopelessly in love with her ex partner. She can't get over Read more...

Strange Sabbats
by Eden Rivers
"Sabbats were enough to banish any inhibitions..."
Posted June 21, 2008

Three Sabbats -- Three couples. Aileen and Jon. Aileen feels that her powers have been frozen. Her husband was killed in a car accident 15 months prior. She still feels the bitterness and anger. As a gift her brother Bryan sends a mutual friend, Jon, to her. Jon arrives at the Read more...

by Michelle Hasker
"Well done, Ms. Hasker!"
Posted May 24, 2008

One evening while the coven is practicing their magick on the beach, something goes wrong and all the ladies find themselves knocked down. Candace wakes to hear a voice calling her "sweetheart" and lips within kissing range -- the lips of the handsome cowboy who owns the bakery in town. Brody Read more...

Sugar and Spice
by Liz Andrews
"oh yes, there is definitely Spice"
Posted April 15, 2008

Rayne Jankowski is content with her life. She has a new café specializing in healthy snacks, herbal brews and neighborhood socializing. She had been born into a "special" family with "special powers". However, somewhere along the way, she got overlooked in the "special powers" department or so she thought. Running Read more...

The Comet Cometh
by Sharon Maria Bidwell
"conflicts, action and love scenes that will set the reader afire"
Posted May 8, 2008

In this third book of the Swithin Chronicles, we find Markis settling into his new life. He is now King, has both of his lovers with him and has a new wife. Markis is a man at the peak of his life. He is strong, confident, highly sexed and loves Read more...

Undercover Alien
by Barbara Romo
"When did you first suspect you had been abducted by aliens?"
Posted August 3, 2008

This was a question frequently asked by Hannah Morgan, an investigator with the Institute for Research into Encounters with Alien Life or IREAL for short. Her mission was to investigate and gather information on alien abductions so that IREAL can prove that aliens really do exist. She is used to Read more...

The Last Celtic Witch
by Lyn Armstrong
"a tender and touching story set in a time of power and struggle"
Posted November 6, 2007

A witch in fear for her life, a warrior in fear for his clan... Adela MacAye is a witch who is the last of a long line of witches. Her family has used their magick for good of others. But now she seeks a refuge as she has seen death Read more...

A is for Apple
by Kate Johnson
"Sophie Green...class is waiting!"
Posted February 11, 2008

Sophie finally gets the opportunity to visit America, see the "Big Apple" and visit Broadway; however, it would have been much more fun if it could have been for vacation instead of on the tail end of a vacation that left her dragging and ready to catch up on some Read more...

Ugley Business
by Kate Johnson
"Move over Stephanie Plum, Sophie Green has arrived!"
Posted August 4, 2007

Move over Stephanie Plum, Sophie Green has arrived. Sophie is back in action. And an Ugley action it is! What more can a girl ask for? A job with an airline giving her free travel privileges. A hunk for a boyfriend (hmmm....??) who everyone wants. A cute little gun in Read more...

by Courtney Bee
"a passionate story"
Posted June 18, 2007

On a futuristic planet called Arcadia the Emerald City came to life. Life was full of resources which sponsored a new culture that the people could enjoy. Alex was one such young man. He often visited his uncle and was once given the opportunity to view his uncle's "pet Read more...

Pleasures of the Night
by Sylvia Day
"Dream Guardians are every woman's fantasy"
Posted May 24, 2007

A day without exhaustion is what Lyssa seeks. She's been exhausted for as long as she can remember. Her family and friends are worried about her and her exhaustion has affected her work at the veterinary clinic. It's in that exhaustion and sleep that Lyssa finally lets herself Read more...

by Lauren Dane
"What a great series!"
Posted March 26, 2007

Liv Davis has her life in order but she wants more. She wants the white picket fence, children in the yard and a husband to wake up next to every morning. After being cheated on several times before she is taking no chances this time. No one is getting to Read more...

Go Fetch!
by Shelly Laurenston
"Great characters, dialogue and plot really make this one a winner"
Posted April 7, 2007

Go Fetch is a sequel to Pack Challenge. Go Fetch can be read as a stand alone; however, I feel that I would have enjoyed it more had I had some of the background provided in Pack Challenge. That said, Ms. Laurenston has created a great story and one I Read more...

I, Spy?
by Kate Johnson
"this book has everything!"
Posted May 21, 2007

"Never underestimate the blonde." Meet Sophie Green, airline personnel working for Ace Airlines. Underpaid, under challenged, and late for work everyday. But at least she can say she works for an airline and people will think cute uniforms and bubbly people. But this day is different. Sophie gets hired as Read more...

Spell Across Time: The Pentacle
by Regan Taylor
"a mixture of magic and mysticism"
Posted February 14, 2007

Kelly McKenna wants to get on with her life. She's recently moved to California and holds a terrific job as an investigative reporter that gives her a chance to travel and work on interesting news stories. But all is not sunny in Kelly's life. Someone is stalking her Read more...

Sex, Lies and Vampire Hunters
by Myla Jackson
"Sex, Lies and Vampires has it all!"
Posted February 25, 2007

Julie has had her eye on Roger for quite some time. It's been a very long time since she's been "involved" with anyone. Roger hasn't been with a woman since his divorce, and his libido is definitely ready to get back to work. Both are hardly able Read more...

Seven Year Witch
by Elisa Adams
"Supernatural Assassin turned Fairy Godmother"
Posted March 6, 2007

Ava Reskin works for The Organization as a Supernatural Assassin. She's a tough gal kicking demons and all things paranormal, protecting her world from those that mean it harm. She doesn't have a man and doesn't need a man. The Seven Year Witch paperwork has been filed Read more...

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