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Stephanie Quackenbush McGrath Myspace, visit me at Book Reviewer, visit me at I am an avid lover of Paranormal Romance for too many years to count, as a reviewer I always try to give a fresh pair of eyes to the work at hand and always look at the book from the angle of it's target audience as well as my preferred tastes. I have an extensive background in Celtic History, Literature, Mythology and Metaphysical studies giving me the ability to really get a feel for a books world, it's accuracy or originality in it's concepts. It is my pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful organization as PNR.


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New Ickford Manor
by Anthony Stevens
"a fascinating read"
Posted May 13, 2008

Warning, you are about to experience the past, welcome to another world, the world of Sylvanus; a man of great strength and intelligence and in his world only men like him ruled, and they will not be questioned. No, this is not another planet, it's our own past. Loyalty Read more...

Claiming Their Mate
by Paige McKellan
"true Alpha shape shifters, I love that!"
Posted April 7, 2008

Jules Kingston is a WereLion of the White Sands Pride, but she's not just any WereLion in the Pride. No, Jules has to be the daughter of the Leos, the one that is destined to be Lioness of the White Sands Pride. Because of this little fact her life Read more...

Stefan's Mark
by Jaden Sinclair
"an incredibly sexy werewolf, hands down a keeper"
Posted April 17, 2008

Stefan Draeger is a shifter and he's got demons that haunt his nights. When they become demons he must face he never bargains on what will happen when he goes hunting. He finds more than he bargains for in Sidney Martin; the daughter of the enemy, an evil man Read more...

Golden Eyes
by Maya Banks
"fast paced, exciting, hot and intoxicating"
Posted July 5, 2008

Aliyah is a shapeshifter, a Cheetah to be exact, and when poachers trap her, she is held for months until the day she is set loose in the mountains. However, it is only to be hunted down by men who pay to hunt exotic game. Swift and fast Aliyah managed Read more...

Mine to Possess
by Nalini Singh
"Her world is unique, compelling, exciting and deeply sensual"
Posted January 9, 2008

The Psy feel themselves so superior, especially with the genetic isolation created by Silence, they forgot the days of interspecies mating , the mixing of the races before the horrible issues of Silence and Protocol. So, what happened to all those that didn't survive Silence, or had already mated or Read more...

Into the Mist
by Maya Banks
"hot, exciting, emotional and impossible to put down"
Posted February 5, 2008

Eli Chance is a Hostage Recovery Specialist who has done work with a mercenary group in the past, The Falcon Mercenary Group. While on a mission things went terribly wrong and the team containing a member of Falcon is exposed to a hideous chemical. For Eli though, things are different Read more...

Battered Not Broken
by Celia Kyle
"an exciting shifter story that is emotional and hot"
Posted February 21, 2008

Gillian Locke has to get away, she won't go through it again, she vows her ex-boyfriend will not touch her again and if he does, it will be over her dead body. She was beginning to think that's exactly how she'd finally be free. Her car Read more...

Captive of Desire
by Jaden Sinclair
"a fantastic way to spend the day"
Posted April 21, 2008

Kera Zoe is at the Compound in the town of Cane , a mate- finding ritual is in practice and yet Kera wants no part of it, no part of losing her freedom and being a prisoner taken in marriage! She refuses to lose herself that way, yet Devon Noved claims Read more...

Stone and Earth
by Cindy Spencer Pape
"a well written, fun story"
Posted February 26, 2008

Damien St. Pierre has joined a new Supernatural Police Force that has been formed in Philadelphia by the mayor. He should be perfect for the job, being a Gargoyle and all. However, Damien has other plans as well, the soothsayer says he must find the magical belt, one of four Read more...

Samhain Scorchers
by Michelle Houston, Emily Franklin, Rusty Wicks, J. T. Schultz, Bethany Michaels
"a little bit of the best of all genres"
Posted October 4, 2007

One Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks
Who knew that making the embarrassing, time costly mistake of boarding a boat to the wrong island could work out so well for Jane Smith. Alone in Italy, she felt she must be the only one without romance in such an incredibly Read more...

The Object of Romance
by Christine DeSmet, Patricia E. Gitt, Karen Michelle Nutt, Linda L. Lattimer, Courtney E. Michel
"a wonderful collection of tales inspiring true love"
Posted August 13, 2007

The Object of Romance Anthology is a wonderful collection of tales inspiring true love. From Contemporary to magical, there is something guaranteed to please everyone! Each unique story has its own symbol of love that adds to its flare, from something as simple as the secret meanings of flowers, a Read more...

Caressed By Ice
by Nalini Singh
"This book has depth and heart that is stunning"
Posted December 30, 2007

The world is changing, evolving, progressing towards the future, possibly a new future for all Changelings, Psy and Humans. The Council is an ever present entity with unknown variables; business, politics, all mixed with murderous intent, a bad cocktail. Can the Packs of DarkRiver and the SnowDancers bring forth a Read more...

by Maya Banks
"a deeply moving, emotional read"
Posted June 9, 2008

Jasmine has worked hard to try and overcome her past, a past put behind her with the help and love of the two men who rescued her from a life on the streets. After a year in Paris , Jasmine knows exactly what she wants when she returns home to the Read more...

Woven Dreams
by N. J. Walters
"This series just gets better with each and every story"
Posted July 27, 2007

Garrik and Jarmon are twin brothers of the House of Bakra. After coming to the aid of Jarek of the House of Garen in protection of his wife Christina from the evil Craddock brothers, the twins suffer devastation like nothing they have ever experienced. After a long year, Jarmon has Read more...

by Rene Lyons
"Setheus is simply incredible"
Posted August 6, 2007

Seth Raleigh is a mysterious enigmatic man radiating pure masculine strength and also amazingly drop dead gorgeous, well not dead technically. As one of three of God's most feared and powerful warrior-angels he has sacrificed himself and been cast down from Heaven in order to guard Hakion's Read more...

Tempting Darkness
by Rene Lyons
"I am hooked on The Templar Vampires"
Posted May 23, 2007

Lucian of Penwick truly had faith, truly... once that is, but when he continued to kill in the name of God on the battlefield during the bloody crusades once that faith had deserted him he lost his soul's chance to enter heaven. Damned, he now is fighting the evils Read more...

Forbidden Attraction
by Lorie O'Clare
"an incredible series"
Posted April 21, 2007

Fear and prejudice can come in many forms and many dangers. Nicolo Spalto is determined to aid the Malta Werewolves in adjusting to the Rocky Mountains and the dangers and prejudice that have come with it, including murder. Nicolo Spalto's strong sense of honor sends him to the aid Read more...

Visions of Heat
by Nalini Singh
"this series is brilliant!"
Posted December 30, 2007

What if Earth was different because of political or evolutionary events during our history as inhabitants on this planet Earth? It's still the same fantastic San Francisco and Northern California I grew up in, but it's not either, it's so much more. Now you've entered the Read more...

Bakra Bride
by N. J. Walters
"Ms. Walters' Warriors are Amazing!"
Posted July 25, 2007

Zaren of the House of Bakra and his brother's Bador and the twins Garrik and Jarmon promised aid to the House of Garen if the need came to protect Christina, Jarek of the House of Garen's wife and also a much coveted Tapestry Bride. They pay a high Read more...

The Daystar
by Rene Lyons
"a page turner you will not want to put down"
Posted May 23, 2007

Constantine Draegon, The Dragon, lived a brutal life of abuse and horror, his death is no less brutal and his immortality is spent fighting the evils that plague the living in the hopes of one day redeeming himself in the eyes of God and regaining his soul. Constantine has known Read more...

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