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Stephanie Quackenbush McGrath Myspace, visit me at Book Reviewer, visit me at I am an avid lover of Paranormal Romance for too many years to count, as a reviewer I always try to give a fresh pair of eyes to the work at hand and always look at the book from the angle of it's target audience as well as my preferred tastes. I have an extensive background in Celtic History, Literature, Mythology and Metaphysical studies giving me the ability to really get a feel for a books world, it's accuracy or originality in it's concepts. It is my pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful organization as PNR.


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by Jaden Sinclair
"military action books with a hint of the extraordinary"
Posted December 27, 2010

S.E.T.H was designed for the military in the hopes that the computer program would become a super military power, he would be the ultimate in military high tech design. Only Seth was learning, he was designed to learn what is true, but he wasn't designed to Read more...

Amber Eyes
by Maya Banks
"Nothing better than a shape shifter romance, and it's only better times two wonderful alpha males."
Posted April 21, 2009

Note: This is a sequel to Golden Eyes, if you plan to read Golden Eyes, I suggest you read these books in order. This book can stand alone, but Golden Eyes was a wonderful read and will enhance your enjoyment of this book so much more. Jericho and Hunter strive Read more...

Storm Warning
by Tymber Dalton
"There is nothing yummier than shape shifters, except maybe three shape shifters."
Posted April 21, 2009

A word of warning regarding spoilers, this is book two of Triple Trouble. This book is greatly enhanced with having read book one. There are no spoilers in this review for Storm Warning. However, you should read Trouble Comes in Threes first. You won't be disappointed. Aindreas, Brodey, Cailean Read more...

Trouble Comes in Threes
by Tymber Dalton
"it's fun, fast paced,...a truly sexy read"
Posted March 12, 2009

Aindreas, Brodey and Cailean Lyall, triplet ranchers in Florida , love the Highland Games. It's an opportunity for the three to show off their skills and have fun with their Scottish heritage, something they don't get to do often enough. For decades they've had to hide their true Read more...

Coyote's Mate
by Lora Leigh
"There is not a single thing I can say against this series, it's simply one of the best going"
Posted March 27, 2009

Be advised, this is book 18 in an ongoing story line. There are no spoilers for this book. However, if you have not read the series and plan too, reader be advised. Alpha Del -Rey Delgado is on a mission, to wipe out the council and all threats to the Read more...

Seducing Serena
by Gabriella Bradley, Bonnie Rose Leigh
"a fun and hot ride"
Posted March 2, 2009

Serena is in danger, believing she must leave the only home she's truly ever known is her only way to be sure the men she loves will be safe. Because in the end, no matter how hot she burns for them, her love for them will not allow her Read more...

Threads of Destiny
by N. J. Walters
"What a wonderful way to weave a tale for a character that so many of us loved."
Posted June 9, 2009

Possible Spoiler Alert: This book is part of a series, if you have not read the entire series, please do so! You will love it. This book review does not contain a spoiler for this book, however, due to the fact it is part of a series, will likely give Read more...

Dedrick's Taming
by Jaden Sinclair
"This book has twists, turns and most of all, hot passion"
Posted December 7, 2008

This is book three of the Shifter series, I highly recommend that you read books one and two before reading this book, each book builds on the next and therefore parts of this review may spoil parts of the previous books. This review will not contain spoilers for this book Read more...

Murder Game
by Christine Feehan
"you must read this series!"
Posted February 15, 2009

Warning: Spoil Alert Possible for Series Only. If you read the Ghost Walkers, there are no spoilers for Book 7 in this review. However, if you have not read the Ghost Walkers, and I urge you to do so, please note that this is an ongoing story arc, it builds Read more...

Leave Me Breathless
by Trista Ann Michaels
"I highly recommend this erotic adventure, these two men are worth the ride"
Posted November 30, 2008

Mitch Robbins is a former Navy Seal and now N.C.I.S. officer working with his best friend Jake Bradley, M.I.T grad and computer specialist. They have shared their lives with each other throughout their friendship including their women. All but one. Each man knew her separately Read more...

Love Slave for Two
by Tymber Dalton
"touching, realistic, exciting and fun loving, this is a fantastic book"
Posted January 31, 2009

Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey know Neveah Barton is the one to complete them. The men have been together for 11 years, totally devoted to each other. However, when she enters their life and their home as their housekeeper, they both find themselves totally entranced by her. The men just Read more...

Into the Lair
by Maya Banks
"excitement , intrigue and incredible alpha men"
Posted November 8, 2008

Be advised, this is book 2 of a series that is ongoing. If you have not read book 1, then I consider this review to need a spoiler alert. As with most series books, what was started in the first book is being continued in this book. Nothing has been Read more...

The Magical Christmas Cat
by Linda Winstead Jones, Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh
"a fabulous way to enjoy the miracle and magic of Christmas"
Posted December 29, 2008

Christmas is a spectacular time of the year, and this book, The Magical Christmas Cat, brings all of that magic to you with the help of some wonderful authors; you might just call them Santa's little magic helpers. Each story listed below features the magical symbol of Read more...

Hostage to Pleasure
by Nalini Singh
"so many twists and turns that you simply can't read fast enough"
Posted August 19, 2008

Ashaya Aleine was a scientist for the Psy Council, only Ashaya holds a secret inside her mind and her heart. In one act of bravery her life changed forever. In that one act of releasing children from the hands of the Council, she finds herself face to face with a Read more...

Claiming Skyler
by Jaden Sinclair
"a tale of love, heated passion, humor and intrigue"
Posted September 26, 2008

Adrian Laswell knew he'd been away too long, he also knew he'd blown it big time before leaving. But he knew he had Skyler to come back for, he longed to come home and claim her as his mate. To make things right between them. Unfortunately, the so Read more...

Mercury's War
by Lora Leigh
"another fantastic Breed"
Posted February 20, 2009

Warning: Spoil Alert Possible for Series Only. As you know I adore series books. Mercury's War is part of the fantastic Breeds by Lora Leigh. While there are no spoilers for this book in my review, there might be spoilers for the series. If you have not Read more...

Ghostly Menage
by Alysha Ellis
"a fun, sexy read"
Posted July 27, 2008

Kelsie's aunt has lost it. At least that's what Kelsie thinks. She's been called to the old woman's home for an exorcism. The only reason she has to be there is because her grandmother won't be alone with a man and the exorcist is a Read more...

Turbulent Sea
by Christine Feehan
"Read this series, read this book. It's amazing."
Posted October 24, 2008

Ilya Prakenskii and Joley Drake have been dancing around the music that binds them for months now. They are bound by magic, danger, lust, love, emotion, color, psychic abilities and so much more. Once Ilya saw Joley, he knew she was his, now he has to convince the headstrong singing Read more...

Their One and Only
by Trista Ann Michaels
"a beautiful love story"
Posted November 24, 2008

Kaycee is a super model, a star in the fashion world. You would think that would be every girl's dream, but for some it's not. For some, that fame can turn into a nightmare, especially when a serial killer decides to set his sights on you. Make you Read more...

by Maya Banks
"Got a day to kill? Do it with Reckless!"
Posted July 3, 2008

In this sequel to Brazen, we meet Sheriff J.T. Summers' one and only weakness. Nikki Durant, the sister of his best friend Lucas Durant. J.T. is supposed to be protecting the little spitfire for his best friend while Lucas is off serving in the military. However, what he Read more...

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