Christina Hopper


Animal Attraction
by Alexa Silver, Patrick Silver
"a book to warm the cold winter days or nights"
Posted February 14, 2007

Wes and Tabitha Downes are trying to get to a romantic getaway to find the spark that's missing from their marriage, and get snowed in at the airport. Brad, who is on his way to a meeting on shifter politics, also gets stuck. When they meet the sparks fly Read more...

Dawn of the Alpha
by Lacey Savage
"a look into a terrifying future"
Posted February 22, 2007

In the future, Earth central command has made it illegal to reproduce naturally, marry or have relations with an equal, and to have the alpha gene is an instant death sentence. All sexual needs are taken care of by contracted pleasure slaves. It is illegal to have sex or even Read more...

Trading Favors
by Sydney Somers
"fast paced story of second chances"
Posted February 22, 2007

Genevieve Orion had run away from her life eight months ago because she couldn't deal with her boyfriend Joel Maddox, a werewolf, keeping her away from that aspect of his life. She had been trying to investigate the death of her partner and Joel was stonewalling her at every Read more...

Rubies of Fire
by Lynne Connolly
"a wonderful book that I'd recommend to anyone"
Posted February 25, 2007

Andreas who is an agent for Dept 57, a division of national intelligence for the talented and supernatural, is undercover trying to find an information leak in the Department of Internal Business. A vampire with psi abilities, he is playing the office hound dog so he can check all of Read more...

Carinian's Seeker
by T. J. Michaels
"one of the best female leads I have read this year"
Posted March 19, 2007

Carinian Derrickson is a scientist trying to find a cure for illness and a way for the cells to genetically fight off disease. She has a terror of dying young like the rest of her family and is determined to prevent this, no matter the cost or ethics she breaks Read more...

by L. Shannon
"richly developed cast of characters"
Posted February 22, 2007

In this second chapter to the Eagle Clan series, we rejoin the clan 3 years later. Dan and Rath go to Niagara Falls looking for a demon named Grant that Dan learned about from the Keepers scrolls. The tombs mention him as someone who may be connected to Dan's Read more...

A Political Animal
by Mikala Ash
"a rich and erotic shapeshifter story"
Posted March 12, 2007

Serena Plum, a press secretary for Kelvin Waters, goes running off to hide after a political scandal breaks. She knows that nothing has ever occurred even though there is a great attraction between her and Kelvin. She is completely in love with Kelvin but they have never acted on it Read more...

A Griffin’s Treasure
by Lynne Connolly
"Lynne Connolly has out done herself in the second book of the Dept 57 series"
Posted March 19, 2007

Josh Friedland is a griffin shape-shifter that works for Dept 57, along with his brother Laurie. Laurie is missing and Josh will do anything to get him back. Josh goes to the house of George Skeffington, the man that bought his football team, the Manchester Rovers, (think soccer) near Read more...

Father of the Wolf
by L. Shannon
"a wild ride"
Posted February 9, 2007

After the destruction of almost all adults by humans, the Eagle Clan decides that the few remaining members of the clan would stay secluded from the rest of the world for safety. They have continued this way for centuries, but the young males desperate for mates have begun to fight Read more...

Jewel of The Dragon
by Lynne Connolly
"grabs the reader on the first page"
Posted March 19, 2007

Alixandria Lancaster has been raised in a cult-like atmosphere and has fought to get away from the Perfect Human Race; and has been dragged back into it by her brother Clay. Alixandria has to try to get Clay away from the PHR, he is her only family and she Read more...

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