Shay Williams


Rogue Gadda
by Nicole R. Murphy
"Stunning conclusion to an excellent series!"
Posted September 17, 2011

After doing some research, the Guardians might have tracked the rogue Blair to Boston. The Sabhamir, Hampton Rourke heads that way to attempt to discover just where she might be purchasing the needed supplies. Once there he discovers more than he ever dreamed off when he finds one of the Read more...

Soul Bound
by Luxie Ryder
"Very Enjoyable Paranormal Novella"
Posted May 21, 2011

Answering a domestic dispute call, Seattle Police Officer Jessica Hammond was shot, or should have been. Instead the face of her teenage love, Nathan, flashed into her mind and the bullets never hit her. And she hears his voice. Taking the time off that her captain insisted on when she Read more...

Power Unbound
by Nicole R. Murphy
"Keeps Getting Better and Better"
Posted July 9, 2011

POWER UNBOUND is centered around Stephen, who is determined to pass the test for the sixth order, and Ione, who is a powerless gadda unable to pass even the test for the first order. When they meet the attraction is immediate, however they might never have acted upon it if Read more...

Secret Ones
by Nicole R. Murphy
Posted July 3, 2011

Set in the world of the Gadda, a world that appears to be identical to ours with one important exception. It is the home of two races; the Gadda who have access to magic, and the humans. There is one paramount rule for all Gadda. They must keep their true Read more...

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