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Shades of Dark
by Linnea Sinclair
"An engaging, heart stopping, painfully wonderful romantic Science Fiction sequel"
Posted July 29, 2008

*If you're reading this before Gabriel's Ghost, stop, turn around and go get Gabriel's Ghost first. Then come back and get this one. Seriously, folks. Shades of Dark. In retrospect, after everything Sully and Chaz go through, it's the perfect descriptor for the evolution Read more...

by Susan Grant
"Spinoff - Borderlands series debut will leave readers Moonstruck!"
Posted April 7, 2008

I'm a total fan of this author's work. One hundred percent gaga. And yet, I did not really expect that she could further surpass my expectations and blast them completely out of the galaxy. Moonstruck embodies for me everything that is necessary when it comes to reading romance Read more...

Mine to Possess
by Nalini Singh
""Mine to Possess" was just flawless!"
Posted February 6, 2008

"Slave to Sensation", book one, set the romance world on fire with a unique, new element in a genre rife with emotions - a race with the potential for cool, icy, emotionless precision, the Psy. Their counterparts are the animalistic and earthier Changelings, packs and herds of men and women that Read more...

The Down Home Zombie Blues
by Linnea Sinclair
"amazing world building"
Posted November 23, 2007

Linnea Sinclair—one of the most acknowledged and well- received authors in scifi romance today—has done it again. Down Home Zombie Blues has all the hallmarks I look for in these kinds of books; a bit of humor, good world building and characters I can care about. Fold those Read more...

Touched By Fire
by Catherine Spangler
"Original and suspenseful...pure Spangler magic"
Posted October 3, 2007

Belians, Sentinels and Sanctioned....oh my. And no, I couldn't resist. Spangler's latest series induces all sorts of feelings when reading it: fear, anger, sympathy, trepidation...she's an author that's never failed to get my attention, especially with the second in this series. Original and suspenseful Read more...

How To Lose An Extraterrestrial in 10 Days
by Susan Grant
"another beautifully written romance"
Posted July 18, 2007

How does one go from being innocent at heart, to a killing machine and finally to a near helpless prisoner? Author Susan Grant takes on a tale of this magnitude with skill and grace as she brings her all to this inspiring story of a backwater planet alien turned assassin Read more...

by Andrea Wilder
"Ms. Wilder's debut, quite impressive"
Posted July 20, 2007

King Edward has come to Ireland to dominate and Kieran MacAuley and his kinsmen will not stand for it. Though they love their families, keeping their beloved Ireland safe must be foremost at the moment. On a bloody battlefield, the strong chieftain's life hangs in the balance. Praying only Read more...

Naughty Paris
by Jina Bacarr
"rich language and erotic imagery"
Posted April 29, 2007

Autumn Maguire is painting Paris red. Well, maybe more a tad blue, since her fiancé jilted her and she's used her honeymoon tickets to get there. Determined to have a good time, she answers an ad for an artist's model and discovers how awakening for the spirit it Read more...

The Brotherhood
by Dawn Thompson
"a must read series for fans of historical paranormal"
Posted August 10, 2007

Joss Hyde-White, son of celebrated vampire hunters Jon and Cassandra Hyde-White, is in search of answers. He's plagued by a condition of sorts and only his somewhat equally afflicted parents can begin to be of any help in the matter. Unfortunately, they have gone missing and Joss Read more...

Kitty Takes a Holiday
by Carrie Vaughn
"a spectacular read"
Posted July 9, 2007

Let me start off by prefacing that in an airport, where one is the required two hours early for departure and inherits an additional rascally three-hour delay in said departure, one desperately needs an escape. Five hours literally flew by when I cracked the pages of this book. That Read more...

Parallel Seduction
by Deidre Knight
"Knight's love for her characters shines through"
Posted April 23, 2007

Deidre Knight's love for her characters shines through in this third book of what is now entitled the Midnight Warriors series. A quick overview: Due to genetic experimenting, two alien races are pitted against one another in a desperate bid to save lives. Unfortunately, it is at the cost Read more...

For a Few Demons More
by Kim Harrison
"problems come full circle in this fifth installment of the Hallows series"
Posted April 23, 2007

In many ways, Rachel Morgan's problems come full circle in this fifth installment of the Hallows series. With enemies drawing closer than they ever have before, her palette of choices is fast becoming slim to none. In one power play after the next, Rachel's about to fall behind Read more...

Visions of Heat
by Nalini Singh
"Singh's fresh take on the world of paranormal is as gripping as ever"
Posted April 23, 2007

Nalini Singh's fresh take on the world of paranormal is as gripping as ever, with strong action and a cast of interesting characters. Visions of Heat continues somewhat the original plot of the first book, Slave to Sensation. The Psy are a race known for their cold aloof facades Read more...

My Favorite Earthling
by Susan Grant
"Keira's story is as utter delight"
Posted March 1, 2007

Another disaster averted, Earth can once again rest easy...or can they? Though an alien invasion has in fact been averted, now's not the time for the big sigh of relief. On eggshells, the world watches in anxious anticipation of a permanent solution to the threat to their safety Read more...

A Wish In Time
by Laurel Bradley
"a truly moving and thought provoking story"
Posted April 23, 2007

Kirkinwall, Scotland, 1718. Magda McClellan is eight months pregnant with her and Davy's first child and she couldn't be happier with her life. When Auld Annie, an obscure and wise woman, is accused of witchcraft, Maggie cannot turn away and helps her. Impressed with the young woman's Read more...

Touched by Darkness
by Catherine Spangler
"Great beginning of Paranormal Romatic Suspense Series"
Posted January 24, 2007

Awaiting a Catherine Spangler book is like waiting for that elusive present you only get on birthdays or Christmas mornings. Her gripping sci-fi romance originals have delighted fans of the genre for quite a long while and I couldn't have been happier to see this new release. Spangler Read more...

Rising Moon
by Lori Handeland
"kept me guessing till the very end"
Posted February 19, 2007

Anne Lockhart is a private investigator on a mission to find her sister Katie. Missing for three years, a photo in the mail of Katie spurs an impromptu trip to New Orleans, where Anne's pretty sure she can never fit in amongst the voodoo and Mardi Gras spirit. She Read more...

Blue Moon Enchantment
by Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Authors Various
"a beautiful collection"
Posted February 2, 2007

Under the Faery Blue Moon--Dawn Thompson--At last, fans of Ms. Thompson and her melodious style have the sequel to "Belle of the Blue Moon Ball", where we met the mischievous Puck and his accomplice Oberon. The two are still up to their elbows in magical mayhem Read more...

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