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Alien Overnight
by Robin L. Rotham
"Contact has been made!"
Posted May 30, 2007

The Garathani have come to earth's governments seeking help with their dieing race. During a biological war most of their women and children had been killed. Human DNA is close enough to successfully mate with the Garathani, even if it has to be done in a slightly different manner Read more...

New Tricks
by Joanne Smyth
"a good mystery wrapped in a paranormal"
Posted June 6, 2007

Thomas (as She prefers to be called) Lafferty is a supernatural investigator (and tarot reader if business is slow.) She has been hired by a sweet, rich old lady to find her missing spoiled dog, Ruffles; who she thinks was dog-napped by a demon. The scene of Read more...

Undercover Pleasure Droid
by L. A. Day
"Ms. Day delivers!"
Posted June 14, 2007

Kari Marston is a scientist who works for the company Orbmed, designing prescription drugs to help people. Due to events in her past she does not believe there is a perfect man out there for her; so she orders a pleasure droid. First Commander Maverick Spencer's job was to Read more...

All Together Dead
by Charlaine Harris
"skillfully mixed paranormal, humor, mystery and romance"
Posted June 23, 2007

Ms Harris shows why she is a best seller in this action packed seventh installment of the Southern Vampire Series. We start out with Sookie doing some everyday things around Bon Temps and meeting with some old friends. She gets invited to a wedding shower which is a major social Read more...

Blood Secrets
by Vivi Anna
"a new name to add to your must read list, Vivi Anna!"
Posted February 14, 2007

There has been a ritualistic murder in Necroplis and the Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) has been called in to solve it. The head of the unit, Cain Valorian, realizes right away that this investigation is going to be different than any he has ever seen. The young woman that was Read more...

Made for Two Rivals
by Madison Hayes
"where can I sign-up for Spaceforce!"
Posted March 22, 2007

Lieutenant Graham Hamm of the Spaceforce, sometimes called Gray but more commonly known as the Hammer, due to his unusually large body part, is instantly smitten when he walks into the officer's mess Hall on Earth Base Ten. His entire body responded to the sight of Velvet Meadows sitting Read more...

Vampire Vintage
by Ashlyn Chase
"a must read"
Posted March 31, 2007

While out with the girls, Maura Keegan talks her drunk friends into going in the park, stripping naked, and summoning an immortal. They get scared by a bolt of lighting and try to dress quickly in their own clothes, all the while bantering with each other. One of her friends Read more...

Darelle’s Trinity
by Sedonia Guillone
"A must read for Vampire lovers!"
Posted April 24, 2007

Darelle is a simple country girl from 1348 France, who has not known a man's touch, but yet has been having sensual dreams for the past year. She is torn because she is ashamed of what is happening to her, yet her body has learned to hunger for the Read more...

Bad to the Bone
by Vivi Anna
"Vivi Anna has done it again!"
Posted May 23, 2007

EMT Olivia Jordan and her partner responded to call to a part of town they did not venture to very often. When they arrived at the scene two police officers were holding down the gunshot victim, who was thrashing about way more than one would think possible for someone who Read more...

Cyborg Nation
by Kaitlyn O'Connor
"a story with feeling and heart"
Posted July 5, 2008

Lost in her own train of thought, pediatrician Dr. Bronte Nichols is surprised when she finds herself alone with three very male, males in her office building's lift. She is even more surprised when after asking if she was Dr. B.A. Nichols (they wanted her father, who she Read more...

Rubies of Fire
by Lynne Connolly
"paranormal romance mixed with suspense and intrigue"
Posted March 1, 2007

Dept 57 is back and has a problem; someone is leaking information about it to a different branch of the CIA. In order to find out who is leaking the information Cristos, sends in Andreas undercover. While on his mission Andreas Constant must play the part of the office wolf Read more...

Kiss and Tell
by Sandy Lynn
"a wonderful blend of romance and paranormal"
Posted March 9, 2007

Having just gotten fired, Willow went out with her sister and their friend to blow off some steam. Roxy, Willow 's sister talks her into playing "the game", which Willow agrees to play only once. Willow was carefully scoping out the bar to pick out who she was willing to Read more...

By Midnight
by Jennah Sharpe
"an amorous ghost makes sensual mischief"
Posted March 15, 2007

Writer Adele Amhurst arrives at the house she had her friend and new boss Gina rent for her sight unseen. Intent on getting inside to check out the inside of the house and weary from travel, Adele was not aware that her new neighbor was standing on her front porch Read more...

Deep Pressure
by Angelia Whiting
"passionate, sensual, hotter than Hot!"
Posted June 30, 2007

Imagine experiencing the most wild and erotic dreams ever and waking up unfulfilled night after night and each one more intense than the last. That has been happening to Karen, what is weird is she is unable to bear anyone's touch due to suffering from Vestibular Processing Disorder, that Read more...

by Racy Li
"Super" Debut!"
Posted March 26, 2007

The day the Berlin Wall fell brought about more change than anyone on Earth expected; they were invaded from outer space by the Jorans. Magic that was locked away was released and with the help of another alien race the Blue, human Champions came about. These Champions were able to Read more...

by Amanda Steiger
"wish there was a little more"
Posted February 7, 2007

While going for a walk in the woods, Maggie becomes lost and is attacked by a cougar. She wakes up in bed bandaged with a strange man standing over her. The stranger turns out to be her rescuer Justin, and he is not all man. After watching Maggie and going Read more...

by Crystal B. Bright
"action, romance, a little end of the world"
Posted February 7, 2007

Elaine Shrink is a Psychiatrist, who while making a house call one night to a new patient finds out a lot more about herself and her family. Her new sexy patient is Seth Overkill and he is the Prince of Darkness. Problem is that he can no longer "feed" since Read more...

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