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The Vampire's Kiss
by Vivi Anna
"a perfect blend of mystery, suspense, paranormal and romance!"
Posted June 26, 2010

We are back in the European Otherworld city of Nouveau Monde with Olena Petrovich, vampiress and CSI agent; who is excited about her first time being lead investigator. The case starts out weird; with a bank robbery but no money was taken, and only some of the safety deposit boxes Read more...

Veiled Truth
by Vivi Anna
"She breathes life into her characters and makes them come alive with every page"
Posted September 30, 2008

Welcome back to Necropolis and the Otherworld crime unit. At the start of this third book, we find Lyra Magice in France meeting up with the very man she fled from five years ago, tall gorgeous dhampir Theron LeNoir. When she is around him she feels things and entertains thoughts Read more...

by Kathleen Dante
"Move over James Bond and make room for Damon and Rory!"
Posted April 10, 2008

"The Fed," Damon Venizelos, has been put on a new assignment and needs to enlist the help of a Master thief that has avoided capture. While tracking down the master thief, he is able to sense the presence and is shocked to find out that it is a female. Somehow Read more...

Unholy Night
by Candice Gilmer
"Unholy Night is phenomenal!"
Posted April 30, 2008

Marissa Van Dyke no longer celebrates Halloween nor does she even participate in anything involved with it. But thanks to her friends she is guilted into going to a party on Halloween. When Marissa enters, a woman dressed as a gypsy comes up to her and claims she will be Read more...

Made for Two Heroes
by Madison Hayes
"an erotically charged "out of this world" story"
Posted June 26, 2008

In this third installment in the Made for Two series we are introduced to Lieutenant Lacey Meadows, who is also an Adept like her sister Velvet (Made for Two Rivals). Having survived an enemy attack that left many dead, including her lover, Lacey decides that she wants two lovers, in Read more...

Personal Demons
by Stacia Kane
"One of this summer's hottest paranormal reads!"
Posted July 3, 2008

What do you get when you cross a psychic therapist, a "hot" fire demon, one determined reporter, three cockney demon bodyguards, zombies, witches, one messed up therapy group and a demon that even hell is scared of? One of this summer's hottest paranormal reads! Stacia Kane gives us some Read more...

Caleb's Woman
by Eve Vaughn
"another great story!"
Posted March 12, 2008

From the moment Sommer McGregor was adopted she has been protected and loved by her family to the point of smothering her. If that wasn't enough even her God parents are overprotective of her. So she decides to make some changes in her life starting with opening her own Read more...

by Dakota Cassidy
"WOW! I love this story!"
Posted February 15, 2008

Andy Greer is looking forward to a quiet night at home in her robe and a facial; when she opens her door to find one "hawt" guy and he is not just any guy, he is the Collector. Clarke Khent, aka the Collector for AAAAH (The Association for the Advancement Read more...

Gift of Wyora
by Viola Grace
"Fans of the Champions of Terra Series will rejoice"
Posted January 11, 2008

Theodora Dawson is a Terran seeker with the Alliance Search and Rescue, and is on a mission to save two passengers that were left on a ship. When she arrives at the ship, Theo uses her mind and finds only one of them alive. Through that link the survivor, Lady Read more...

Holy Smokes
by Katie MacAlister
"Holy Smokes! That was Awesome!"
Posted March 12, 2008

Aisling Grey, Guardian, Demon lord, Prince of Abbadon, and wyvern mate is finally going to be made an honest woman by Drake (her dragon "sweetie"). She will have to overcome a few things first, of course, since nothing is easy where she is concerned. To start off the fun, the Read more...

by Melina Morel
"fell short of expectations"
Posted December 21, 2007

Catherine Marais and Paul DuJardin are hunters for a secret organization (The Institute) whose sole goal is to remove werewolves from existence. In this world werewolves are bloodthirsty savage creatures who can not fully control themselves. Pierre de Montfort is a werewolf and comes from a long line of werewolves Read more...

Dark Lies
by Vivi Anna
"Praise again for Vivi Anna!"
Posted September 21, 2007

At the start of this second installment of the Valorian Chronicles, there has been another murder similar to the ones that happened before in Necroplis (Blood Secrets); only this time the body was found in San Antonio . Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) has been called in since the crime scene matches Read more...

Open Season
by Crystal Jordan
"totally hot!"
Posted November 19, 2007

Still Waters Resort is a special resort; it only caters to various types of werekind and their mates. Leigh Granger (a werelion) has taken a position there to get away from her violent ex-fiancÚ and for the first time that she can remember, she feels safe. After being there Read more...

Destination Ecstasy
by Tina Bendoni
"super HOT short story really packs a punch!"
Posted October 6, 2007

Teacher Maia Johnson has always wanted kids and while married she and her husband had tried every tick and treatment out there to become pregnant, but to no avail. It eventually ended her ten year marriage and it also ended her only relationship afterwards too. Her friend and Doctor, Colleen Read more...

Sink or Swim
by Alexis Fleming
"a wonderfully fun story with very compelling characters"
Posted July 20, 2007

Samantha McIntrye has a unique family history, her mother is a mermaid and her father is a Selkie. You would think that someone with that kind of family background would practically live in the water. But that is not the case for Samie, she is deathly afraid of the water Read more...

I Put a Spell on You
by Bronwyn Green
"a fun magical story"
Posted August 4, 2007

Temperance Callahan is opening up a mystical/magic shop, Mystic Circle in an old building that she and her grandmother loved when she was younger. Her contractor bought some materials and ran off with the rest of her money. So she enlists the help of her long time friend, Morgan Read more...

The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard
by Minda Webber
"A Delightful, Humorous Paranormal Romance"
Posted September 12, 2007

Eve Bluebeard wants noting to do with the family business of piracy or with men; she is a modern woman and feels she does not need a man to do what she wants; unfortunately she lives in a time when society does not agree with her. So she does what Read more...

The Last Queen
by Christine McKay
"Ms. McKay delivers!"
Posted September 12, 2007

Adrianne Harris is the sole survivor of an airplane crash; what is amazing is she was found in the burning plane without any burn marks on her. Because she was the only survivor of the plane crash the FBI believes that she had something to do with it. She does Read more...

Wedding Stud
by Eve Vaughn
"a great short paranormal romance"
Posted July 12, 2007

Penny Marsh is in a bind, while in a fit she told her cousin she has been dating someone and would be bringing him to the wedding. But the truth is she is not dating anyone, she isn't even sure if she is over what her cousin did to Read more...

Packing Heat
by Hannah Beckham
"a tight story with humor and strong characters"
Posted May 31, 2007

Maya Eddings is used to being her own woman, running a private security firm in Kansas City lets her do just that; being an empath and six foot tall doesn't hurt either. Maya has a few problems, one of them being her on & off again boyfriend Matt Brewer, who Read more...

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